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Seventh Generation

124. PETER BUELL/BENTON ALLEN48,108,109,110,111,112,113,114 was born on 5 November 1811 in Ontario County, New York.35,113,115,116 He died on 26 September 1901 at the age of 89 in Cove, Polk County, Arkansas.22,101,113

Peter's name is Peter Buell in the Andrew Warde book. Son is also Peter Buell. Aunt Grace had Peter Benton Allen in one place - some branches of the family do believe his middle name was Benton. My grandmother's notes also had him as Peter Benton Allen, but my grandmother also believed he had been born in Polk Co, Arkansas.
Peter's obituary written by son C.E.F. Allen states that he was born in Cayugo Co NY and came west to Terre Haute with his family at age 9.

Peter B. Allen married Mary Hoskins; Vigo County; 28 Dec 1836. Have seen her name both as Hoskins and Hawkins, but I believe Hoskins to be correct. Amanda Allen, Peter's sister, married Silas Hoskins who was probably related to Mary in some way.
Marriage record from Vigo County definitely says "Hoskins". M. Augustus Jewett officiated.
Jewett also officiated at the marriage of Elisha Stephens to (?) Ruhama/Ruthann Allen on Dec 25th, both also of Vigo Co. This is not a known sister of Peter B. but was she a cousin?
Obituary of Peter B. Allen also gives Mary's name as Hoskins.

From Probate Records of Vigo Co IN. "Complete Order Book" Vol. 1, 1829-1836; p.378. Peter B. Allen was Deputy Court Clerk signing documents dated in April, 1833. The Court Clerk was Curtis Gilbert, likely the Curtis Gilbert married to his older sister Catherine before her death at age 19. Peter would have been aged 22, and still single. Peter's obituary states that he was an assistant in the Vigo county clerk's office for two years.

Found in Arkansas Territorial Census 1840: Peter B. Allen, Sevier County (became Polk County in 1840). According to his obituary, Peter B. first located at Lanes Port on the Red River in Sevier Co in 1839, moving after 2 years to what is now Cove on Buffalo Creek.

A Polk Co Tax List from 1846 shows that Peter B. Allen had 1 horse, 6 head of cattle. In 1847, he had 2 horses, 4 cows.

Found in White Township, Polk County, AR, 1850 Census. He was the enumerator: started 8 Oct 1850 and finished on 1 Nov. Listed his family last.
Peter B. was 38, a farmer, Mary R. age 32, both born NY; children all born in Arkansas
Augustus A. 11, Henry C. 9, Nathaniel O. 6, Peter B. F. 4, Mary A. 2, Charles C. age 3/12, or 3 months

Land Patents - Polk Co AR
#7784 Mar 1 1855. 40 acres. NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 Section 10, Township 4, Range 32W.
#7785 Mar 1 1855. 40 acres NW1/4 of the SW 1/4 Section 11, Township 4, Range 32 W
#7808 Mar 1 1855. 40 acres NE1/4 of the SW 1/4, Section 11, Township 4, Range 32W
Homestead Certificate #448 15 Jun 1875 80 acres. NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 12 and the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 11, Twp 4, R 32W
Homestead Certificate #8878 19 Sep 1898 80 acres SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 11 and the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 12 in Twp 4, R32W

1860 Census. White Twp, P.O. Cove, Polk Co, AR, Hh 527
Peter B. Allen, 48, farmer, b. NY. Mary R., 44, b. NY
A. A., 21, male, H. C. 18, male, N.O., 16, male, P.B.P., 14, male, M. A., 12, female, C.E.F., age 10, male, Martha, 8, Dewitt, age 6, Josephine, age 4 - all the children born in AR
Abel Rogers, 36, Merchange, b. GA
Edward Shepherd, 21, farm labor, b. MS
Nancy Shepherd, 18, b. IL

Peter Allen served as a Representative in the Arkansas Legislature 1860-1862 for the counties of Scott, Polk, Montgomery, and Hot Springs. Obituary states he also served a term in 1868. He was postmaster for a number of years. Served as justice of the peace and county judge.

