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Fourth Generation

30. John COMSTOCK89,129 was born on 26 March 1693 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.2,31,87 He died on 12 January 1749 at the age of 55 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.130,131

Was a blacksmith associated with his wife's family in working brass and iron.

The Comstock book gives no dates of marriage.
Date of John and Esther's marriage is based on birth of oldest child.
The date of marriage to Sarah Dexter assumes all children were born to 1st wife. Her will left bequests only to her own sisters and children of her sisters indicating none of the children were hers.

23 Mar 1717. John's father, Samuel Comstock, deeded 83 acres near Woonsocket Hill to John

The Early Records of the Town of Providence
Vol. IX, p.129 October ye 30th 1728. Taken up by John Comestock two stray hiffers
Vol. IX, p.108 August ye 31st 1741. This Day John Comstock Gave Notis that he had Taken up A stray Meair.
Vol. IX p.68 6 Apr 1723. A highway in Providence neck is laid out "Begining at a Black oake bush; marked standing Close by the Country Roads a Little way Easterly from John Comestocks house."

Smithfield RI, DB 1, p.256-257 10 Jun 1735 John Comstock to Daniel Comstock, 10 acres bordering the Branch river and the land of their brother Ichabod Comstock.

The Comstock book states the following deeds
16 Jan 1736 - John to son Samuel, 30 acres
14 Mar 1744 , John, blacksmith, to his son Joseph, blacksmith
24 Mar 1745, to son Joseph, 17 acres
7 Jul 1757, to son Jeremiah, 150 acres
15 Aug 1749, deed to son John (acres not stated)
16 Aug 1749 to sons John, Jonathan, James, Nathan & Ichabod, 170 acres

John Comstock of Providence was on a list of freemen in 1747 and in 1751. It's likely the first was this John and the second in 1751 was his son of the same name - or both are the younger John.

12 Feb 1750 Administration of John's estate granted to his sons, Samuel and John.

Buried in North Burialground, Providence along with son Samuel and his wife Anne Brown, and two of their sons, Capt Joseph & Capt Jesse Comstock

John COMSTOCK and Esther JENCKES were married about 1714.130 Esther JENCKES, daughter of WILLIAM JENCKES and PATIENCE SPRAGUE, was born about 1695 in Pawtucket, Providence County, Rhode Island.132,133

Either the date of Esther's birth in 1695, or the marriage of William Jenckes & Patience Sprague in 1703 is wrong. Or William Jenckes was married more than one time.

John COMSTOCK and Esther JENCKES had the following children:



Samuel COMSTOCK89,129 was born about 1715 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.130,133 He died on 16 January 1755 at the age of 40.131,133

The Early Records of the Town of Providence
Vol. IX, p.73 8 Nov 1737. Subscribers to lay out a highway from Plainffield Roade to Pautuxett Road included Samuel Comstock. Samuel who married Elizabeth Arnold and his son Samuel died in 1727. [This Samuel would have been about 22 years of age and appears to be the only one available to serve.]

Samuel Comstock appeared on a list of freemen, Providence, 1747

Buried North Burial Grounds, Providence.



John COMSTOCK89,130 was born about 1716 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.133,134 He died in 1813 at the age of 97.134

A John Comstock is listed as a freeman in Providence in 1747 and again in 1751. The first could be the father, but he was not living in 1751 so that one is definitely this John.



Joseph COMSTOCK89,130 died on 2 March 1800.133 He was born in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.133

Joseph Comstock is on a list of freemen, Smithfield, 1754.



Jonathan COMSTOCK89,130 died before October 1800.110 He was born in Providence Plantations, Rhode Island.110

Jonathan was "of Providence" at the time he married Sarah Comstock of East Greenwich. They were double first cousins. He was in the census of 1774 in West Greenwich and a Deputy from there in 1781, 1782, 1784, 1791.

Jonathan Comstock was on a list of freemen in Providence, 1751.

11 Nov 1755, Jonathan and wife Sarah granted land in East Greenwich to Job Comstock of East Greenwich.

Thomas Comstock, of East Greenwich, in his will of 10 Jun 1761, made a bequest to grandson Charles, eldest son of his daughter Sarah, deceased.

Jonathan then married Susannah Comstock Matteson, widow of Ebenezer Matteson and another daughter of Thomas Comstock.

Jonathan Comstock's will at West Greenwich was dated 23 Aug 1800 and proved 4 Oct 1800. Named wife Susanna. Sons John, Charles, Jonathan and his three youngest sons, Amos, Adam, and Cyrus. Daughter Rachel Comstock's five youngest children received a bequest - she had married Ishmael Comstock. Granddaughter Esther Kettle, daughter of Patience and Grandson Thomas, son of son John were also named in the will.

