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Seventh Generation

138. Almira ALLEN35,50,120 was born on 8 October 1803 in Ontario County, New York. She died on 27 January 1849 at the age of 45.

From the GENEVA GAZETTE, 8 Sep 1824
Robert L. Rose of Fayette married on 1 Sep 1824, Almira Allen, daughter of Nathaniel, Esq., in Richmond. Rev. George H. Norton.

Ontario DB 45, p.143
30 Sep 1826 Nathaniel Allen of Richmond to Almira Rose of Seneca for $2200. All that parcel in the SW part of Lot 11 now in the town of Richmond, formerly Honeoye, being 100 acres. Bounded on south by lot 12; on the west by number 30; on the east by a line running through said lot eleven; on the north by a line parallel with the south boundary. Reference to two deeds executed by Joseph Fellow to Nathaniel Allen, one dated 21 Sep 1814 and the other 27 Sep of the same year, recorded 8 March 1816 in Liber 25 of deeds, p.190 & 180, Hugh McNair, Clerk. Signed: N. Allen. Witness: Barton Stout
4 Oct 1826 Acknowledged by Nathaniel Allen. Recorded 7 Oct 1826.

Posted on Ontario Co USGenWeb:
Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, Ontario Co NY
Almira Allen Rose, wife of Robert L. b. 8 Oct 1803, d. 27 Jan 1849
John Rose, d. 23 May 1839, age 16 mo. [probably a son of Robert & Almira]

Almira ALLEN and Robert Lawson ROSE were married on 1 September 1824 in Allens Hill, Ontario County, New York.35,47,121 Robert Lawson ROSE50, son of Robert Seldon ROSE and Jane LAWSON, was born about 1804 in New York. He died on 14 March 1877 at the age of 73 in Washington County, Maryland.

Index to the Newspapers Published in Geneva, New York, Vol. I 1820-29, Edited by Gary B. Thompson, Geneva, NY, 1981
Robert L. Rose of Fayette
8 Sep 1824 "Geneva Gazette", p. 3 Marries Almira Allen
8 Sep 1824 "Geneva Palladium", p.3 Marries Almira Allen
1 Jun 1825 "Geneva Palladium", p. 3/4 Advertisement - Opens general store
28 Sep 1825 "Geneva Gazette", p. 3/4 Advertisment - offers store for rent
4 Jan 1826 "Geneva Palladium", p. 3 Advertisement. Moves store.
18 Jan 1826 "Geneva Palladium", p. 3 Requests payment of debts
R. L. Rose, Richmond
16 Apr 1828, p. 3. Advertisment. Offers farm for sale.

Ontario DB 47, p.241
26 Mar 1826 Nathaniel Allen, James Sibley & William Sibley to Elias Gilbert for $240. Begin centre of the outlet of Honeoye Lake at Joseph Garlinghouse east and west line; to Elias Gilberts NE corner formerly purchased of Danl. H. Goodsell; NW corner of Horace Gilberts land. Agreeable to William T. Coddings survey, 15 acres, 156 and 1/2 rods. Signed: N. Allen, James Sibley, Wm. Sibley. Witness: R. L. Rose
19 Dec 1827, Nathaniel Allen & James Sibley acknowledged. Robert L. Rose, saw William Sibley signed the within deed. Recorded 21 May 1828

The following would seem to be disposal of most, if not all, of Nathaniel's property to his son-in-law.
Ontario DB 48, p.192
2 Feb 1829 Nathaniel Allen to Robert L. Rose for $10,000. All the tracts or parcels of land situated in the town of Richmond, Twp 9, 5th Range. Being parts of lots 36, 37 & 38. Commencing in the four courners on Allens Hill on the SE corner of lot 38; centre of the highway leading to Bloomfield; to Gilbert Willson's south line being the centre line of Lot 38. 100 acres. Again commencing at the SW corner of the 100 acres; south line of lot #38 to east line of Smith Henry's land; east line of land occupied by Wheaton Eldrige; north line of land of Nathan Cargill; east on said Cargill's nothe lin to the centre of the public highway; SE corner of lot 38. Also one acre on Lot 6 in Richmond called the Still lot, conveyed by Lemuel Chipman & Sylvester Curtiss to the said Nathanil Allen, 27 Apr 1812. Especially reserving the following pieces of land: about one acre on lot #37 as this day conveyed to Theoda Bissell. Also the piece of land where the school house stand. Several small pieces on the SE part of lot 337, this day conveyed to Theoda Bissell. Also the piece of land covered by the School House on the south side of lot 38. Several small parcels on the SE part of lot #38: now occupied by the following: Solon Hale, Charles Pierpont, John Elmore, Rev. George H. Norton, Jonathan Mason, Thomas Williams, David Pierpont, Orville Comstock, the tavern stand; Lovill Church, together with the land conveyed to the Wardens & Vestry of St. Paul Church and the Burying grounds as now enclosed adjacent to said Church. Signed: N. Allen Wit: Jared Willson, John Dixson
2 Feb 1829 Nathaniel Allen acknowledged. Recorded 14 Feb 1829

