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Seventh Generation

118. Ira ALLEN48,102 was born on 13 June 1799 in New York.35 He died on 11 February 1866 at the age of 66 in Clay County, Indiana.35

According to Beckwith's "History of Vigo County", Ira served one year in the Black Hawk War.

The Indiana State Libary had the married as the 11th of July 1819 - the database provided at FamilySearch has 1 July 1819, no image available.

1820 Census. Vigo Co IN
Ire Allen. 2m 16-26 [Ira & perhaps his brother Henry who was not yet married and not listed elsewhere?], 1f 16-26 [Lydia]

Silas Hoskins and his further brothers-in-law were very active in the Masons:
90 Years of Masonry, Terre Haute Lodge No. 19; By Curtis Gilbert 1911
12-6-1821 – Silas Hoskins passed to the degree of Fellowcraft (2nd)
1-23-1822 – Silas Hoskins raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason (3rd)
12-26-1822 – Silas Hoskins Elected to the office of Junior Deacon
12-11-1823 – Silas Hoskins Elected to the office of Senior Deacon
12-20-1825 – Henry Allen initiated to the degree of Entered Apprentice (1st)
Note that this was the first son of a member that petitioned TH Lodge No. 19
2-1826 – (Exact date not yet found) Henry Allen initiated to the Degree of Entered
Apprentice (1st)
2-16-1826 – Henry Allen Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason (3rd)
4-20-1826 – Ira Allen raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason (3rd)
9-8-1827 – Silas Hoskins and one other placed on a committee for find a location for a
“Masonic Hall” in Terre Haute (no relation to current structure)
5-9-1828 – Henry Allen elected to the office of Worshipful Master of TH Lodge No. 19

1830 Census. Vigo Co IN
Ira Allen. 1m 5-10. 2m 30-40 [one of these was Ira]. 2f 5-10. 2f 10-15. 2f 30-40 [one was Lydia]. Two households living together?

List of persons who voted at an election in Harrison Township, held at the Vigo County Court House, Terre Haute, 1 Feb 1832, includes: Silas Hoskins, Curtiss Gilbert, Peter Allen ((probably Sr because Peter Jr was not quite 21), Myron Allen, Henry Allen, Ira Allen.

Vigo Co Probate "Complete Records Book 2", p. 63-66. Nov 1836. Myron H. Allen, Solomon Allen, Carlton Belt, Ira Allen, and John Britton all served together on a jury and found for the plaintiff. The defendants moved for a new trial, but at the next May term the Judge upheld the original decision.

1840 Census. Posey, Clay Co IN
Ira Allen. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 40-50 [Ira]. 1f under 5 [Elvira]. 1f 40-50 [Lydia]

1850 Census. Found in Posey Township in Clay County. Ira and Lydia, 14-year-old Elvira C. Allen, 8-year-old Peter. Russel Boyd, age 55 born in New York also lives with them.
Nathaniel Allen, age 27, born Indiana lives next door with wife and two children, son named Miron, daughter Elizabeth. No doubt a son of Ira and Lydia. There were likely other children between Nathaniel and Elvira.

Found in UsGenWeb Archives;
Clay County Regulators’ Association.
‘We, the undersigned citizens of the places mentioned opposite our names, being deeply impressed with the alarming increase of crime and with the inability of those only who are acting as officers to protect the property and persons of the citizens of this state, do, for the purpose of protecting ourselves, our property, and for the good of society, associate ourselves together under the provisions of the act of March 9, 1852, page 318 of the Revised Statutes of 1852, and we do hereby agree to adopt the provisions of said act, and to be known by the following name, to-wit, ‘The Clay County Regulators,’ and we do agree that said associa- tion shall exist for the space of ten years from this date, unless dissolved by a majority of all the subscribers hereto, and we hereby agree to be governed by the rules, regulations, constitution and by-laws which may be passed and adopted by a majority of -this association within the provi- sions of the act above referred to. In testimony whereof, we have here- unto subscribed our names and designated our places of residence, this September 7, 1853.
[Signers include]
ALLEN Ira Posey township, Clay county.

