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Seventh Generation

120. Harriett ALLEN was born on 10 May 1803.35 She died in July 1855 at the age of 52 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.

George Conn was first married to Eunice Cheney, 25 Jun 1823, Vigo Co IN (Indiana State Library Online - Indiana Marriages Through 1850).
Nelson, born 1823, was their son, not the son of Harriet Allen, because George did not marry Harriet until 1829.
October Term, 1825, Circuit Court, Vigo Co IN. John Britton vs. Harriet Britton. Petition for divorce. Granted. "It is ordered ...John Britten be and he is hereby divourced from the cares of Matrimoney With the said harret Britton and it is further ordered adjudged and decreed that the said Harriet Britton be and she is hereby released from the cares of matrimoney With the said John Britton."

Although the date of Harriet's death has been passed down as 8 Jul 1845 - she was very much alive in the 1850 census. Perhaps she died in 1855...
FindAGrave has a picture of her marker, Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute. She died July of 1855. Placed by the Wabash Valley Genealogy Society.

Harriett ALLEN and John BRITTON were married on 15 September 1819 in Vigo County, Indiana.100 They100 were divorced in October 1825 in Vigo County, Indiana. John BRITTON100 was born in 1792 in Pennsylvania. He died before 1855 at the age of 63 in Vigo County, Indiana.

HISTORY OF VIGO AND PARKE COUNTIES, Together With Historic Notes on the Wabash Valley
H.W. Beckwith - 1880
p.24 In 1816, the town of Terre Haute was laid out.... very early settlers of the country prior to 1818 included Curtis Gilbert, the first county Clerk and recorder, Peter Allen. "Peter Allen had been a general in the war which had just closed." John Britton listed among those that came within the next five years.
Terre Haute, pp. 30-41
July Term 1818, Circuit Court of Vigo Co. John Britton received $2 for his services as deputy sheriff and bailiff.
In a letter written years afterward, Lucius H. SCOTT says: "June 6, 1817, in company with John W. OSBORN, I arrived at Vincennes, after a journey of nearly two months, from St. Lawrence county, N.Y. OSBORN being a printer, readily obtained work in Elihu STOUT's printing office, in Vincennes, but after spending three weeks vainly looking for something to do, I determined to seek my fortune higher up the Wabash valley, and set out on foot for the newly laid out town of Terre Haute. In Vincennes I had met and formed acquaintance with John BRITTON, who had been to Terre Haute, and was then making his temporary home at the house of Daniel BARNES, a small log cabin situated on Sec. 16, at the edge of the prairie not far from the present cemetery. Having to walk the whole distance from Vincennes, and carrying my bundle, I made slow progress, and was nearly three days upon the journey. I found my new friend BRITTON as I expected, and was kindly received by him and his family; but as the cabin was small, and I found the family were not in a condition to receive an additional boarder, I determined to make my stay as brief as possible.
Early Residents.
John Britton was for many years a magistrate, and was esteemed a good one; he also kept the county library. He was a great teacher of mine. He taught me how to guide a horse by hauling on the starboard rein if I wanted to steer to the right, and hauling on the port if i wished to veer away to the left. He was rather plain in manner and speech. It was said that at a trial before him a man by the name of Leatherman jumped up and exclaimed: "So and so swera to a d___d lie" Squite Britton then, in an excited voice, said: "John Leatherman, I fine you $5 for swearing by G-d!" He was very fond of fancy gardening and "Britton's garden" was a place of great resort thirty-five years ago.
John Britton was the first constable of Harrison township. Among the first accounts allowed by the county commissioners was a bill presented by Mr. Britton for arresting and 'dietin' certai rioters on the 4th and 5th of July, 1818. ....He was the first surveyor in the county. He also kept an apothecary's shop.

Vigo County, Indiana Deed Records: Book 1, 1816-1821; Immogne B. Hannan Brown, 197?
[deeds are from assorted deed books, arranged by date of deed, not recording date]
19 Jul 1819. Bk 1, p. 280 From John Britton, Collector of Tax, to Mathew Morrison, lot in Terre Haute
19 Jul 1819. Bk 1, p. 332 From John Britton, Collector of Tax, to Curtis Gilbert, lot in Terre Haute.

1820 Census. Vigo Co IN
John Britton. 1m 26-45. 1f 16-26

October Term, 1825, Circuit Court, Vigo Co IN. John Britton vs. Harriet Britton. Petition for divorce. Granted. "It is ordered ...John Britten be and he is hereby divourced from the cares of Matrimoney With the said harret Britton and it is further ordered adjudged and decreed that the said Harriet Britton be and she is hereby released from the cares of matrimoney With the said John Britton."
John Britton married Eliza Roach, 24 Jan 1826. Cruft was the minister.
On 27 Jul 1830, John married Catherine Croy, M. Chamberlain officiated.

Circuit Court Order Books, Civil and Criminal, Vigo County, Indiana. WPA transcriptions.
Vol. 3, 1832-1837, Part E
May Term, 1837
Note: John Britton served as commissioner to divide lands of the deceased several times. The following was a time he served with his brother in law.
Nov Term 1837 Carlton V. Belt & John Britton, two of the commissioners for the division of lands of William Reed, dec'd.