Three of my great, great grandfathers in Arkansas served as Postmasters - Joseph Christopher Wood was postmaster in Uniontown, Crawford County, AR for over 20 years. Tom Comstock was postmaster of the village Barcelona for about five years. Until Ancestry posted a database of civil employes, I had no idea that Peter Allen had also been a Postmaster. 30 Sep 1863, he is noted as being the Postmaster at Cove, Polk Co, AR - no salary noted. In 1865, he received .50 for his duties. In 1869, his pay was $3.00, but in 1871, he received $12.00 - and that seems to be the end of his postal duties.

The 1870 Polk County census lists as child, McCoy W., age 3. no different surname apparent. He is too young to be Mary & Peter's. William McCoy, age 13, b. TX is in the 1880 Census with Dewitt Allen.
White Twp, Cove P.O., Hh 402
Peter B. Allen, age 58, b. NY. Mar R., 53, b. NY.
Charles E. F. 20. Martha E. 18. Dewit C. 16. Velina J. 14. McCoy W. age 3
next door in Hh 403
Peter B. P. Allen, age 24, b. AR. Mary, 24, b. GA. Edwin F., age 1., b. AR
and in 404
John Hays, age 23, b. AR, b. TX and Sarah age 20, b. TX - since two of the children of Peter B. married Hays siblings, this is curious. This John not known to be related to the other Hays in anyway and they were never known to be in Texas - apparently just a coincidence.

1880 Polk County AR Census lists Peter B. Allen, age 68, Farmer born NY, mother & father both born in NY; Mary R., age 62, Keeps house, born NY, mother & father both born in NY. He was also an enumerator for this census according to his obituary.
He was enumerator for Cove Township, Dist 128, but he was counted in White Twp, Dist 129, Wm. J. Barton, enumerator.

1890 Polk County AR "Census" as reconstructed/compiled by Wanda Tilley from the 1888 Real Estate Tax book shows P. B. Allen paying tax on Sections 11 & 12 of Township 49, Range 32 W.

1900 Polk County AR Census, White Twp, living with Henry Clay & family. Peter B. Allen, father, age 88, born Nov 1811 in New York, parents born in New York. He was marked as Widowed.

His obituary appeared in "The Mena Star" on 10 Oct 1901, written by son C.E.F. Allen. Notice of his death had appeared in an earlier edition.

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1/2 mile SE of Cove. "Peter B. Allen 1811-1901" The obituary states the funeral was on Saturday, 28 Sep, at the cemetery, conducted by Rev. Night. All of his children were present except Martha Williams & Josie Hays.

Will dated 9 April 1901. Copied in the Newsletter of the Polk County Genealogy Society (1986-1992) Filed for Probate 14 Oct 1901. Left his homestead: NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 and SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 S11 and the SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 and NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of S12, T4, R32 to be divided among his eight heirs: Henry C. Allen, Nathaniel O. Allen, Porter Allen, Mary A. Little, Charles E. F. Allen, Martha E. Williams, Dewitt C. Allen, Philena Hays.

From the Terre Haute Evening Gazette,
Saturday, 12 Oct 1901, page 1
Peter B. Allen, Who Came Here in 1818 With His Father, Gen. P. B. Allen.
Lived Here For a Number of Years and Then Moved to Arkansas -- A Pioneer Family.

