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Fourth Generation

39. MOSES ALLEN1,10,11 was born on 9 September 1705 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1 He died after 1784 at the age of 79.1

The Walter Allen book stops this line with Moses born Sep 9, 1705 "nothing further known". Birth, Sudbury, MA. Moses, son of Samuel Allin and Abigail, Sept 9, 1705.

Vital Records of Newton, MA
To the Year 1850
NEHGS Boston 1905
p.231 marriage record of Moses Allen & Hannah Knapp

Three of their children were baptized in Sturbridge, MA - Moses, Jonas & Sarah. Daughter Lydia was married there. I have wondered if Moses & Hannah had other children. Moses's brother Aaron seemed to be a resident of Sturbridge as well and two of Aaron's children married Allens who had common Allen given names. However, online databases given the Aaron Allen of Sturbridge different parents - Joseph Allen & Miriam Wright of Medfield, Norfolk Co, MA. In one instance, I found that "my" Moses had also been placed as a child of Joseph Allen & Miriam Wright. It would appear that these Allen lines were unconnected, as Joseph's father was also a Joseph who lived in Rehoboth and his grandfather was a James Allen from Dedham, MA. None of this matches the family of the Moses of my research.

In the Beekman Patent book, by Doherty, there is a child listed as ?John Allen, "son of Moses and Hannah d. 24 Aug 1774, age 3 months and was bd. in the Steel Works burying ground near Wassaic, near Dover. A Martha Allen, wife of Amos was in the same ground. [NEBG 126]. NEBG is the source BURYING GROUNDS OF SHARON, CT. AND AMENIA AND NORTH EAST, NY by L. Van Alystyne; originally published 1903; republished with an index by Heart of the Lakes Publishing, 1983. There is some error here - likely a typo in the year given, as by 1774 Hannah would have been too old for childbearing. A year of 1744 would seem much more reasonable. Or this is simply a misplacement of this child. Perhaps the wife's name was wrong.
Burying Grounds of Sharon CT, Amenia & North East, NY
L. Van Alystyne Heart of the Lakes Publishing 1983
I read the entry differently, but the above facts still apply.
Burying Ground at the "Steel Works" [between S. Amenia and Wassaic]
John Allen, s. of Moses and Hannah, d. Aug. 24, 1772, age 3 mos. John could not have been a child of the younger Moses & Chloe Ward because the date is too close after birth of their daughter Lydia.
Martha Allen, wife of Amos, d. Mar 18, 1770

Researcher Arthur Kelly of "Kinship" provided me with the following Dutchess Co tax lists.
During the time period 1718-1738, there was a Samuel Allen in the North Ward and a John Allen and his widow in the Middle Ward. Moses did have older half-brothers with these given names but they seem to have never left Sudbury, MA so it's doubtful there is any connection.

Moses and Moses Jr. and Jonas took a lease on a farm in lott 11 in Pawling [Beekman Patent] 30 Oct 1756. Taxed on this farm from Feb 1756 through 1778.
Beekman Patent: Moses taxed on Stillwell farm from Feb 1756-1769, Pawling
Moses Allen Jr. taxed for 1766-1769, Pawling.
Then a later listing: Moses Allen, 1770-1778, Pawling, and Moses Allen, Jr. 1770-1772, Pawling.

In 1758, a young Moses and Jonas are listed as being in a militia company in Dutchess Co.

