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Fifth Generation

149. Nathaniel Jackson ADAMSON was born on 16 November 1814 in North Carolina. He died on 13 August 1890 at the age of 75 in Norton County, Kansas.

Nathaniel J. Adamson married Mary Hiatt, 10 Aug 1837, Henry Co, IN

1850 Census. Stoney Creek Twp, Henry Co IN, Hh 140
Nathaniel Adamson, age 36, b. NC, chair maker
Mary, 28, b. IN
Elias 11, Charlotte 6, John age 1

1860 Census. Stoney Creek Twp, Henry, IN, Hh 164
Nathl. Adamson, 45, Farmer, b. NC
Mary, 38, b. IN
Elias 20, Charlotte 15, John 12, Rosanna 8, George 5. All b. IN

1870 Census. Mill's Corners, Jackson Twp, Jay County, IN, Hh 96
Nathaniel Adamson, 55, Farmer, b. NC. Mary, 49, b. Ohio.
Rosanna 17, George 14, William 8, Mary 9, Sarah 7 - all b. IN
Nathaniel Swarts, age 4, b. IN
Jonas Dishong, 26, b. PA
[brother John was in Hh 91]

Either the following Nathaniel is NOT the same person because Nathaniel had died between 1870 and 1879, or he had divorced Mary. Her estate was settled in 1879 in Jay County IN and she owned property that had formerly belonged to Nathaniel. No husband was mentioned in the settlement - only her living children.

1880 Census. Richmond, Wayne Co IN, Hh 7
Nathaniel Adamson, 64, cabinet maker, b. NC, as were his parents
Margaret, 52, wife, b. Ohio
Alfred Brooks, 19, stepson, b. Ohio
Belle, 15, stepdau, b. Ohio
Minnie, 12, stepdau, b. IN
Delphina, 9, stepdau, b. IN
Willard M., 22, stepson, b. Ohio

Nathaniel Jackson ADAMSON and Mary HIATT were married on 10 August 1837 in Henry County, Indiana. Mary HIATT, daughter of John HIATT and Charity HODGSON, was born on 23 December 1821 in Indiana. She died on 12 April 1879 at the age of 57 in Jay County, Indiana.

There is something a bid odd about the information regarding Mary Adamson. I suspect she had divorced Nathaniel prior to her death. Married women with living husbands had no real reason for an estate settlement since everything defaulted to their husband. He is reported to have married Margaret Brooks in Dec of 1879. Title to land had been signed over to Mary prior to her death. Other than his mention as the former owner of the property, he is not mentioned anywhere in her estate settlement.

There exists the possibility that the Nathaniel who married Margaret Brooks in Wayne Co IN, is not the same person as Mary's husband and that her Nathaniel was already deceased and she was a widow in 1879. Indiana Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999
Jay County - File of estate of Mary Adamson, Box 47, 1879, No. 593
29 Apr 1879, Elias H. Adamson appointed Administrator of estate of Mary Adamson. Bond with Robert Regester in the amount of $300. Mary died on the 12th of April, 1879.
John H. McNeil presented the estate with a bill for $46 for boarding and caring for Mary during her sickness from 11 Mar 1879 to 4 Apr 1879.
E. H. Adamson cared for from April 4th until her death and moved her from Portland to his house.
Elias H. Adamson paid $8 for her coffin. $6 for burial clothes.
D. S. Kinsey received $27 for medical attention.
Samuel Mason, MD recived $7 for medical attendance in her last sickness.
16 May 1879. Estate appraised by Levi Johnson and Levi J. Regester. Present to the court 24 Jun 1879. Included one roan cow and cow bell, a dozen chickens, kitchen items, three beds, rocking chair, flax wheel, looking glass, flat iron, churn, wash kettle. An account for taking care of William Clear in his last sickness for four weeks, until his death - $28.
Levi J. Regester swore to the sale of the property, 22 Jun 1879. Buyers included William Adamson, John McNeal (possibly related to daughter Charlotte), C. A. Adamson, Rosanna McCann, Levi Regester, etc. for a total of $74.62.
17 Dec 1879. Petition to sell the land of Mary Adamson, due to debts, lists her surviving heirs: Elias H. Adamson, aged 40 years, Charlotte McNeal aged about 34 years, John Q. Adamson aged about 28 years, John McCann aged about 25 years, being the husband of her deceased daughter Rosanna (had died since the property sale in June), and Nathaniel W. Adamson, aged about 17 years.
A case was filed by Elias as Administrator on 25 Mar 1880 vs. William R. Gillum & James Ryan, apparently to clear title to her twenty acres. He claimed the land was conveyed to Mary in Feb of 1877; that William R. Gillum had obtained a judgment against Nathaniel Adamson who had formerly owned the property, dated 5 Apr 1877. The land was sold as the property of Nathaniel Adamson, although Mary was the owner and Gillum had purchased it - Ryan has since purchased it from Gillum. Elias asks that their claim to the land be set aside.
The Court ordered sale of the Real Estate of Mary Adamson on 30 Jun 1880.
30 Jun 1880 - appraisors of the real estate of Mary Adamsin were Thomas J. Cartwright and Granville Phillips. 20 acres - the North 1/2 of the East 1/2 of the East 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 of Section 15, Twp 24 N, Range 13 E in Jay County.
Notice of the Sale of the property was published in the "Portland Commercial" for three weeks - copy of notice enclosed. It was sold to C. C. Saunders for $350.00 on 18 Aug 1880
Administrator's Final report filed 4 Nov 1880. Charged himself for inventory and real estate and cash on had - $468.75. Full report of bills paid.
Balance for distribution was $249.86 and paid in equal parts to Charlotte McNeal, J. Q. Adamson, John McCann, R. T. Hammons, Clerk for minor heirs, and E. H. Adamson.
Note: Charlotte McNeil made her mark on her receipt - also signed by J. H. McNeil and witnessed by Hanna McNeil.
Charlotte apparently sued Elias as Administrator - Luther I./J. Baker was guardian ad litem for Nathaniel W. Adamson, minor, defendant and denied the claim.

Nathaniel Jackson ADAMSON and Mary HIATT had the following children:



Elias H. ADAMSON was born in 1839 in Henry County, Indiana.

Administrator of his mother's estate, 1879-1880.



Charlotte ADAMSON was born in 1844 in Henry County, Indiana.

Married McNeal. Received $49.97 in distribution of mother's estate, 1879.



John Quincy ADAMSON was born on 17 June 1849 in Henry County, Indiana. He died on 3 January 1923 at the age of 73 in Edmond, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

Received $49.97 in the final distribution of his mother's estate, 1879.

Vice President of The Citizens Bank of Edmond, OK. The birthdates of his father, his father's siblings, and his Adamson grandparents, were written on the back of a Bank form and handed down with other family papers.



Rosanna ADAMSON was born in 1852 in Henry County, Indiana. She died between June 1879 and December 1879 at the age of 27.

Married John McCann.



George ADAMSON was born in 1855 in Henry County, Indiana. He died before 1879 at the age of 24.

Died young. Not listed as an heir of his mother in Dec of 1879.



Mary ADAMSON was born in 1861 in Indiana. She died before December 1879 at the age of 18.

Not listed as heir at the time her mother died.



Nathaniel William ADAMSON was born in 1862 in Indiana.



Sarah ADAMSON was born in 1863 in Indiana. She died before December 1879 at the age of 16.

Not listed as an heir when her mother died.

Nathaniel Jackson ADAMSON and Margaret J. BROOKS were married in December 1879 in Wayne County, Indiana. Margaret J. BROOKS was born in 1828 in Ohio.