1860 Census. Posey, Clay Co IN, Hh 681
Ira Allen, age 61, Farmer, b. NY
Lydia, age 63, b. RI
Russel Boyd, age 66, Farm labor, b. Vermont

An obituary that appeared about Ira's brother Peter B. Allen in the Terre Haute newspaper, mentioned that Ira had died in an accident in Clay County in 1869.

Ira ALLEN and Lydia CARGILL were married on 1 July 1819 in Vigo County, Indiana.100,103 Lydia CARGILL, daughter of Nathan CARGILL and Mercy ANGELL, was born in 1797 in Rhode Island.102 She died in February 1876 at the age of 79 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.

Marriage to Ira Allen, 11 Jul 1819, performed by Joseph Dickson.

Found in the 1870 Census. Terre Haute, Ward 5, Vigo Co IN, Hh 454
Shelby French, age 48, Time keeper, Railraod, b. IN
Louisa French, age 33, b. IN
Sarah J. age 14, born Ohio
Lydia Allen, age 73, born Rhode Island
Peter Allen, age 27, b. IN, Machinist
Lola Allen, age 2, b. IN

Found the lineage of Lydia and Zelota Cargill online. Said to have come from Descendants of Roger Williams, Book 1: The Waterman and Winsor Lines Through His Daughter Mercy Williams. Dorothy Higson White & Kay Kirlin Moore; 2004.
If the family has been put together correctly, their brother Hartford Cargill was living in Vigo Co IN in 1820. There were a number of adults in his household - quite possibly some of his siblings. I believe there is an error in the book as they have attached the death of a Nathan Cargill, 2 Oct 1852, as being that of the father of Lydia, Zelota & Hartford. I believe it more likely it was the death of their older brother of the same name. In Lima, Livingston Co NY, is a Nathan Cargill, age 64, born Rhode Island - born about 1786, he isn't old enough to be the father. Living with him is a Sybil, age 67 - she may be his stepmother, or both Nathans married ladies named Sybil. Since the elder Nathan already had at least eight children by his first wife before he married Sybil, she may very well have been much younger than he. A Samuel, age 27, born New York, also lived with Nathan and Sybil; he is likely a much younger half brother to Nathan age 64.
The family appears to be descended from several of the early Providence RI families including Roger Williams and Richard Arnold - many of these families were also connected in some way to the Comstock family.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute
Lydia Allen: Birth 1792 Death Feb. 1876
Note: Interred on 2 Feb 1876
It seems a little odd that Lydia would have been buried in this cemetery, and not Ira. There is noted on FindAGrave, in this cemetery a "J" Allen who was interred 13 Jan 1866. This is about a month before his death date given in the Warde book, but the date in the book perhaps came from sort of estate action and was not really his date of death.

Ira ALLEN and Lydia CARGILL had the following children:



Nathaniel ALLEN.



Edward B. ALLEN.



Elvira [Almira?] C. ALLEN was born in 1836 in Indiana.102
Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN - there is a stone pictured which has sunk into the earth - only the name Almyra Allen is visible. Could it be this child's?
The other Almyra's I find had married and would have been buried with their married name.
It is also possible this a child that never appeared in a census that I know nothing about.



Peter B. ALLEN104 was born in 1841 in Indiana.102 He died on 20 April 1896 at the age of 55 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.

1850 Census. Found in Posey Township in Clay County. Ira and Lydia, 14-year-old Elvira C. Allen, 8-year-old Peter. Russel Boyd, age 55 born in New York also lives with them.

Peter wasn't with his parents in 1860.

1860 Census. 5th War, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, Hh 653
Fred Crosgren, 34, Tobacconist, b. Germany
Drucilla, 26, b. IN
George, 6. Mary, 2.
Peter Allen, 19, Machinist

He may have served in the Civil War. Fold# has a pension index card for Peter B. Allen who served in B Company, 6th Regt of the Indiana Cavalry. He filed for his invalid pension, 18 Feb 1891. Certificate #872676, Application #995614.

