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Ninth Generation

318. Robert E. ALLEN114,211,212 was born in February 1874 in Arkansas.114,147

1900 Polk Co AR Census, White Twp, ED 105, p.25b; Henry C. Allen, Enumerator. Henry listed his family on 13 Jul 1900.
Robert E. Allen, Family #483; next to parents. Born Feb, 1874. Age 26, married 5 years. Born AR as were both parents. He was a farmer. Wife Nora S., b. Oct 1878. Age 21, b. Illinois, as were both parents. Daughter Em E. , born Apr 1899, age 1.

1910 Census. Erath Co TX [brother Charles & Ulysses also lived there], Hh 88
Robert E. Allen, age 36, married once for 15 years, b. AR as were his parents, Farmer
Norah, wife, age 30, has had 6 children, 5 are living, b. Illinois as were her parents.
Children all born in Arkansas.
Ethel, dau, age 11. Artie, dau, age 7. Edmon, son, age 5. Estre L. dau, age 3. Bessie E., dau, age 2
Francis W. Harvey, employee, age 21, b. AR.

Have not found the family in 1920.

1930 Census. Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co, AR, Hh 22
Robert E. Allen, age 55, married at age 20, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. TN; working as a watchman at glass factory
"Nola" S., wife, age 51, married at age 16, b. IL as were her parents
Walterine [?? name very difficult to read], Oscar, son-in-law, age 27, married at age 21 b. AR as were his parents, works as Breaker at the glass factory
Esta L. wife, age 23, married at age 17, b. AR
Allen, Berrie E. daughter, 20, b. AR, Price worker, furniture
Walterine, Augusta M, daughter, age 6, b. AR
Leola M., daughter, age 3 years, 1 month, b. OK
Oscar Jr., son, age 1 year, 4 months, b. AR
Carrol W., son, age 1 month, b. AR
Allen, Louise E. [written as sister-in-law and daughter], age 12, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. IL
Allen, Warren G., [brother-in-law, son marked out], age 8, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. IL

Robert E. ALLEN and Nora S. HARVEY were married on 24 February 1895 in Crawford County, Arkansas.211 Nora S. HARVEY was born in October 1878 in Illinois.211

Robert E. ALLEN and Nora S. HARVEY had the following children:



Emily Ethel ALLEN was born in April 1899 in Arkansas.211



Artie ALLEN was born in 1903 in Arkansas.211



Edmond ALLEN was born in 1905 in Arkansas.211



Estie L. ALLEN was born in 1907 in Arkansas.211

1930 Census. Fort Smith, Ward 1, Sebastian Co, AR, Hh 329 & 30
Robert E. Allen, 55, married at 20, b. AR, Watchman, glass factory
Nola S., 51, married at 16, b. IL
Oscar Waltermire, 27, married at 2?, b. AR, Breaker, glass factory
Esta L., 23, married at 17, b. AR
Bessie E. Allen, 20, sister-in-law, 20, b. AR, price worker, furniture
Augusta M. Waltermire, dau, 6, b. AR
Leola M., dau, 3 years, 1 month, b. OK
Oscar Jr., son, 1 year 4 months, b. AR
Carrol W., son, one month old, b. AR
Louise E. Allen, sister-in-law, age 12, b. AR
Warren G. Allen, brother-in-law, age 8, b. AR



Bessie E. ALLEN was born in 1908 in Arkansas.211



Louise E. ALLEN was born in 1918 in Arkansas.212



Warren G. ALLEN was born in 1922 in Arkansas.212