Captain Nat Allen, of this city, has just received a letter announcing the death of his uncle, Peter B. Allen, son of Gen. Peter B. Allen, a pioneer resident of Terre Haute. He died on the 26th of last month at Cove, Polk county, Arkansas, from geneal debility. He was born in Ontario county, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1811, so that he was almost 90 years old at the time of his death.
The deceased, as stated, was the son of Gen. Peter B. Allen who came to Terre Haute on June 4, 1818. Gen. Allen landed with his wife and family, one of whom was the son just deceased, then only 11 years old, at Old Terre Haute on that date on a boat that floated the Ohio and was pulled up the Wabash to Old Terre Haute. At that time the present city of Terre Haute consisted of only a few houses. It was laid out in 1816.
Gen. Allen took the lumber, out of his boat and made a house out of it that stood for years on the present site of the I. V. Preston farm house north of the county poor house.
The deceased was married at the old house on the Preston place east of Terre Haute on December 26, 1836, to Mary Hoskins, a daughter of Gen. Hoskins, also a pioneer resident of Terre Haute dead many years. He had eight children and there are seven of them still living. Mrs. Allen, his wife, died several years ago in Arkansas.
The deceased when a young man was a clerk in the county clerk's office of Vigo county for a number of years under his brother-in-law Curtis Gilbert, who was county clerk for a long time. Soon after his marriage here in 1836 the deceased moved to Arkansas and has never been back to Terre Haute since. It was thirty years before his relatives knew where he was.
Capt. Nat Allen, of this city, was the son of Ira Allen, who came here his brother, the deceased, on the boat to Old Terre Haute on June 4, 1818, with their father, Gen. Peter B. Allen. Ira Allen was killed in an accident in Clay county in 1869. He was also the father of Ed. Allen, recently deceased, and the grand-father of George M. Allen for many years editor of the Express.
Capt. Nat Allen, of this city, has lived to see all the Allens who came to Old Terre Haute on June 4, 1818 on the board with Gen. Peter B. Allen, and who afterward located in Terre Haute, pass away, the deceased in Arkansas being the last. Captain Nat Allen is almost the last of the Allens and is the oldest of the family tree now living. He will soon be 80 years old, having been born in Terre Haute, June 8, 1822, on south First street opposite the old Ellis Woolen mills.

PETER BUELL/BENTON ALLEN and MARY ROWENA HOSKINS were married on 28 December 1836 in Vigo County, Indiana.100,113,117 MARY ROWENA HOSKINS118 was born on 15 September 1815 in New York.22,111 She died on 15 March 1885 at the age of 69 in Cove, Polk County, Arkansas.22,101

Peter's sister Amanda married Silas Hoskins in 1825.

The 1830 census shows that Amanda was much younger than Silas and he probably had an earlier wife. In fact the female age 10-15 in the household of Silas could be Mary Rowena who would have been age 14/15 in 1830.

1830 Census, Vigo Co IN, p.75
Silas Hoskins, 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40. 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30.
Amanda Allen Hoskins was age 23 in 1830. It appears that she was possibly a second wife for Silas who was several years older; since they married in 1825, the older children could not be hers.

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1/2 mile SE of Cove in Polk Co AR, "Mary R. Allen 1817-1885"

An obituary of Mary's husband, Peter B. Allen, published in the Terre Haute Evening Gazette states that Peter married her at his father's old house [built from the wood from their flatboat] and she was the daughter of Gen. Hoskins, also a pioneer resident of Terre Haute. This might be a clue to War of 1812 service for her father.

Mary Rowena has been attached to the following Joseph Hoskins by some researchers but she most definitely was not his daughter. However, here is the information I've gleaned about Joseph Hoskins while searching for Mary Rowena's family.

