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Fifth Generation

259. James ADAMSON17,71 was born on 17 August 1830 in Wayne County, Indiana.17 He died on 29 September 1915 at the age of 85 in Stafford County, Kansas.

Wife's given name was Rebecca. James gave his age in the 1860 census as 29.

1860. Harrison Twp, Delaware Co, IN. Hh 271
James Adamson, age 29. Rebecca, age 26.
Isaac A., 6
Nancy, age 63, b. Tenn [James's mother]
next door in Hh 272
Aaron Adamson, age 36, b. IN. Amy, 33, b. Ohio
Children born in IN: James 9, William 8, Cinderella 5, and John H., age 2.

1870 Census. Providence Twp, Hardin Co, Iowa, Hh 5
James Adamson, age 39, b. IN
Rebecca, age 37, b. IN
Born in Indiana: Isaac A, age 16. Mary P. and Nancy E., both age 9.
Jonathan, b. Iowa, age 6 months, born June [1869]

1880 Census. Marion, Marshall Co, Iowa Hh 10
James Adamson, age 50, b. IN, parents b. Tenn.
Rebecca, wife, age 46, b. IN, parents b. NC
Emanuel, age 3, son, b. IN
Hh 1 [next house - apparently a new neighborhood]
James R. Adamson, age 30, b. IN [possibly a nephew - son of Aaron]
Nancy, 34, wife, b. NC
Fred M., age 4, son, b. Iowa
John M., age 1, son, b. Iowa.

1900 Census. Rose Valley Twp, Stafford Co Kansas, p.352, Hh 70
Emanuel Adamson, b. Feb 1879, age 22, b. IN, parents b. IN
Cleo A., wife, b. Nov 1876, age 23, b. MO, parents b. Ohio
James, Father, b. Aug 1830, age 69, widow. Born IN as were his parents.

1910 Census. Rose Valley, Stafford Co, Kansas, Hh 63
Emanuel Adamson, 33, married 1 time for 10 years, b, IN
Cleon A., wife, 33, has had 1 child, b. MO
Gladys W., dau, 5, b. KS
James, father, 79, widowed, b. IN
next door:
William A. Adamson, age 30, b. Iowa, married 1 time for 10 years [not sure who this is...some have him as a son born just after the 1800 census.]
Myra, wife, age 35, b. IL, two children
Elza, son, age 7, b. Iowa
Vera, dau, age 4, b. Iowa

Buried Fairview Park Cemetery, Saint John, Stafford Co, Kansas - joint marker with Rebecca.

William A. was living Pottawattamie, Iowa, in 1900, Wright Twp. He was born Jun 1878, age 21; born in Iowa; parents born in Indiana. If he was James's child, he should have been with the family in 1880 and he was not. Almira P., wife, b. Jun 1873, age 26; born Illinois as were her parents. They were recently married.

James ADAMSON and Rebecca ALLEN were married on 8 September 1852.24 Rebecca ALLEN12 was born on 20 August 1833 in Indiana.71 She died on 2 May 1899 at the age of 65 in Stafford County, Kansas.

The 1860 census indicates Rebecca was only 13 when her daughter Nancy was born. Perhaps she fudged a bit when giving her age, or Nancy may not be her daughter at all.

James ADAMSON and Rebecca ALLEN had the following children:



Isaac Andrew ADAMSON was born in 1854 in Indiana.71 He died between 1900 and 1910 at the age of 46 in Stafford County, Kansas.

Marriage record, Delaware Co, IN
Isaac A. Adamson married Elizabeth Snyder, 25 Mar 1875

1880 Census. Jones Twp, Union Co, Iowa, Hh 63
Isaac A. Adamson, age 26, b. IN, parents b. IN
Elizabeth, age 25, wife, b. IN, parents b. Ohio
Nora E., age 3, dau, b. IN
Carrie B., age 2, daughter b. Iowa.

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Radium, Stafford Co, Kansas
Charles A. Adamson,
son of I. A. and L. Adamson
Died 6 Jul 1885, age 2y, 1m, 1d
Marion E. Adamson
son of I.A. and L. Adamson
Died 3 Jun 1890, age 5y, 2m, 27d

1900 Cleveland Twp, Stafford Co, Kansas, p.290A, Hh 10
Andrew Adamson, b. Jan 1854, age 46, married 25 years. b. IN, parents b. IN Farmer
Elizabeth, wife, b. Jun 1854, age 45. 8 children; 6 are living, b. IN, father b. Ohio, mother b. IN
Carrie B., daughter, b. May 1878, age 22, b. Iowa
James D., son, b. Mar 1881, age 19, b. Iowa
Gove. G., son, b. Jul 1887, age 12, b. Kansas
Birdie E., son, b. Dec 1889, age 10, b. Kansas
Laura E., dau, b. Apr 1896, age 4, b. Kansas.

1910 Census. Cleveland Twp, Stafford Co, KS, Hh 204
Elizabeth, 56, widowed, 8 children - 6 living. b. IN, parents b. Pennsylvania
James D., son, age 29, b. Iowa
Gove G., son, 22, b. Kansas
Laura L., dau, 15, b. Kansas



Nancy E. ADAMSON was born in 1861 in Indiana.



Mary P. ADAMSON was born in 1861 in Indiana.

Mary and Nancy were likely twins. The 1870 census shows them both age 9 and they are bracketed together.



Jonathan ADAMSON was born in June 1869 in Iowa.



Emanuel ADAMSON was born in 1877 in Indiana.