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Seventh Generation

116. Catherine ALLEN was born on 27 March 1801.35 She died on 6 February 1821 at the age of 19.35

Where Are The Graves of The Pioneers
Who Made Terre Haute's Early History?
The early cemeteries of Vigo County are the last resting places of many
whose graves are unmarked and unknown to this generation.
Mary Ellen McKee, Terre Haute, Ind.
The Wabash Valley Remembers 1787-1938 The early settlers of Terre Haute had to provide resting places for their dead as well as take care of their living. Because of the great difficulty of providing a living for the settlers themselves, adequate records were not kept so as to make it possible to find the final resting place of people who are noteworthy of praise and honor today.
.......According to earliest records that some of the first to die in Vigo County, among them the wife of Curtis Gilbert, were buried in a lot at the north east corner of Sixth and Ohio streets. Today the Beach block stands on a part of this lot. Others were buried in an old Indian graveyard not far from the Wabash River bank on land now occupied by the American Can Company.

Catherine ALLEN and Curtis GILBERT were married on 15 September 1819 in Vigo County, Indiana.35,99 Curtis GILBERT48 was born in 1794 in Connecticut.100

1820 Census. Vigo Co IN
Curtis Gilbert. 1m under 5; 1m 5-10, 3m 16-26, 1m 26-45. 1f 16-26 [Catherine]
It appears that Curtis had perhaps been married before Catherine, although the boys could belong to one of the other adult males. Curtis would have been about 26 that year.

Curtis Gilbert was Court Clerk, Vigo Co IN for several years. Signed in Probate Order Book, Vol. 1, 1818-1832, for the majority of the records.

1860 Census. Terre Haute, Harrison Twp, Vigo Co, Indiana, Hh 840
listed as Carter Gilbert, age 65, Farmer, Value of Real Estate: $96,000. Value of Personal Property: $17,500. Born Connecticut.
Apparently his 2nd wife has died.
Children born in Indiana. Joseph age 21, Mary 16, Ellen 13, Edward 10, Henry 7.
Domestics: Ann Lee, age 40, b. Ireland. Hannah Lee, 16, b. NY. Adam Lisle, 25, b. NY.

1870 Census. Terre Haute, Ward 1, Vigo Co, IN, Hh 186
Curtis Gilbert, age 75, Farmer, Real Estate: $125,000, Pers. Prop: $50,000. Born Connecticut
Born in Indiana: Hellen, age 21, Edward 20, and Henry 17.
Housekeeper: Susan Vanlandingham, age 30. She had a daughter, Dora, age 1.
Farm Hand: Martin Thomas, age 19.

HISTORY OF VIGO AND PARKE COUNTIES, Together With Historic Notes on the Wabash Valley
H.W. Beckwith - 1880
Terre Haute, pp. 30-41
Earlier than any yet mentioned who came to Terre Haute was CURTIS GILBERT. He emigrated to Indiana when nineteen years old, landing at the present site of the town on December 24, 1814, two years before the town was laid out. Mr. GILBERT built the first frame house erected in Terre Haute. This house is still standing on its original site, the northwest corner of Ohio and Water streets. He was a residence of Terre Haute for sixty-three years. He died October 30, 1877. Mr. GILBERT was the first clerk of Vigo county, and he was elected for three successive terms, thus serving in this office for twenty-one years. The duties of the office at that time included also those of auditor and recorder, and the records of the county during that time are as precise and beautiful as copper-plate; they form a very valuable part of the county archives. His long and active life is without a stain. He was prominent in the organization of the branch of the state bank of Indiana, established in this city in 1832, and was for many years its president. In 1852 the branch of the Bank of the State of Indiana was organized, of which at one time he was president. His name is associated very prominently with the early history of Vigo county.
.....The frame house built by Mr. GILBERT in 1818 was on lot 256.