Land patents are found in Vigo Co IN for Hoskins, but no "Haskins" as I have seen Mary's name sometimes listed. On 31 Dec 1831 Joseph Hoskins received patent for 80 acres and on 28 Oct 1835, 40 acres more - all in Section 12, Twp 12, Range 8W; issued at the Vincennes land office. There were also two entries in the Vincennes land office in Lawrence Co for a Samuel G. Hoskins.
1850 Census reveals Joseph Hoskins living in Lost Creek Township, Vigo Co. He is 56, born in TN. Sarah is 36 also born in TN. James M. age 20, Albert L. age 17, Susan age 14, Virella & Nancy 12 year old twins, Malaha age 9, Adalade age 6, Letisha age 4, Joseph M. age 2 - all children born in IN. Clira Wheelebang age 20 also lives with the family. If this is the same as the Joseph who patented land in 1831, he's not her father - he was 19 years older than she and she's said to have been born in New York. Indiana Marriage records show that Joseph Hoskins married Sarah Sweet in Vigo Co on 20 Aug 1838. I did not find Joseph in the 1840 Census in Vigo Co, or anywhere else, but obviously Sarah was a second wife.
There is also a Vigo Co marriage for Joseph Hoskins to Nancy Morris, 13 Sep 1855.

I did find in Beckwith's History of Vigo & Parke Counties, p.386, that among the early settlers of Lost Creek Township, Vigo Co, was Joseph Hoskins, who came soon after the arrival of a Zadoc Reeves in 1825.

I did find that a Joseph Hoskins married Nancy Thompson, 25 Feb 1817, Shelby Co, KY. If that is this man's first marriage, he married Nancy, two years after my Mary Rowena Hoskins was born. And he married in Kentucky - she was born in New York as were her parents.
1820 Census. Shelby Co KY: Jos. Hoskins, 1m 26-45, 1f age 16-26
Married in 1817, it would appear no children had been born in time to be counted.

There was also a Joseph Hoskins in Martin Co IN in 1830:
2m under 5, 1m age 30-40 [b. bet 1790-1800]. 1f under 5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, and 1f age 30-40. [This list includes two females over age 10 that did not appear in 1820.
Hoskins Family scrapbook, 185x-1953
A Finding Aid to the Hoskins Family Scrapbook,
Helen Farr Sloan Library, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, 2003
Joseph Hoskins was born of Irish lineage, August 1790, in Shelby County, Kentucky. He married three times, and had a total of nineteen children. With his wife Nancy Thompson Hoskins, also from Kentucky, Joseph Hoskins moved to Indiana in 1826 and made a settlement in the forests of Martin County, where the family remained until 1831 when they moved to Vigo County, settling nine miles east of the city of Terre Haute. Joseph Hoskins died at his residence in Lost Creek Township, Vigo County, on October 26, 1876.
James Marquis Hoskins, son of Joseph Hoskins, was born December 1829 in Martin County, Indiana. James M. Hoskins enlisted in the military service of the United States against Mexico at the age of seventeen, as a private in Company H, 4th Regiment Indiana Volunteers, and remained in the line of duty for fourteen months. In 1851 he migrated to Livingston County, Illinois, where he remained for three years working on a farm, and later moved to Jefferson County, Iowa, where he lived for six years, to return to Indiana in the spring of 1860 and settled in Clay County. In 1865 and 1866 he was elected trustee of Posey Township. In 1867 he was elected as auditor of Clay County on the Democratic ticket, in which capacity he served through 1878. In 1877 he formed a partnership with Jacob A. Carpenter in a dry-goods store in Brazil, Carpenter & Hoskins.
On November 20, 1851 James M. Hoskins married Miss Eva Ellen Carpenter, daughter of George Carpenter.* He died February 1900. James M. Hoskins is noted to be the father of eleven children. Evidence of ten children

1860 Census. Lost Creek Twp, Vigo Co, IN, Terre Haute P.O., Hh 943
Joseph Hoskins, age 69, b. KY. Nancy, age 46, b. KY
Born in IN: Melvina 19, Adelaide 16, Elisabeth 14, Jos. M. 12, Thos J. 9, Saml. age 1
next door at 944 is
James M. Hoskins, 35, b. IN, Helen 26, b. IN. Born in Iowa: Alvira 8, Adelaide 6, Florence 4, and Jesse 2, male.

