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Fourth Generation

10. Richard ARNOLD35 was born circa 1666.12 He died in June 1745 at the age of 79.36

On the last Monday in May of 1688, Richard Arnold Jr., possibly just turned age 21, took the oath of allegiance to the King of England.

No will was recorded in Smithfield, but Richard did write one 6 Sep 1735, about 10 years prior to his death. He named all of his children except Naomi. His son Richard had left the family in 1733, but Richard's wife Ruth was to receive an amount similar to the legacies of the other children.

Richard died 5 Jan 1745/6. Administration of his estate was granted to his son Thomas. The inventory was dated 1 Sep 1746. Thomas's report as administrator listed two trips to Glocester, RI, to collect some of his father's things at the home of Josiah Arnold.

Richard ARNOLD and Mary WOODWARD were married before 1700.12 Mary WOODWARD, daughter of Joseph WOODWARD and Mary PRAY, was born (date unknown).

Richard ARNOLD and Mary WOODWARD had the following children:



Joseph ARNOLD was born on 20 April 1700.12 He died before 15 January 1745 at the age of 44 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.

RI Genealogical Register, Vol 3, No. 1, Abstracts of Smithfield Wills, p.71
Joseph Arnold Jr of Smithfield, yeoman. Will dated 10 Dec 1745; proved 15 Jan 1745. Father Richard Arnold. Wife Patience. Sons: Jacob, William & Caleb all under 21. Dau: Mercy, Phebe, Patience & Philadelphia all under 21.



Richard ARNOLD37 was born on 10 April 1702.12 He died before 1743 at the age of 41.

Richard's father, Richard Arnold, deeded 60 acres to Richard, 11 May 1731.

5 Jun 1733, Richard sold his home on the east of Woonsocket Hill to his brother Joseph and the next day he left his family. It is said he went to Philadelphia. Richard's father's will dated 6 Sep 1735 left 40 £ to Richard's wife Ruth. On 13 Nov 1740, Joseph sold the land back to Richard's wife Ruth.

Ruth & Richard had the following children:
Ruth, b. 1724, married Gideon Comstock
Richard. Ruth deeded her homestead to Richard & his brother Stephen in 1743. On 4 Apr 1754, John Aldrich of Smithfield sold Stephen Arnold 40 acres that had been deeded to him by his mother Ruth Arnold.
Stephen, b. Smithfield 23 Apr 1728
Samuel, b. about 1730; probaby died before 1743 since he received no share of his mother's farm.

1 Jun 1743, Ruth as Ruth Arnold of Smithfield, widow, deeded her 80-acre homestead to her minor sons, Richard & Stephen. On the 4th of Jun she married Thomas Mann at Smithfield.

10 Dec 1744, the Smithfield town council noted that Richard Arnold had left the colony on 6 Jun 1733 and not been heard from for many years and was assumed dead. Son-in-law Gideon Comstock, was appointed administrator of the state. As administrator he brought charges in Jun of 1745 against Thomas Man late of Smithfield for taking away personal estate of Richard Arnold. Man was tried and the Court award 275 £ to the estate plus costs. Thomas Man apparently did not pay and was a prisoner in His Majesty's Gaol in Providence, 13 Jan 1746/7. He claimed he was married to Ruth Arnold, the reputed widow; he petitioned to obtain a portion of the estate, but the petition was dismissed.

12 Apr 1749, Gideon Comstock filed an inventory of Richard Arnold's estate showing as asset as the 296 £ judgment, not yet paid.

Thomas Man died at Smithfield 24 Oct 1754.



Thomas ARNOLD12,38,39 was born on 19 February 1705.12 He died on 11 December 1765 at the age of 60.38

He married (1) Susan Comstock. who died January 1736.

Married (2) Mary Mann and had:
Ace [Asa], born 28 Aug 1738
John, born 22 Jan 1740.
My Note: Asa was born before the marriage to Mary Mann and seemingly after the death of Susanna Comstock - there is a bad date somewhere.

Thomas married (3) to Patricia Cook and had Naomi, Hannah, Sarah, Patience, Martha, Lydia, and Peleg.

Thomas died 11 Dec 1765. His will was dated 16 Apr 1765 and proved 13 Dec 1765. Wife Patience was left the use and income of the homestead farm. Son Peleg, land when reached a 21. Son John, a dwelling house in Cumberland RI. Daughter Mary Aldrich, 1/8 of the forge. Daughter Katherine Arnold, 36 £. Six daughters under 18: Lydia, Martha, Naomi, Hannah, Sarah, and Patience. Grandson, Asa, son of Thomas was left 2 acres in Smithfield.

He is buried Union Cemetery, North Smithfield, Providence Co, RI.



Woodward ARNOLD40 was born on 8 October 1707.12

Woodward's grandfather Joseph Woodward, wrote his will 16 Sep 1724, proved 31 Mar 1726. He left his homestead in Providence and a parcel of mean in Attleborough MA to Woodward and his cousin Woodward Lovit to be equally divided. 5 Sep 1729, Woodward sold his interest in the homestead in Providence to his brother Joseph.

Woodward was admitted as freeman of Smithfield, 4 Feb 1733/4.



Mary ARNOLD was born on 30 June 1712.12 She died on 1 July 1803 at the age of 91.41

Mary Wilkinson died in Providence, 1 Jul 1803. Her obituary stated she was aged 91, wanting 10 days. She had lived with her husband 65 years, 9 months and she raised nine all children, all but one still living. The obit also claimed that Mary was a granddaughter of the first Arnold in America, but she was 4th generation.



Edmund ARNOLD12 was born on 1 December 1714.12 He died on 11 November 1781 at the age of 66 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.42

Married Mary Staples 24 Dec 1738. She was probably a daughter of Samuel and Rose Staples.

Edmund's will of 10 Nov 1781 mentioned no wife or children. George Comstock was sole executor.

Richard ARNOLD and Dinah THORNTON were married on 14 November 1715.12 Dinah THORNTON, daughter of John THORNTON and Dinah STEERE, was born (date unknown).

Richard ARNOLD and Dinah THORNTON had the following children:



Josiah ARNOLD43 was born on 8 October 1716.12 He died on 23 March 1747/8 at the age of 31.

Josiah married Amey Phillips, 20 Jul 1738, Smithfield. She is thought to have married Gideon Comstock after the death of Josiah in 1749.

Amey was appointed to administer Josiah's estate 25 Apr 1748. The inventory stated he was a merchant and included 54 gallons of molasses sent to Boston, and shares in various vessels: 1/32 each of the brigantines "Warsuat" and "Hannah" and 3/16 of the sloop "Success". Josiah's older half-brother, Thomas Arnold, was appointed administrator of the estate on 10 May 1749, shortly before Amey remarried.



Naomi ARNOLD was born on 8 November 1718.12 She died before 1735 at the age of 17.

Naomi was not listed in her father's will, 1735.



Dinah ARNOLD44 was born on 4 September 1719.12 She died in November 1771 at the age of 52.

Dinah & William Comstock's children were James, Jonas, Andrew, b. 1743, Elenathan, and Penelope, b. ca 1744.

Her second husband, Joseph Kilton wrote his will 23 Jun 1756. He mentioned that his sons Arnold & Joseph Kilton Jr. should have furniture that was his prior to his marriage with wife Dinah.



Hannah ARNOLD was born on 29 August 1721.12

Hannah never married.