Found in the 1870 Census. Terre Haute, Ward 5, Vigo Co IN, Hh 454
Shelby French, age 48, Time keeper, Railraod, b. IN
Louisa French, age 33, b. IN
Sarah J. age 14, born Ohio
Lydia Allen, age 73, born Rhode Island
Peter Allen, age 27, b. IN, Machinist
Lola Allen, age 2, b. IN

The above would suggest that Peter had lost a wife. I found this marriage in Vigo Co, IN:
Peter B. Allen to Margaret Halpin, 6 Nov 1867. C. A. Brooke, MG.
I have not found another marriage to a Josephine, nor did I find the child Lola again.

1880 Census. Holt, Vermillion Co IN, Hh 17
Peter B. Allen, age 39, b. IN, Machinist
Josephine, wife, age 31, b. IN
James, son, age 8. Sarah, dau, age 6. Frances, dau, age 4. Ira, son, age 2.
Mary, dau, age 3 months, born March.

Death Entry in the WPA Indiana records. Peter B. Allen, age 54, died 20 Apr 1896, Terre Haute, IN.

1900 Census. Harrison, Vigo Co, IN, Hh 8
Josephine Allen, b. Jan 1847, age 53, Widowed. Has had 8 children, 7 are living. She was born Indiana, her parents born in Pennsylvania.
James F., son, b. Feb 1872, age 27, Locomotive fireman
Ira W., son, b. Mar 1877, age 23, Silver ??? Polisher
Edward, son, b. Mar 1882, age 18, ??? Repairman
Mamie, daughter, b. Mar 1880, age 20, Telephone Operator
Viola, daughter, b. May 1886, age 14, at school

Digital images of the Record of Marriages in Vigo Co has pages folded over - the following covered three images. Erastus Underwood was the groom. He was age 36,of Chicago, a Hotel Steward. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father was Frank Underwood; his mother Julia Cobb. It was his second marriage. The bride was Sarah Louise Allen, age 24, born Clinton, IN, daughter of Peter B. Allen & Josephine Fox. Married 7 Dec 1897, Terre Haute, by the Rev. E. H. Shuey.

No image available, but Ira W. Allen married Florence H. Bennett, 9 May 1901, Edgar Co, IL. He was 21, she was 16. His father listed as Peter B. Allen, his mother as Josephine "Tool" - no doubt a very bad reading of Fox. Florence's father was Henry Bennett, her mother Sophia Ete.

22 Aug 1905. Henry P. Hecklesburg and Mary G. Allen made application for marriage license, Vigo Co, IN, Henry was born in Terre Haute, 26 Aug 1875. He was a steam fitter. His father was Henry Hecklesburg, a farmer, and born in Germany. His mother was Anna Wisner, deceased, but also born in Germany.
Mary Allen was born 10 Mar 1880, Clinton, IN. She lived at 734 N. 11th St. Terre Haute, and was a seamstress. Her father was Peter B. Allen, a Machinist, now dead. Her mother was Josephine Fox, born in Vermillion Co, IN, now living in Terre Haute.
This was their first marriage. They were married on the same day by W. A. Church, JP.

Edward H. Allen and Sadie Florence Jones made application for marriage License, Vigo Co, IN, 9 Sep 1905. Edward said he was born Clinton, IN on 9 Mar 1882 and presently lived in Terre Haute at the same address as Mary, above. His occupation seems to be "Furing". His father was Peter B. Allen, a Machinist, born in Terre Haute; his mother Josephine Fox. This is his first marriage.
Sadie was born at Selbyville, IN on 24 Oct 1886 and still lived there. Her father was a farmer, named James Louis Jones, born in Terre Haute. Her mother was Emma Christine Hamilton, born in Sheridan IN. This is her first marriage.
They were married that same day by W. A. Church, JP.