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Ninth Generation

304. Minerva Emma/Emily J. ALLEN166,219 was born in November 1874 in Arkansas.167,169

This child was found as Minerva when she first appeared in a census. Family tradition, obits, etc. give her name later as Emma. In 1900, she was listed as Emily J. Allen. The 1910 census indicates her birth year as 1875, matching earlier censuses, and makes it seems likely Minerva and Emma were one and the same. She was likely named for her grandmother whose name was Emilia or Emily Minerva.
In 1910, Emma stated that she had been married 4 years, had 3 children, 3 living.

In 1926, in Porter Allen's obituary, there is mention of a daughter, Mrs. George W. Griffith and grandchildren, Clyde, Audy, Maudie & Edgar Griffith. Apparently Edgar was born after 1910.

Minerva Emma/Emily J. ALLEN and George W. GRIFFITH were married in 1906.219 George W. GRIFFITH219 was born in 1881 in Missouri.219

In 1910, George stated that he had been married twice, the second time for 4 years. This would indicate that the two children, Lonnie age 9 and May age 7, were children of his first marriage.

Minerva Emma/Emily J. ALLEN and George W. GRIFFITH had the following children:



Clyde GRIFFITH (private).219



Audy GRIFFITH was born in 1910 in Oklahoma.219

Audy and Maudie were twins. The enumerator appears to have listed their ages as 1/6 or two months.



Maudie GRIFFITH was born in 1910 in Oklahoma.219



Edgar GRIFFITH was born (date unknown).