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Seventh Generation

125. Adaline ALLEN was born on 20 November 1814 in New York.105 She died on 30 June 1857 at the age of 42 in Vigo County, Indiana.29,101

Adaline's age was given as "57" in 1850 - should have been 37? The Warde book gives the year of her birth as 1814, 1812 is from the family record below which would make her only a year younger than her brother Peter. She was not in the 1860 census, Fred was the youngest child with B. M. Harrison and he was age 7.

Found on the Harrison Family Genealogy Forum at Genforum, posted 28 Oct 1999 by Susan I. Nelson:
Written on the back of photos that had belonged to Starr Nelson, a grandson of Britton and Adaline:
"Christmas 1919. To Starr Nelson from (Coz) Mrs. W. W. Adamson (nee Mollie Harrison), #1012 S. Sixth St., Terre Haute, Indiana."
Britton M. Harrison: "Grandfather Harrison, born in England, emigrated to Terre Haute Indiana and became a prominent and wealthy manufacturer of soaps, candles etc. He was the first mayor of the city of Terre Haute. Nov. 29, 1828, he married Adaline Allen, the daughter of peter Buell Allen (Father Moses Allen)."
Adaline Allen: "Grandmother Harrison, nee Adaline Allen. Born Nov. 20th, 1812, married Nov. 29, 1828, died June 30, 1857

Adaline ALLEN and Brittain Moore HARRISON were married on 29 November 1828 in Vigo County, Indiana.105 Brittain Moore HARRISON119 was born in November 1801 in New Jersey.101,105 He died on 23 July 1873 at the age of 71 in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.

Could this have been the father of Harrison?
May, 1819, Circuit Court for Vigo Co was held at the house of Robert Harrison in Terre Haute. Peter Allen was a member of the grand jury impaneled.
History of Indiana from Its Exploration to 1922; Logan Esarey [Google Books]

Probate Court records of Nov Term 1832 reveal that Brittain M. Harrison was likely a grocer. He sued Silas Hoskins as Administrator of the estate of Robert B. Angevine for the debts of the following items: coffee, sugar, molasses, cheese, mackerel, rice, spices, eggs.
One of the records referred to Harrison & Allen Co. (B. M. Harrison and Henry Allen). Quite possibly the brothers-in-law were in business together. Probate Record. Vol 1, p.280. July, 1831.

1830 Census, Vigo Co IN
Britton M. Harrison. 1m under 5 [Dennis], 2m 20-30 [one would be Britton]
2f age 15-20 [one would be Adaline]

Circuit Court Order Books, Civil and Criminal, Vigo County, Indiana. WPA transcriptions.
Vol. 3, 1832-1837, Part E
May Term, 1837
p.513. Among petit jurors for 1st week of November Term, 1837: Brittain M. Harrison
p. 519 James Spense vs. Britain M. Harrison. Defendant in debt $20.96, due on note dated 28 Aug 1834. Plaintiff to recover + costs.
Vacation, 1837
p.563 17 Jul 1837 Replevy Bond. James Spence vs. Brittain M. Harrison & Ira Allen. $377.20.
Note: A Replevy Bond guarantees the defendant will abide by the decision of the court.
p.564 18 Jul 1837 Brittain M. Harrison & Myron H. Allen bound to Wm. H. Pope, Arthur H. Wallace & William M. Lambeth for $1189.62.

In 1838, a town charter was granted Terre Haute. Harrison was assessor and town marshal.
Britton Moore Harrison was President of the Town Board of Terre Haute 1839-40 and 1841-42. Portrait is with others who were Mayors of Terre Haute. Online: Wabash Valley Visions & Voices; A Digital Memory Project

1840 Census, Terre Haute, Vigo Co IN
B. M. Harrison. 1m under 5 [George], 1m 10-15 [Dennis], 1m 30-40 [Britton]
1f 5-10 [Ann], 1f 10-15 [???], 1f 20-30 [Adaline]

Commissioner's Records, Vigo County, IN, Vol. 3 1837-1844, Part B. Series copied by WPA; not indexed
Dec Session 1841. p.270
Britain M. Harrison appt inspector of Salt for Vigo Co.
p.271 John Britton allowed $15 for running road from Durkee's ferry to D. Barbour's & from Henry Prairie to Patton's Mill on east side of Harrison Prairie.
Tues Mar 8 1842, p.285
B. M. Harrison allowed $4.76 for service in taking up and hiring out negroes.
March Session 1843 p.359. Britain M. Harrison to continue as inspector of Salt, for one year from this date (13 March 1843)
6 Jun 1844 p.475 Brittain M. Harrison appt Salt Inspector.