Ancient Documents of Dutchess County as filmed by LDS contained the following that could be either Moses, but likely the elder because of the reference to "yeoman".
On the 27th of July 1757, Moses Allen & Samuel Cogswell, both of Beekman Precinct, Yeomen, signed a Promissory Note that they owed 5 pounds, 10 shillings to Leonard Van Kleck, Esqr to be paid on or before the 1st day of September. It was filed for record, May 1758, when Kleck sued for payment.
And on 28 Jun 1759, Moses Allen and Lewis Hunt, both of Beekman Precinct, Yeoman, were bound to Clear (Clare?) Everett, Esqr in the sum of 38 pounds and if not paid, they are to appear at the next Court of Common Pleas, in Poughkeepsie, on the 3rd of October next to answer a charge of Trespass against Henry Filkin, Esqr, damages of 19 pounds. A note on the back states that this is a Bail Bond in the Case - likely Everett was the current sheriff of Dutchess County.
On the same day, 28 Jun 1759, Moses Allen and Lewis Hunt, as above, were bound to Everitt in the sum of 144 pounds and if not paid, to appear in the same court regarding 72 pounds owed to Henry Filkin, Esqr. Bail Bond in Debt.
In 1768, there are several documents relating to a case in which Moses Allen had been security for one Paul Ayts or Yeats who owed money, 23 pounds, 18 shillings, and a few pence, to John Hart and had not been paid. Hart sued Paul Ayts and Moses Allen, in October of 1768, stating that on the 15th of Dec in 1762, Moses Allen, had been security for Paul Ayts for payment or surrender himself to the "common Goal" (jail) . Moses was ordered to appear at the next Court Session, 3rd Tues in May. A note from Livingston, Sheriff on the back states that he could not find Moses Allen in his Bailiwick. Strangely the date on the court document has been scribbled out and other dates written - it first said 20 May, Eight year of Independence - but was marked over for 5 Jan, 9th year or 1768 - the back of the document states "revised, Oct 1768". A second document almost exactly like the above is dated 8 Jan 1768 - the result was the same - the Sheriff had found nothing and no Moses Allen. There is an Affadavit signed after the above when he was "not found" by Moses Allen before Lawrence Van Kleck, Esqr, one of the Judges of Inferior Court of Common Pleas, dated the 14 May 1769, in which Moses states he is "of full Age and a freeholder in Dutchess County" and that in December last he had become Special Bail for Paul Yeats at the suit of John Hart and as a freeholder with an estate free of any encumbrance he was entitled to being Special Bail in any action of 100 pounds.
Another of the Ancient Documents is a list of Court Costs for the suit of Samuel Nash and Jedidah Strong - the defendant's name was Wm Church but was marked out and Moses Allen written. The list of costs is long and obivously the case had been extended, but the only date is 10 January 1772 when the costs were totaled as 6 pounds, 19 shillings, 9 pence and added to damages just over 12 pounds.
The last case I found in the Ancient Documents was a suit that is against Moses Allen, otherwise called Moses Allen Junr with dates from 1782-1784.

The date of death is based on a reference to his son as Moses Jr. The elder Moses may not have lived quite that long. He was on the tax lists in the Beekman Patent through 1778. From the Ancient Documents, 1782-1784, the younger Moses is listed as "Moses Allen, also known Moses Allen, Junr" - I believe the elder Moses was deceased prior to this time and the younger Moses was no longer using the "Junior" as he was now the only Moses Allen.

MOSES ALLEN and HANNAH KNAPP were married on 25 October 1732 in Newtown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1 HANNAH KNAPP1,12, daughter of JOHN KNAPP and SARAH PARKE, was born (date unknown).

Doherty in Settlers of the Beekman Patent suggests that Hannah's parents were probably John Knapp & Mary Whitney and she was a descendant of William Knapp of Watertown. The record of the marriage of John Knapp & Mary Whitney, 13 Jul 1715, in Watertown would suggest they might not be her parents.

Hannah married Moses, 25 Oct 1732 and the Newton town record shows that this was a Middlesex County record from East Cambridge. It is possible that John & Mary could have had a daughter soon after their marriage and she married at age 15 or so. However, online databases do not list a Hannah as daughter of John & Mary. I did find that John's father was also a John Knapp, born Watertown, 4 May 1661, died in Newton circa 1733 and he did possibly have a daughter Hannah who would have been a younger sister to the John that married Mary Whitney. The elder John Knapp married Sarah Park, 4 Aug 1686; her birth is given as 21 Jan 1665/6 - mathematically she could have been Hannah's mother. The elder John's grandfather was apparently William Knapp, early settler of Watertown.