1830 Census. Richmond, Ontario Co, NY
Robert L. Rose: 3m -5, 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30. 1f 5-10, 2f 20-30, 1f 30-40

Ontario Co DB 73, p.125
27 Aug 1840 Augustus P. Allen and Robert L. Rose, Executor of N. O. Allen of Richmond, to George Geiger of Lima, Livingston Co. In consideration of $1 convey all that tract of 156 rods out of the SW corner of lot number 4, township 9, 5th range [which would be Richmond] ....along the centre of the highway; 156 rods includes highways. Signed: A. P. Allen, Executor Robt. L. Rose, Executor.
7 Oct 1840 Robert L. Rose acknowledged the deed to Harry Smith, Commissioner of Deeds. Recorded 28 Nov 1842.

1840 Census. Richmond, Ontario Co, NY
Robert L. Rose: 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 3m 10-15, 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50
1f -5, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40, 1f 40-50

History of Ontario Co, New York
Everts, Ensign & Everts
Philadelphia; 1876
Representatives to Congress: Robert L Rose, 30th & 31st - 1847-51
Personal Sketches, p.235
David A. Pierpont
Assisted his father in the business of cabinet-making, etc. In company with James Henry, he began merchandising [ca 1835]. After two years Henry disposed of his interest to Hon. Robert L. Rose, now of Hagerstown, MD who conducted the business with Mr. P. until the latter retired.

I haven't found Robert Rose in 1850, although I'm sure he was there - perhaps he was away in Congress. I'm sure there were other children.

15 Oct 1849. Robert L. Rose presented the will of his brother-in-law Nathaniel O. Allen for probate. Nathaniel had died in 1839 and the only remaining heir was his brother Orrin N. Allen, living in Virginia. In 1839, Nathaniel had instructed that $150 be used to buy a gold watch for his sister Almira; after other bequests, the remainder was to be divided in thirds, between his brothers Augustus, Orrin and his sister Almira. Nathaniel had also given his own gold watch to his nephew, Nathaniel Allen Rose - presumably the boy had also died prior to 1849.

In 1851, O. Turner stated that the Hon. R. L. Rose was living in the homestead of the Allen family on Allen's Hill. [The above deed of sale from Nathaniel Allen is evidence of this fact.] He was also the present Representative in Congress from Ontario Co.

I believe Robert remarried after the death of Almira.

1860 Census. Seneca, Ontario Co NY, Hh 952
Robert L. Rose, age 55, Farmer, b. NY. $5000 Real Estate; $3000 pers prop
Anna, age 46, b. NY. $5000 Real Estate, $12,500 pers prop
Georgiana McComb age 21, Mary L. McComb age 19, and Edward McComb age 16, all born in Kansas
John Rose, age 8, b. NY
Servants, all said born in Ireland: Alice Quinn, 26; Ellen McGrider, 22; John Savage, 73.
ROSE, Robert Lawson, (1804 - 1877)

ROSE, Robert Lawson, (son of Robert Selden Rose and son-in-law of Nathaniel Allen), a Representative from New York; born in Geneva, N.Y., October 12, 1804; received a limited schooling; moved to Allens Hill, N.Y., and engaged in agricultural pursuits; held several local offices; elected as a Whig to the Thirtieth and Thirty-first Congresses (March 4, 1847-March 3, 1851); resumed agricultural pursuits; returned to Geneva, Ontario County, N.Y.; subsequently moved to Pleasant Grove, near Funkstown, Washington County, Md., in 1868 and engaged in the manufacture of paper until his death there March 14, 1877; interment in Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington County, Md.

Almira ALLEN and Robert Lawson ROSE had the following children:



Henry Fontaine ROSE.



Robert Seldon ROSE35 was born (date unknown).



Nathaniel Allen ROSE died before October 1849.

Nathaniel O. Allen gave his gold watch to his nephew, Nathaniel Allen Rose in 1839. By 1849, the only heir of Nathaniel was his brother Orrin - apparently the boy had died.