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Eighth Generation

208. Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN108,111,112,139,149,150,151,152 was born on 12 February 1844 in Polk County, Arkansas.22 He served in the military in 1862–1865 at Company E Infantry, 19th Arkansas, Hardies Regt in Civil War. He died on 29 September 1933 at the age of 89 in Polk County, Arkansas.139,153,154

Nathaniel O. Allen served in Company E, 19th Arkansas Infantry in Civil War. (Hardies Regt., Churchill Division) Discharged 27 Dec 1862.. Friends testified in his pension application that he served from Dec 1862 to about May 1865. [I believe the discharge date was entered on wrong line of form.] He applied for his pension 1 Apr 1924 when he was 79 years old. In Dec of 1933, his widow Ella applied to continue the pension. In the Civil War Pension application, Ira B. Allen is listed as administrator of the estate of Nathaniel O. Allen.

1870 Census shows Nathaniel O. Allen age 26, Sarah E., age 26, Catharine & Jane, both age 1; "Adaline" age 22 as housekeeper. [This is no doubt Nathaniel's sister Adeline helping out with the twins!]

1880 Census - Precinct 4, Lamar TX. N. O. Allen age 36, b. AR, parents b. NY. He had apparently just married Allena C. who was age 19, b. in Georgia. The children were obviously Sarah's: Fanny & Emma, age 11 [The twins continued to go by these names rather than those given in the 1870 census], Sarah E. age 9, Annie A., age 8, all born in Arkansas. Then Chas. O. age 5 and Otto F. age 3 were born in Texas.

Have land records showing purchase of 160 acres near Camden, Arkansas, in 1901:
Homestead Cert #10225; N1/2 of SW 1/4, SE1/4 of SW 1/4, SW 1/4 of SE1/4 of Section 35, Township 5, Range 32W.
Appointed Executor of his father's will. Rec'd land: North half of the SW 1/4, S11, T4, R32 in exchange for labor on the homestead and taking care of his father in his old age. His father's obituary states that Nathaniel resided near Grannis.

1900 Census. Nathan was the Census Enumerator for Ozark Twp, Polk Co AR; p.350A
Nathan O. Allen listed his family last just as father did in 1850. Born Feb 1844, age 56. Married 5 years [to Ella Birdsong]. Born AR, parents born NY. Farmer.
Ella R., wife, born Nov 1865, age 34. Married 5 years. Had 5 children, 5 living. Born TX, father b. TN, mother b. LA
Birdsong, Charles P. stepson, b. May 1885, age 15. Born TX, father b. KY, mother b. TX
Sarah M., stepdau, b. Sept 1887, age 12. Born TX, f. KY, m. TX
Wallis S., stepson, b. Nov 1891, age 9. Born TX, f. KY, m. TX
Mary, stepdau, b. Oct 1894, age 5. Born TX, f. KY, m. TX
Allen, Flora M. dau, b.Feb 1890, age 10. Born TX, f. b. AR, mother b. GA
Allen, Ella J., dau, b. Nov 1899, age 6 months. Born AR, f. b. AR, b. b. TX
Copeland, James, boarder, b. Dec 1857, age 42. Born AR, parents b. TN Teamster by trade.

Either Nathan gave her year of birth as wrong for Mary in 1900, or Ella stated the wrong year of their marriage. Mary was definitely listed as a stepdaughter with the surname Birdsong in 1900 and her birth was stated as Oct. 1894. Ella stated in her application for Nathan's Civil War Pension that they married 10 Jan 1894.

1910 Census. Polk Co AR, White Twp. ED 115, p. 2B. Family 48. Nathaniel O. Allen, age 66, Married three times, the last time for 16 years. Born AR, parents born in New York. Wife Rebecca R. [this must be the wife called "Ella" in 1920], age 43, she has had 6 children and all are living. B. Texas, her father born in TN, mother b. in TX. Josephine, daugher, age 10, and Ira B., son age 7. Mary Birdsong, stepdaughter, age 18, b. TX, her father born in TN, her mother b. AR [which is incorrect if Rebecca R/Ella is her mother]
[The appearance of the wife's name as Rebecca was surprising, given that she is listed as Ella in 1920 and on the pension application. The years married does agree with the proposed marriage date. However, information on file at the Polk Co Genealogical Society has proved to have numerous errors.]

