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Seventh Generation

94. Allen GIFFORD59,79,84,85,86 was born on 21 December 1792.31 He died on 21 March 1890 at the age of 97.31

Allen was in Washington Co, New York in 1850. Listed as age 57 with property valued at $10,900. Anna was 54. Elisha, 26, Lydia 18, Cornelia 14, Moses A. age 15. Mary W. Peckham age 5 lived with family, possibly a grandaughter. All born in New York. Timothy Donovan age 26, born in Ireland also lived with the family. Hiram & family lived next door.

1860. Allen, age 64, Anna 44 [obviously an error. Hiram still lived next door] Closer study of this census entry shows that the enumerator got one number off in recording the ages of Allen & Anna and the family of Hiram Gifford. This is the second occurence of this that I have found. The farm laborer recorded in the household immediately above that of Allen Gifford givens his age as "67" which is the correct age of Allen. That would then make Anna 64 which would be correct. Hiram's family is also off one line - he was the person that was age 44, not his mother Anna. His wife Lois and daughters Elizabeth & Europa also have incorrect ages.

1870. Allen Gifford, now age 77, retired farmer, and Anna age 75, are living in the same household with Hiram and family. Hiram's two daughters were still living at home, unmarried.

In 1880: Easton, Washington Co, NY, p.87B
Allen Gifford age 87. Wife Anna, age 84. Son-in-Law Sylvans Batty, age 52, and his wife Lydia T. age 48, and their son, Fred G. age 19. Servant Anne Bullushen, age 26, born in NY. Mary Mitaker, school teacher, age 19, b. in PA.

Allen GIFFORD and Anna HOAG were married on 24 December 1815.87 Anna HOAG79 was born on 12 November 1795.87 She died on 8 October 1884 at the age of 88.87 According to the 1880 Census, Anna was born in New york as was her father. Her mother born Rhode Island.

Allen GIFFORD and Anna HOAG had the following children:






Elisha GIFFORD88,89,90 was born in 1824 in New York.59

1860, Easton NY. Elisha Gifford age 36. Ann W. age 30. George 8, Helen 5, and Albert 2. John Sullivan age 40, doing farm labor and born in Ireland. Catherine Sullivan, age 22, also born in Ireland and a Domestic.

1870. Elisha Gifford age 46, Farmer. Anna, age 41. George 18, Hellen 15, and Albert 12. Also a baby May or Mary age 1 month.

1880. Elisah Gifford age 57 lived in Greenwich, Washington Co NY. Anna age 52. Albert 22, Mary age 10. James Connelly, age 28, farm hand and John Conline, age 14, farm hand, and Anna Penmanor, servant, age 19.



Lydia T. GIFFORD79 was born in 1832 in New York.59

Lydia married Sylvans Batty as evidenced by the 1880 Census. They were living in the household of her parents Allen & Anna.



Moses A. GIFFORD91 was born in 1835 in New York.59

1860 Census in Easton. Moses Gifford age 25, Emma age 23. Maria 3 and Walter age 1. Nicholas Bower age 19, doing farm labor, born in Ireland.



Cornelia W. GIFFORD was born in 1836 in New York.59