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Second Generation

2. JOHN ALLEN5 was born about 1631 in England.2 He died on 1 December 1711 at the age of 80 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1

[Estimated marriage date from age of children]

Lived in Newbury, MA until 1662 when he moved to Sudbury, where he died in 1711, probably about age 80. He was a tailor, but also had a farm where he lived. Sudbury was attacked by the Indians during King Philip's War in 1676 and he petitioned to the General Court for his loss estimated at 60 pounds. In 1688 he was one of the men who took the public stock of ammunition into their hands, sort of minute men. His son Thomas was likely killed during the first French & Indian War (King William's War of 1689). He left a will dated 9 Aug 1708; son Benjamin made executor.

History of Newbury, MA 1635-1902
By John J. Currier
Boston 1902
p. 101
List of the Freemen of Newbury
John Allen, March 29, 1659 From Ipswich Court Records, Book I, p.72

Newbury Vital Records: To the end of the Year 1849
Vol. 1 - Births
Essex Institute, Salem, MA 1911
John, s. John,, Aug. 28, 1656 [dup. has Aug 29]
Samuell, s. John, Apr , 1658
Joseph,, s. John, Mar 18, 1659/60
Benjamin, s. John, Jan 30, 1661

Sudbury Vital Records
To the year 1850
NEHGS, Boston, MA 1903

Rebecca, d. John & Sarah, May 20, 1664
Sarah, d. Jon & Sarah, Mar 7, 1668
Thomas, s. John & Sarah, Apr 29, 1666

John, Dec 1, 1711
Mary, wid., Aug 30, 1727
Sarah, w. John, Jan. 12, 1701/2
Sarah, d. John, Aug. 29, 170_ 1702?
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Feb. 5, 1714/15 [Two different Sarahs?]
Thomas, s. John and Sarah, Mar.2, 1688/9

The History of Sudbury, Massachusetts 1638-1889
Published by the Town of Sudbury, 1889
By Alfred Sereno Hudson

King Phillips War
p.218 Attack was on 21 Apr1676, from “The Old Petition
p.256 Part of the petition …11 Oct 1676
“losse sustenied by severall Inhabitants of ye towne of Sudbury by ye Indian Enemy ye 21st Aprill 1676: John Allen 60#'s.

King William's War or the Ten Years War
1688 Distribution of the stock of ammunition. List of those who agreed to taken the stock into their hands
Included John Allen

Another petition, undated, probably about 1690 Mentions hardships when we were impressed into dreadful service, marches of many score of miles in water and snow, no provision except what they could carry Many lost lives. Many died after returning home. Some compensation for our great burden. Signed by John Allen [May have been when John's son Thomas died]
Thought to be the ill-fated expedition of Sir William Phipps

Several petitions to divide the West Side & East Side inhabitants into two meeting houses. 29 Oct 1707 East Side: [signees included] John Allin, Samll Allin
East Precinct eventually formed 25 Jun 1722

JOHN ALLEN and SARAH [ALLEN] were married about 1654.1 SARAH [ALLEN] died on 12 January 1702 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1

JOHN ALLEN and SARAH [ALLEN] had the following children:



Deborah ALLEN1 was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.2

Married Joseph Dean



John ALLEN was born on 28 August 1656 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.1,2 He died before 1711 at the age of 55.1

[This birth date in 1657 must be a misprint in Settlers of the Beekman Patent or problem with old time dating system. The birth dates of John and his brother Samuel are only 8 months apart. I later found another transcription that gave the birth of John in 1656.]






Joseph ALLEN1,2 was born on 18 March 1659/60 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.1,2 He died before 1725 at the age of 65.2

Moved to Rehoboth about 1707-09. His will dated Jun 9, 1709 in Rehoboth when he was about to enter into the Country's Service and only bequests are to the daughters Mercy, Ruth, and Elizabeth. Married (1) Abigail Myrick, daughter of John Myrick of Charlestown, 5 May 1687; Children Abigail, Mercy and Ruth.



Benjamin ALLEN.



Rebecca ALLEN was born on 20 May 1664 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2



Thomas ALLEN was born on 29 April 1666 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2 He died on 23 March 1689 at the age of 22.1,2

Thomas was probably a casualty of the French and Indian wars. John Allen, his father, appears as a signee of a petition asking for aid because of those who had died in "dreadful service, by reason of cold and hunger and in tedious marches many scores of miles in snow and winter, and lying on the snow at night".
Genealogy and Family History of the State of Vermont; Hon. Hiram Carleton, Vol.1, Lewis Publihsing Co., 1903; Reprt Genealogy Publishing, 1998.



Sarah ALLEN was born on 7 March 1668/9 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2 She died on 29 August 1702 at the age of 33.1,2

Sarah never married.

JOHN ALLEN and Mary [ALLEN] were married after 1702.1 Mary [ALLEN] died on 30 August 1727 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2