1870 Census. Lost Creek Twp, Vigo Co, IN, Terre Haute P.O., Hh 219
Joseph Hoskin, age 84, farmer, b. TN
Nancy 54, b. KY
Thomas 19, b. IN, Adaline 24, b. IN, Henry H. 18, b. KY
Eliz. Stoneburner, 16, b. IN
Samuel Stoneburner, 11, b. IN

FindAGrave: Joseph Hoskins, b. 8 Aug 1796, d. 27 Oct 1870. Buried Hoskins Cemetery, Seelyville, Vigo Co IN
Others buried there:
Sarah, wife of Joseph Hoskins, aged 38y 8m 9d, b. 1816, d. 24 Apr 1855
Lucetty Hoskins Clark, b. 12 Feb 1818, d. Apr 1836 [see marriage to John A. Clark]
Louisa, dau of J & S Hoskins, aged 1y8d - b. 1842, d. 7 Oct 1843
George W. Hoskins, son of J. & S Hoskins, age 1y6m24d - b. 1852, d. 2 Dec 1853
William T., son of J & S Hoskins, aged 3y1m27d, b. 1854, d. 25 Mar 1857
Nancy, dau of J & S Hoskins, aged 18y 8m, b. 14 Jul 1839, d. 14 Mar 1858
Teletha E., dau of J & S Hoskins, aged 24y 3m, b. 16 Nov 1845, d. 16 Feb 1870
Joseph M. [nothing else on stone - looks like a footstone]

I found these additional Hoskins marriages in Vigo Co about the same time - are they possible daughters of Joseph above?
John A. Clark married Lusetta Hoskins, 17 Dec 1835
John A. Clarke married Sarah Ann Hoskins, 18 May 1837
Mathias Redford married Sedate Hoskins, 6 Sep 1840

In 1850, John A. Clarke was also in Lost Creek Township, Hh 103, he was age 41, b. VA
Sarah A. was 31, b. KY
Children were Joseph A. 14, Nancy 12. John 8. Venirla L. age 2, all b. IN
Edward Jones, age 24, laborer, b. IN

1850, Dist 1, Vermilion Co, IL, Hh 95
Mathias Redford, age 31, b. IN
Sedate, 29, b. IN
Mary 9, Henry 7, Miranda 3, all born in Indiana
1860, Carroll Twp, Indianola, Vermilion Co, IL, Hh 1211
M. M. Redford, 43, Hotel Keeper, b. IN
Sedate, 42, b. IN
Horace H 17, Maranda M. 13, Oliver W. 9, Belle 4 - Oliver & Belle born in IL, the others in IN
There is in the Helen Farr Sloan Library, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE, a Hoskins Family Scrapbook, that belonged to the eldest child of Joseph Hoskins, James Marquis Hoskins. The summary of the collection online states that
Joseph Hoskins was born of Irish lineage, August 1790, in Shelby County, Kentucky. He married three times, and had a total of nineteen children. With his wife Nancy Thompson Hoskins, also from Kentucky, Joseph Hoskins moved to Indiana in 1826 and made a settlement in the forests of Martin County, where the family remained until 1831 when they moved to Vigo County, settling nine miles east of the city of Terre Haute. Joseph Hoskins died at his residence in Lost Creek Township, Vigo County, on October 26, 1876.
James Marquis Hoskins, son of Joseph Hoskins, was born December 1829 in Martin County, Indiana [he was the first child].
The collection is primarily about the family and children of James.

Joseph Hoskins was not related to Mary Rowena, but I had the information above and post it in case it is of interest to anyone.

PETER BUELL/BENTON ALLEN and MARY ROWENA HOSKINS had the following children:



Augustus A. ALLEN.



Henry Clay ALLEN.



Nathaniel Orrin "Nat" ALLEN.



Peter B. P. "Port" ALLEN.



Mary Adeline "Addie" ALLEN.



Charles Edward Francis ALLEN.



Martha Elizabeth ALLEN.



Dewitt Clinton ALLEN.