The surname of the second wife of Nathaniel is unknown. They are said to have had at least 7 children. Allena appeared with Nat in the 1880 Census in Lamar Co TX. His first wife had been buried in 1878 in Polk Co AR. Then by 1894, he was marrying the third wife, Ella.

1920 Census. Polk Co AR, White Twp, Cove Town, ED 112, Sheet 1A, Family 9. Living on Watson Road is Nathaniel O. Allen, age 75, b. AR, parents b. in NY, house carpenter. Wife Ella, age 53, b. TX. Her father b. TN, her mother b. MS. Ella J, daughter age 20, b. AR - Teacher in the public school. [Ira would have been only 17 - I don't know why he isn't listed as part of the household. He wasn't deceased as he was later administrator of his father's estate.]

N. O. Allen's Will was written 28 Sep 1925. He bequeathed $1 to each of his children: Mrs. Fannie Goff, Mrs. Emma Wright, Mrs. Letha Womach, Mrs. Gussie Barton, C. O. Allen, A. F. Allen, Minnie C. Allen, O. N. Allen, Mrs. Josephine Luttrell, and Ira B. Allen. Wife Ella to receive all property. No Executor was named. Wit: J. C. Allen, W. H. Chapman.
On 17 Oct 1933, Mrs. Ella Allen stated she was the widow of Nathaniel O. Allen who died 29 Sep 1933, and she was executor of his Will. She renounced her right and asked that son Ira B. Allen be named as Administrator. Signed: Mrs. Ella (X) Allen.
Recorded 17 Oct 1933. Polk Co AR WB 2, p.123

Funeral home records state that Nathaniel was a "Southern Soldier". He died at his home in Cove. Buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Cove, Polk Co AR on 1 Oct 1933. Services were at the Cemetery on that Sunday, conducted by Rev. James Simpson. Ira B. Allen is listed as Administrator - likely his youngest son. The casket & vault were bought elsewhere so the charges were $50. Pall bearers were listed as G. G. Godd, D. O. Dover, Robt. Hunter, G. R. Price, C. R. Plunckett, and S. S. Teeter.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Sarah Evelyn LEBOW were married on 16 December 1867.155,156 Sarah Evelyn LEBOW, daughter of Hiram LEBOW and Sarah BLEDSOE, was born on 7 May 1843 in Illinois.157,158 She died on 29 November 1878 at the age of 35 in Polk County, Arkansas.158

Buried Cecil Community, Vandervoort, AR.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Sarah Evelyn LEBOW had the following children:



Catherine\Fanny ALLEN.



Jane\Emma ALLEN.



James ALLEN was born in 1870.158,159

There was no James in 1880. He died, or has been misplaced in this family. There was also no James Allen named in the will of his father in 1925.



Sarah E. ALLEN was born in 1871 in Arkansas.159

No Sarah was named in the will of her father in 1925; likely deceased without heirs.



Anna Augusta "Gussie" ALLEN was born in January 1872 in Arkansas.159

Gussie married William Blake Barton, 20 Oct 1897.

1900 Census. White Twp, Polk Co, AR, Hh 96
Wm. B. Barton, b. Jun 1874, age 25, married 2 years, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. TX
Anna A., wife, b. Jan 1872, age 28. Has had 2 children, neither are living. b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. Illinois

Gussie was still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925; listed as Mrs. Gussie Barton.



Charles O. ALLEN was born in 1875 in Texas.158,159

Polk Co Gen. Soc has his birth as 1882; He was already 5 years old in the 1880 Census, born 1875. Listed as first child born in TX.

C. O. Allen, age 23 of Sevier Co, married Phenie Fail, age 20 of Polk Co, on 13 Apr 1889, in Polk Co, AR

Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925.



Letha ALLEN158,159 was born in 1876.158

Married name was Womack. There was no child named Letha in the 1880 census. She has obviously been misplaced. Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925.



Otto F. ALLEN was born in 1878 in Texas.158,159

The Polk Co Gen Soc data has "A. F." as born 1882, son of 2nd wife. The 1880 Census shows Otto's mother born in Illinois. He was born in Texas. The new wife, Allena is 19 years old and was born in Georgia. None of the children in 1880 appeared to be hers.

Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Allona C. MCDANIEL were married on 21 November 1879 in Lamar County, Texas.158 Allona C. MCDANIEL was born in 1861 in Georgia.159 Allena's father was born in North Carolina; mother born in Georgia. She died between 1890 and 1894 at the age of 29.158

I found Allona's name and exact birthdates of her children in the FamilySearch Tree.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Allona C. MCDANIEL had the following children:



Minnie G. ALLEN156 was born on 17 September 1882 in Lamar County, Texas.158 She died on 5 November 1967 at the age of 85.

Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925; her name still listed as Allen.

My grandmother gave her name as Mrs. Minnie Lichlyter of Vandervoort, Polk Co, AR.

1930 Census. White Twp, Polk Co AR. p.160. Hh 21
Bennett Lichlyter, age 59, married at age 56. Born AR, father b. TN, mother b. TX
Minnie, wife, age 47, married at age 43. Born TX, father b. AR, mother b. TX



Oran N. ALLEN156 was born on 15 October 1884 in Lamar County, Texas.158 He died on 19 February 1963 at the age of 78.

Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925.



Flora Mae ALLEN was born on 4 February 1889 in Lamar County, Texas.152 She died on 12 March 1911 at the age of 22.

Flora M. is the only child listed in the 1900 census with mother born in Georgia. She seems to be the only child of Allena and Nathan to be still living at home.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Rebecca Ella COKER were married on 10 January 1894 in Red River County, Texas.139 Rebecca Ella COKER150, daughter of Charles COKER and Elizabeth COSBY, was born on 4 November 1864 in Manchester, Red River County, Texas.139,160 She died on 29 October 1946 at the age of 81 in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.153,160,161
Ella, or Rebecca R. as her name is given in 1910, stated that she had 6 children and all were living. In her household that year were Mary Birdsong, prob age 18, tho the age is difficult to read, Josephine age 10, and Ira B. age 7, both children of Nat's. Possibly there were other Birdsong children.

Information given on the pension application indicates that Ella was not the first wife. She may have married previously as well - she probably was Ella Birdsong at the time of her marriage to Nathaniel Allen.

Funeral home gives year of birth as 1865. Funeral services were at the Presbyterian Church, Cove AR; her religion was listed as Church of Christ. Buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Cove, Polk Co AR, "beside of Husband". Ira Allen, listed as Administrator - likely her stepson, youngest son of Nathaniel. She died of acute congestive heart failure & hypertensive heart disease. Her father was Charles Coker; her mother Elizabeth Cosby. Cost for her funeral was $408.85 - the casket alone was $385. There was a charge of $20 for getting the remains from Ft. Smith - there is a Ft. Smith address of 309 N. 20th, although she noted to be of Cove. Perhaps she was at the home of a child when she died.

Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN and Rebecca Ella COKER had the following children:



Josephine Ella ALLEN150,158 was born in November 1899 in Arkansas.149,152

The files of the Polk Co Genealogical Society show that Josephine and Ira B. Allen were both born to Nat and his second wife. Josephine said born in 1887, but she was 10 years old in 1910. Likely there are other errors in these files. Josephine's married name was Luttrell. Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925.

The 1930 Census for Polk Co AR, Ozark Twp, Wickes Town, Hh 28, has the following:
Walter J. Luttrell, age 34, married at age 25, b. AR, father b. KY, mother b. MO
Josephine E., wife, age 30, married at age 21, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. TX
Donald A., son, age 6. Walter D., son, age 5.



Ira B. ALLEN150,158 was born in 1903 in Arkansas.150

The Polk Co Genealogical Society files have family group sheets showing that Ira B. was born to Nat and his 2nd wife. This is not possible, given other records. He was age 7 in the 1910 census.

Ira married Lalia M. Brasfield, 18 Jun 1924, Crawford Co, AR.
They had one child, Rholand Milford Allen, b. 5 Sep 1924, Cove, Polk Co; died 2 Jul 1894, Bell Co, TX

Still living when father wrote his will 28 Sep 1925. Ira administered his father's estate after Ella declined. She referred to him as "her son".