Commissioner's Records, Vigo County, IN Vol. 3 1837-1844, Part B. Series copied by WPA; not indexed.
5 Dec 1842. p.334 John Britton pd $1.25 as petit juror, Nov Term 1842.
March Session 1843 p.350 John Britton be allowed $1.50 for making a map of the county for the Auditor of the State.
p.354. John Britton, Charles Jackson & John Strain appt to review road proposed by Daniel Soesbe - Honey Creek & Linton Twps.
p.356 John Britton, Hiram Smith & Abraham Jackson to view proposed road for Geo Taylor.
June Session 1843 p.376 John Britton & Hiram Smith to review road, set aside.
Sept Session 1843. p.404 John Britton & John Strain on petition of Daniel Soesbe made report. submitted 4 Sep. Accepted & confirmed - be considered a public highway. Britton be allowed $8 for surveying Carlisle & Terre Haute road & 1 day surveying in Sugar creek.
p.407 John Britton, Co Surveyor to veiw & make note of Praireton & Bowling Green road.
Dec Term 1843 5 Dec. p.419. John Britton made report. Allowed $3 for surveying & field notes.
May Term 1845 (surrounding notes indicate this was 1844) John Britton pd .75 for jury duty.

1850 Census. Harrison Twp, Vigo, IN, Hh 547 & 548
John Britton, 58, County surveyor, b. PA
Catharine, 38, b. Ohio
Cirilla, 14, b. IN. Demming D., 10, b. IN. John, 7, b. IN. Catharine, 5, b. IN
Henry Ashley, 28, Cooper, b. VT
Mary J., 19, b. IN
Note: Dennis Demming, age 59, is in Hh 550 - is he some relationship to Catharine ...was she perhaps nee Demming and had also previously been married before marrying John Britton?

Harriett ALLEN and George CONN were married on 24 December 1829.35 George CONN101 was born in 1793 in New Hampshire.101

1840 Census. Vigo Co IN
George Conn.
1m 15-20, 1m 40-50 [George]. 2f under 5 [one would be Adaline]. 1f 5-10 [Chloe], 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40 [Harriett]
On the same page as Myron Allen and Henry Allen's widow Zelota.

In the 1850 Census, Nelson Conn, age 27, a cooper born in IN also lives in George's household along with a wife, Alma, and two small daughters, Mary and Emma. Nelson must be the son of a first wife.
Harrison Twp, Vigo, IN, Hh 76, Family 77
George Conn, 57, b. NH
Harriet, 47, b. NY
Nelson, 27, Cooper, Family 78, b. IN
Alma, 25
Mary 2, Emma 2 months
Chloe, 19. Adaline, 12.

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 15:01:43 -0500
From: "Miller, Lyn" <>
Subject: George Conn b. 1793 New Hampshire
Here's the probable data on your George Conn, 7th Generation, who married an
George Conn b. 1 May 1793, probably at New Ipswich, N.H. Father: George
Conn, b. a. 1761, at either New Ipswich or Sharon, N.H.; mother: Jennie
Taggart. George Senior was the son of Andrew Conn of Sharon, N.H.,
husbandman, and Mary Scott, of New Ipswich at the time of her marriage.
Andrew Conn was the son of George Conn (Sr.) of Harvard, Mass. and Mary
Davis (mar. Boston, Old Federal Street Scotch-Irish Presbyterian
Congregation, 28 Oct 1736/37). George Conn, b. a. 1716 in Magilligan,
Northern Ireland, was the son of John Conn1 of Groton, Massachusetts, b.
1683/4 in Magilligan, Northern Ireland. His brother or cousin Hugh Conn was
an early minister in Maryland.
Lyn Miller

Harriett ALLEN and George CONN had the following children:



Chloe Allen CONN was born in 1831 in Indiana.101 She died on 17 March 1904 at the age of 73 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.

1860 Census. Terre Haute, Ward 4, Vigo Co IN Hh 201
Nelson Conn, age 36, Clerk b. IN [Chloe's half brother]
Mary, 13. Kate, 8, and Charles age 1
Chloe Conn,age 24.
Harmon Croff, age 40, Carpenter, b. MD
Fanny Kindall, age 22, Milliner, b. PA

1870. Terre Haute, Ward 5, Vigo Co IN Hh 380
Chloe A. Conn, age 38, b. IN
Mary, age 22, Kate age 18 and Charles 12.
It appears Chloe may have raised her half-brother's children. Perhaps by taking in Boarders.
Silas C. Beach, age 36, Brick Mason, b. NJ. Ada, age 32, b. IN. Willie age 10.
Edwin Draper, age 23, Clerk in store, b. MA
Smith Bosworth, age 50, Teacher, b. NY. R. S., [female] age 45, b. NY

1900 Census. Harrison Twp, Vigo, IN
520 S. 7th Street
Frank M. Duncan, b. Jan 1843, 57, married 7 years, Fire Ins. Agent
Kate C., wife, b. Nov 1852, 47, 1 child
Marion P., son, b. Jan 1895, age 5
Chloe A. Conn, Aunt, b. Feb 1831, age 69

Chloe is buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute.



Adaline CONN was born in 1838 in Indiana.101