In the 1850 Census, Briton is age 44 (born 1806, instead of 1801?). He was a Chandler [candle maker]. Adaline, now listed as age 57. Dennis A., 20, also a Chandler; Ann E. 16; George, 12; Mary, 10; Albert, 8; Porter, age 2 - all born in Indiana. Had two "Laborers" in the household. John Maloon, age 20 born IN and Charles Hammers age 24 born in MI.
Also found in 1850 was Susanna Harrison, age 82, b. NC. She was living in a large mixed household that consisted of Noah Franklin, age 27, b. NC; Penelopy, age 43, b. NC; Susanna 3, b. IN. The following Fultz children were in the household - Thomas 18 and William 14, b. NC; Emily 12, Mahala 10, and James 8, all born in Indiana. Could Susanna have been a 2nd wife and now the widow of Richard Harrison?

1860 Census. Vigo Co IN, Terre Haute, Ward 4, p.503, Hh 211
B. M. Harrison, age 56, Tallow Chandler, b. New Jersey
George M. age 23, Tallow Chandler, b. IN
Albert B., age 17, b. IN. Augustus P. age 11, b. IN, Fred age 7, b. IN
Mary E. Garrison, age 33, Housekeeper, b. VA
Pete Garrison, age 5, b. Ohio
Mary Smith, age 25, Serving, b. IN

1870 Census. I did find George living in a boarding house in Terre Haute, age 32, b. Indiana. Occupation given as laborer.

Genforum post to the Harrison Family Genealogy Forum; 4 Sep 1999, Al Hamblen
"An Old Citizen Gone"
"B. M. Harrison, one of the most widely known of our old citizens, died at Carthage,
Missouri, July 23d, aged seventy-three years.
He was born in Rahway, New Jersey, in the year 1800. He removed from that state to
Vincennes, Ind., in 1815, from there to Hutsonville, in 1817, and to Terre Haute in 1818.
He was the first Mayor of this city, in 1844 and was president of the City Council from 1846 to 1852. He was the author of the charter under which our city government formerly operated. In the year 1852 he was defeated in the contest for Mayor by W. K. Edwards. From 1853 to 1858 he represented the fourth ward in the City Council. He suffered heavily by different fires; especially by the burning of a valuable candle factory on the river bank, on the night of the 15th of April 1859.
Mr. Harrison was a leading citizen of Terre Haute for many years. He possessed talent of a high order, and had many friends.
The body of the deceased has been embalmed and placed in a vault at Carthage, until a suitable time in which to transport it to this city for burial."
Source- Terre Haute Daily Express, July 25, 1873

"In the possession of Mrs. A. G. Adamson, granddaughter of Britton M. Harrison is an interesting relic with a remarkable history. It is a gold watch. stem-winding, hunting case,Liverpool make, inscribed with the date 1828 and the name 'B. Harrison.' When in 1858 Harrison & Son had an establishment on Water street (north of the Big Four) where they made soap and candles. Mr. Harrison lost this watch. In 1903, while the bridge builders were sinking the coffer dams for the stone pier of a new Big Four bridge a workman found,thirty-two feet below the bottom of the river near the bank, a gold watch. The name inscribed on it proved it to be the watch lost by Mr. Harrison forty-five years before. It had
been dropped nearer the bank than when found, for as time passed the river encroached
and what was land became river, and the gravel and sand swept by the current into the
eddies below the bend had buried the watch deep under clay, gravel and sand, where it
was found. The outer hunting case was in good order, though the gold was dull. The
enamel on the face had gone, the minute and second hands had disappeared, and a very
small hour hand remained. The remainder was less affected, for the steel of the balance
wheel is partly bright and partly dim. The relic is now in the possession of the
granddaughter of the first acting mayor of Terre Haute to recall pleasant memories of a
very bustling citizen and interesting man." Source - Oakey, page 157

Adaline ALLEN and Brittain Moore HARRISON had the following children:



Dennis Allen HARRISON.