There is no known date for the marriage of Jonathan to the widow Susannah Comstock Matteson. Sarah was deceased before 10 Jun 1761 when her father Thomas wrote his will; she had been alive to co-sign a deed in November of 1755. The only child for a year of birth is known is John, b. about 1764, so Jonathan was certainly married to Susannah then. Most of the children have no birth years stated.

The Newport Mercury; 7 Oct 1800.
DIED...... At West-Greenwich, in an advanced age, Jonathan Comstock, Esq; one of the Senators in the Legislature of this State.



Jeremiah COMSTOCK89 died in 1791 in Danby, Rutland County, Vermont.134

Smithfield Vital Records, Vol 1; page 65
25 Oct 1747
by David Comstock, Justice of Peace
recorded 14 Nov 1750

Jeremiah Comstock was liable for highways in Smithfield, 1748.

8 Oct 1751. Jeremiah Comstock and wife Phebe of Smithfield deeded 150 acres to John Harris.

Jeremiah was listed as a freeeman from Smithfield in 1751 and 1752.

He was admitted to vote in Gloucester, RI, 30 Apr 1754. He is on a list of freemen there in that year.

1774 Census. Jeremiah Comstock in Cloucester, 2 males above age 16, 2 females.

28 Oct 1778. Jeremiah Comstock of Gloucester deeded one acre to John White.

4 Oct 1787. Jeremiah Comstock of Danby VT, deeded Esek Comstock of Gloucester a farm of 40 acres, where Esek now lives.

Will was probated Feb. 1792.

Jeremiah's widow, married (2nd) Hilliard.

26 Jan 1795. Phebe Hilliard of Danby, Rutland Co VT, made her son David Comstock of the same place her attorney to what was due from the estate of her father Joseph Arnold, and her mother Patience Arnold, of Smithfield.



Esther COMSTOCK was born on 27 May 1727 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.133 She died before 1785 at the age of 58 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.

Esther and Peter had 11 children. Not followed in Comstock book.

Intention to marry, 8 Feb 1745/6 - Uxbridge. Esther said "of Providence"

The following are listed in a database at World Connect and said to be in the Vital Records of Uxbridge, MA:
Martha, 25 Jul 1749
Paul, 8 Jul 1751
Peter, 11 Nov 1754
Esther, 30 Jan 1756
Beulah, 14 Jun 1758
Phila, 26 May 1760
Nathan, 13 Aug 1762
Hannah, 7 Apr 1764
Chloe, 27 Apr 1766
Turner, 8 Jan 1768
Lydia, 5 Jun 1769



James COMSTOCK89 was born on 12 December 1733 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.130,133 He died on 7 March 1791 at the age of 57.133

James was on a list of freemen, Providence, 1755. He was barely eligible as he would have been 22 years old.



Dr. Ichabod COMSTOCK135 was born about 1734 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.133,136 He died on 19 December 1800 at the age of 66.131,133 He was buried in North Burial Ground, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island.

16 Aug 1749. John Comstock deeded his homestead farm where he was living to sons John, Jonathan, James, Nathan, and Ichabod.

23 Oct 1758 Icahabod said to be under age when John Comstock and Sarah his wife deeded property to Ichabod, a tanner, with his brother Nathan. This would suggest a birthdate a few years later - after 1737 - and make Ichabod the youngest of the family.

20 Apr 1768 Nathan Jones of Gouldsboro, Lincoln Co, Massachusetts [now Maine], deeded to Nathan Comstock of Cumberland RI and Dr. Ichabod Comstock of Smithfield RI, 200 acres in East Hoosuck, Mass.

The Providence Gazette; 20 Dec 1800
Died. At Cumberland, very suddenly, at the house of Capt. Elisha Waterman, yesterday afternoon, Dr. Ichabod Comstock, of Smithfield in the 63rd year of his age. His funeral will be attended on Monday next, at ten o'clock, A.M. at his late dwelling-house.

Inventory of personal property of Dr. Ichabod Comstock was $3880. His son Isaac was administrator of the estate.

Buried at North Burial Ground, Providence with wife Sarah, son Dr. Ephraim with his wife Abigail Dexter, then George W. with his two deceased wives.



Nathan COMSTOCK130,137,138,139 was born on 6 December 1735 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.133 He died on 10 October 1816 at the age of 80 in Farmington, Ontario County, New York.133,134

Nathan went first to Adams, MA about 1769, and then on to Ontario County about 1790.

