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Sixth Generation

79. Clara ALLEN59 was born in 1783 in New York.59,71 She died on 20 December 1850 at the age of 67 in Wayne County, New York.

Samuel and Clara were said to be "of" Wayne County, NY

There is definitely a conflict over which daughter of Moses married Fairing Wilson and which one married Samuel Robinson. O. Turner does not say which of his aunts was which. The Warde book says Lydia married Samuel Robinson. The town records of West Stockbridge, MA, give the births of the children of Fairing Wilson and LYDIA.

I believe that I found "Clary" Robinson in the 1850 census in the village of Newark, Town of Arcadia, Wayne Co NY. She was age 67, born in New York. Living with her was Paulina Robinson age 32 and Anna Canouse age 29 with Theodore P. Canouse age 2. The child was born in Michigan. I would guess these might both be her daughters.

In 1860, Paulina Robinson, age 40, was living in the household of Benjamin F. Wright in Arcadia.

Looking back:

1830 Census. Arcadia, Wayne Co NY
Samuel Robinson. 1m 10-15. 1m 40-50. 1m 60-70.
2f 5-10, 1f 10-15. 1f 40-50 [Clara would be about 47]

1840 Census. Arcadia, Wayne Co NY
There was no Samuel, nor Clara/Clary.
Mary Robinson. 1m 15-20. 1m 30-40. 1f 15-20. 1f 50-60. [This would be the correct age to be Clara - perhaps the enumerator misunderstood the name?]

Clara ALLEN and Samuel ROBINSON were married.29,40,41 Samuel ROBINSON1 died on 14 May 1837 in Wayne County, New York.

I found an Index of Land Transactions of the Holland Land Co. It lists Moses Allen, his sons, Peter and Nathaniel Allen and sons-in-law Roswell Turner, Samuel Robinson, and Smauel Woodworth.

Samuel and Clara were of Wayne County, NY
A FamilyTree on Ancestry gives a birth for Samuel as 1770; his death, 14 May 1837.
No marriage record has been found for Samuel & Clara Allen. I suspect the Allens lived in Rupert, Bennington Co, Vermont in 1790 - they were found there next door to Roswell Turner who married Clara's sister. By 1800, the Allens were apparently all living in Otario Co, New York, but the exact year of arrival of all the family has never been determined.

There was a family of Robinsons in Vermont. I thought perhaps Samuel might fit in that family. This is what I've learned about the Vermont Robinsons. This particular book was not a good source, but I have kept the data hoping to eventually discover more about the family. All the Samuels of appropriate age seem to have other wives.

Genalogical of the Families of Robinsons, Saffords, Harwoods and Clarks
By Sarah Robinson
Bennington, VT 1837
[book is disorganized, no pattern, just marker for generation. Impossible to follow successive families. Almost a list of isolated facts.]

Samuel Robinson, b. Bristol, England, 1668. Emigrated to Cambridge, MA and died there 1730. Children all born there.
Son Samuel Robinson, born Cambridge, 1705 Married Marcy Leonard of Southbury, MA, born 1713. Emigrated to Hardwick, 26 years there. Removed to Bennington, territory of the New Hampshire grants, now Vermont, Oct 1761. 1st Magistrate of the State of Vermont. Died Oct 1767, London, England. Marcy died 5 Jun 1795, Bennington, VT.
3rd Generation Samuel, b. Aug 15, 1738, Hardwick, MA
[seems to be part of a list of children of Samuel & Marcy]

A 4th Generation Samuel, b. Dec 1766, Bennington.
Seems to be child of Leonard of 3rd generation and Rebecca Billings of Hardwick or perhaps of Leonard's 2nd marriage to Mrs. Ruggles.
[I think one of the Leonards has the wrong generation marked. Could never quite figure them out.]

3rd generation Leonard, son of Samuel & Marcy. Married Eunice Homes of Dedham MA [apparenent list of children as 4th genaration does not include a Samuel]

3rd generation Samuel married Hannah Clark, Hardwick, MA

3rd generation Samuel married Esther Safford, Bennington. She was born Norwich CT 22 Sep 1750, dau of Joseph Safford [b. 1705, Ipswich MA]
4th generation [seems to be listing of children of this couple] Samuel Robinson, b. Jan 1774, Bennington

3rd generation Samuel d. 3 May 1813, Bennington
[Impossible to tell exactly how many Samuels there were in the third generation, seemed to be two, couldn't determine which of the deaths/marriages belonged to which. They seem a bit too old.]

4th generation Samuel married Sarah Harwood, Bennington, dau of Peter Harwood
5th generation [apparent list of their children] Samuel Robinson, b. 5 Jul 1799, Bennington

3rd generation Moses Robinson married Mary Fay, b. Oct 16, 1743 in Hardwick MA, dau of Stephen Fay b. 1713, Harwick - emigrated to Bennington 1762 and died there 1782
4th generation [apparent list of children] Samuel Robinson, b. Feb 10, 1767, Bennington

4th generation Samuel married Semanthe Brush, b. 18 Feb 1772 in Bennington, dau of Nathaniel Brush, b. 1732, Bennington. [?]
4th generation Samuel d. 7 Jan 1820. Semantha Robinson, d. Mar 7, 1809

4th generation Henry Allen, b. Mar 1790, son of Samuel Allen, married Ruth Webster. Had children born bet 1814 and 1825 in Bennington.
Henry Allen, died Oct 12, 1826, in Alabama
Ruth Webster, b. Mar 20, 1790 - child of Isaac Webster b. 1755 who married Anna Robinson in Bennington, daughter of Samuel [I could never tell which Samuel]

Clara ALLEN and Samuel ROBINSON had the following children:



Paulina ROBINSON was born in 1818 in New York.59