Ann E. HARRISON was born in 1834 in Indiana.101

Married Leander Sibley, 30 Oct 1850, Vigo Co, IN



George M. HARRISON104 was born in 1838 in Indiana.101

I found two possible marriages for George in Vigo County.
George M. Harrison to Frances Lowe, 2 Jan 1871
George M. Harrison to Frances Harrison, 1 Dec 1881 [was this possibly a remarriage?]
He was noted as having been married, but his wife deceased, when he was at the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

1880 Census. Harrison Twp, Vigo, IN
List of inmates of the Vigo county poor asylum - George was listed last after the superintendent, his sister, and a servant.
George M. Harrison, 42, divorced, had hernia, b. IN, father b. NY, mother b. NY

US National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938;
George M. Harrison
Enlisted 20 Sep 1861 at Mattoon, Illinois
1st Lt, Co B. 7th Illinois Infantry
Discharged 9 Jul 1865, Corinth, Mississippi - Served until close of war
Disability due to Double Hernia, contracted Jun 1862 in Corinth, MI
Born in Indiana, age 56, blue eyes, light hair, can read & write, Protestent, Laborer by occupation
Residence after discharge: Terre Haute, IN
Near Relative: Fernando Harrison, Govt. Printing Office, Washington, DC
Pension: $15. Admitted M. B. 17 Aug 1894 (this makes his birth year 1838)
Died M. B. Hospital 13 March 1895 of Apoplexy
Pension Certificate #194.807
Personal Effects Appraised at $2.20.
Buried Grave No. 190 - Circle 2
Note: I believe M. B. stood for the Marion Brach, Marion, Grant Co, Indiana.
'up the Mississinewa probably ten miles is the resting place of other
of the Nation's Heroes. Established by an act of Congress July 23, 1888
and given the name of Marion Branch National Military Home, Indiana. Plans
for the establishing of this hospital were consummated in 1890. A burial
ground was set aside at some distance from the buildings which we for years
have called "THE HOME". Here Governor Campbell, first Governor of the home,
planned "The Silent Circle". Number 1 in this plat is Thomas Jefferson,
Co. B 2nd N.Y. Cav., number 1345 is John W. Stewart Indiana Serg't 9 Cav.
This Silent Circle is designated as Section 1. The numbers are in
succession but do not indicate the order of death. A section has been
reserved in this part for the burial of civilian employees and members of
officer's families. All others who are buried in this cemetery are those
who have participated in Military Services of the United States and who have
received honorable discharge.
The cemetery is online from this website - however, George M. Harrison's grave not found.



Mary Allen HARRISON.



Albert B. HARRISON was born in 1842 in Indiana.101

An Albert B. Harrison served in the Company D, 11th Regt, Indiana Infantry, as a Musician in the Union Army, Civil War.

There is a Pension Index Card:
Albert B. Harrison. Music, Co D, 11th Ind.Inf.
Filed for invalid pension, 13 Sep 1864, Application #51381, Certificate #41566



Augustus Porter HARRISON was born in 1848 in Indiana.101

1910 Census. Superior City, Douglas Co, Wisconsin, Hh 213
Augustus P. Harrison, age 62 married twice, this time for 8 years, b. IN, father b. NJ, mother b. NY, Telegraph Operator
Lanta, wife, 28, married once - 1 child, b. Ohio, parents born Austria, German
Lester, son, age 5

FamilySearch old Ancestral File lists the second wife of Augustus as Violanta Aurelia Katzele, born 1881, died 1934. They were married 14 Jul 1902, Duluth, St. Louis Co, Missesota.



Fred HARRISON was born in 1853 in Indiana.