First sale from Phelps and Gorham purchase was to Nathan Comstock and Benjamin Russell; comprised Farmington in Ontario Co NY, six miles square, at 12 1/2 cents per acre. In 1789, Nathan and his sons, Otis and Darius, and Robert Hathaway along with some cattle, came from Adams, Berkshire Co MA to the new purchase. The first winter all but Otis returned to Massachusetts; he stayed to tend the stock. In Feb 1790, Nathan and his family along with Nathan Aldrich and Isaac Hathaway, followed a day later by Nathan Herendeen, his son William and two sons-in-law, Joshua Herrington and John M'Cumber. They had to make their own roads as they proceeded; arriving at their new home on th 15th of March.

Many of the early settlers, including Nathan and his wife who was a speaker, were Friends; they had been formally disowned for their rash enterprise of going away to the Genesee country. They were later restored and erected a meeting house in 1801.

Nathan Comstock was the surveyor general of roads in the area. The first marriage in Farmington was Otis Comstock to Huldah Freeman in 1792. The first birth was Welcome Herendeen, born in 1790, a son of Joshua. Almost the whole town of Farmington was settled by emigrants from Adams, Berkshire Co. The first town meeting was held at the house of Nathan Aldrich in 1797; Jared Comstock was chosen supervisor, another town officer was Otis Comstock. They voted to pay $10 for the scalp of each wolf killed in town.

Deeds from Ontario Co:
16 Jan 1789 Book 2, p.126 Nathaniel Gorham & Oliver Phelps to Nathan Comstock & Benjamin Russell for 1152 pounds. Township 11 in 3rd range of Townships, Ontario Co NY.
6 Feb 1789 Book 2, p.306 Benjamin Russell of Adams, MA sold to Nathan Comstock 1/2 of Twp 11, 3rd range. 36 square miles. 576 pounds. Witnessed by Daniel Sawyer & Jared Comstock
9 Feb 1789 Book 2, p.197 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA for 100 pounds to Nathan Herrendeen of Adams. Witness: Joseph & Jeremiah Smith. Signed: Nathan & Mary Comstock.
20 Feb 1789 Book 1 p.27 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to David Smith of Adams 4 lots in Twp 11, 3rd Range. Witnesses included Darius and Otis Comstock.
27 Jun 1789 Book 1, p.48 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to Stephen Warner of Cumington in Hampshire Co MA 31 lots in Twp 12 of 3rd range in Ontario Co.
13 Feb 1790 Book 2, p.185 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to Jeremiah Smith of same. Augustus Lapham & Jacob Smith witness
8 Nov 1790 Book 1, p.187-191 Nathaniel & Rebecca Gorham and Oliver & Mary Phelps grant Township 11 in 3rd Range (23,040 acres) to Nathan Comstock & Benjamin Russell and Township 12 in 3rd Range (23,040 acres) to Stephen Warner and Nathan Comstock
3 Oct 1791 Book1, p.269 Nathan & Mary Comstock of Twp 11 in 3rd Range to Oliver Phelps for over 597 pounds - 16 lots in Twp 12. Signed by Nathan and Mary.
14 Oct 1791 Book 2, p.15 Nathan to Isaac Hathaway - 7 tracts of land in Twp 11, 160 acres each. for just over 265 pounds Witness: Seth Pomeroy, David Comstock [Darius?]
14 Sep 1792 Book 2, p.313 Nathan to Ephraim Fisk of Adams for 76 pounds - total of 1150 acres. Signed by Nathan and Mary Comstock. Witnesses included Otis Comstock.
21 Dec 1792 Book 2, p.199 Nathan Comstock of Canandaigua District to Welcome Herrendeen for 40 pounds ...tract in Twp 11 in 3rd range; 160 acres, Lot 21. Witnessed: Otis Comstock, Mary Comstock
24 Jun 1794 Book 2, p.309-311 Two deeds from Nathan Comstock to Jared Comstock for over 1200 acres of land - some in Twp 11, some in Twp 12.
2 Jul 1794 Book 2, p. 402 Nathan to Judah Colt - Lot 108 in Twp 10, for 160 pounds. Witnesses: Jared Comstock, Asa Lapham
5 Jul 1794 Book 2, p.301-303 Nathan Comstock quit claims all rights and titles to Isaac Hathaway for land overage resulting from new survey in Twp 11, 3rd range. Phelps sold the overage to Isaac Hathaway - 1592 acres for 796 pounds

John COMSTOCK and Sarah DEXTER were married after 1735.130 Sarah DEXTER, daughter of John DEXTER and Alice SMITH, was born on 27 June 1698 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.120,140,141 She died on 8 July 1773 at the age of 75.120,131

It is likely none of the children of John Comstock were Sarah's. Her will dated 22 Mar 1769, Providence, and proved 11 Jul, 1773 made bequests to her sisters Abigail Green and Alice Olney and to the children of sisters Abigail and Anne Brown.

Buried at North Burial Ground, Providence.