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Ninth Generation

338. Charles Henry ALLEN219 was born on 21 June 1872 in Arkansas.173,175 He died on 23 October 1926 at the age of 54 in Oklahoma.224

The information on Charles Henry Allen came from Shirley Garrison of Krebs, OK. He is said to be buried next to his mother in the Crowder, Pittsburg Co OK Cemetery. It is said he was run over by a car and was recovering when he died of heart failure in Wester OK, at the home of his brother Marshall.

Patty Sweet gave birth year of 1873. The 1880 census has Charles as age 9, born 1871. He was not with the rest of the family in 1900.

In 1910, Charlie H. Allen was living with his brother Edward in Kennady Twp, Leflore Co OK. has a picture of his grave marker, inscribed "A loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend lies buried here."
Crowder Cemetery, Crowder, Pittsburg Co, OK.
His grave is next to his mother's.

Charles Henry ALLEN and Mary Jane LANGHAM were married in 1898. Mary Jane LANGHAM was born on 3 April 1880. She died on 15 December 1900 at the age of 20.

Buried in Old McDougal Cemetery, Canadian, Pittsburg Co OK. She has a double stone marker with her baby daughter. The stone has "Wife of Charles"

Charles Henry ALLEN and Mary Jane LANGHAM had the following children:



William Henry "Willie" ALLEN59,170 was born on 24 November 1900.

Father of Shirley Garrison.

In 1910, William Allen, grandson, age 9, lived with Porter Allen & Mary.
In 1920, Willie Allen, nephew, age 19, was living with Marshall Allen in Canadian Twp, Pittsburgh Co OK.



M. A. "Millie" ALLEN was born on 24 November 1900. She died on 5 July 1901 at the age of 0.225

The baby's grave lies in McDougal Cemetery, Canadian, Pittsburg Co, OK. She's marked on a double stone with her Mother.