After considerable research into the families of William Knopp & Nicholas Knapp of Watertown, I believe I did find the connection to Hannah. No kinship between William & Nicholas has ever been established. William was baptized at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England on 1 Jan 1580/1. He came with Sir Richard Saltonstall to New England in 1630, leaving one married daughter behind in England but bringing his other six children with him. William Knapp [or Knopp as found in England and in early days in Massachusetts] settled in Watertown where he died aged about 80, on 30 Aug 1658. One of his sons, John, baptized in England, 20 Jan 1622/3, married Sarah Young, 25 May 1660. John's will was proved 27 Apr 1696 and names his wife Sarah and children to include a son John.

John Knapp of the 3rd generation in America was born in Watertown, 4 May 1661, and married Sarah Park there 4 Aug 1686. They removed to Newton [Newtown] where he died in 1733. Sarah Park Knapp died 19 Dec 1727. There is a deed dated 14 Jun 1729 that names the children as John Jr, husbandman; Jonas, housewright; Daniel & Jonathan, husbandmen; and Sarah, Lydia, and Hannah - all "symsters", all of Newton; James, husbandman of Worcester; Ebenezer,weaver of Weston. [From The Knapp Family in America; a genealogy of the Descendants of William Knapp, by Arthur Mason Knapp, Boston, Mass. 1909. There is no specific source for the deed of 1729 but if says there are many items relating to transfer of property among members of the family in the Registry of Deeds, East Cambridge.]

The book has actual births for only the three oldest of the children - Sarah who never married, b. 1686, John b. 1688 who married Mary Whitney, and James b. 1690. Hannah falls as one of the younger children and is shown as marrying Moses Allen and that they lived in New Medfield, Worcester Co, Mass. Indeed New Medfield was the ancient name of Sturbridge which is where Moses & Hannah Knapp Allen are found. And Moses and Hannah were married in Newtown which was her home. Another plus for this connection is that her brother Ebenezer also lived in Sturbridge. All of the given names of Moses & Hannah Allen's children are found among her siblings except for the son named Moses for his father.

MOSES ALLEN and HANNAH KNAPP had the following children:



Hannah ALLEN.



Lydia ALLEN.






Jonas ALLEN1,13 was christened on 5 July 1741 in Sturbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.1,8

Moses and Moses Jr. and Jonas took a lease on a farm in lott 11 in Pawling [Beekman Patent] 30 Oct 1756. One of them was taxed on this farm from Feb 1756 through 1778. Jonas would have been only about 15/16 years old at this time if he is the same as the child baptized in Sturbridge.

Jonas Allen was taxed in Beekman and Pawling from Feb 1763 through 1770.

Jonas Allen witnessed a will of Ephraim Dunham of Beekman's Precinct Sep 29 1765.

13 May 1768. Petition of the freeholders of the NE Part Beekman Precincts. Probably citizens of Dover. They had only four constables which they consided too few and were requesting one more. Signatures include Moses Allen, Jonas Allen, Ichabod Ward. [SETTLERS OF THE BEEKMAN PATENT, Vol 1]

Rebecca MacAllester <> June 2003 Email Correspondence
Believes she is a descendant of Jonas. Information from several articles she has found, primarily from PIONEERS OF MENDON suggest a Jonas Allen lived in Dutchess County NY and West Stockbridge MA. He had sons Abram, Jonas Jr & William - both Jonas Jr & William lived in Mendon, Monroe Co NY. This is a county originally part of Ontario Co and they would have lived there at approximately the same time that Moses Allen's sons Peter and Nathaniel lived in Ontario Co. Jonas Sr may have served in the Revolution from Stockbridge as a private in Capt David Pixley's Co, Col. John Brown's Regt. [Copy of her document in my Allen computer files.]



Sarah ALLEN was christened on 7 April 1745 in Sturbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.1

Settlers of the Beekman Patent gives the wrong baptism date for Sarah, as 24 Jul 1737. Sturbridge vital records has Sarah, daughter of Moses & Hannah, baptized 7 Apr 1745, from the Congregational Church record.