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Fourth Generation

86. William W. ADAMSON was born on 7 December 1799 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.46 He was born on 7 December 1800 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.26 He died on 13 April 1896 at the age of 95 in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana.

1830 Census. Lawrence Co. IN Enumerated near his mother, sister Nancy Evans, & brother Jesse
William Adamson: 1m 20-30. 2f under 5, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30

1840 Census. Lawrence Co IN
Wm Adamson: 1m under 5, 1m 5-10, 1m age 30-40. 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f age 20-30.

1850 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence Co IN Hh 787
for some strange reason, William W. is listed last in the household...
Susan M. Adamson, age 40, b. KY [the children are all dittoed as born in KY - I believe they were born in IN]
Julia E., age 18. Thomas M. 15. William B. age 12. Ziba H. age 9. Angeletta age 6. Marshall F. age 1.
William W. Adamson, age 50, b. TN

1860 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence Co IN Hh 392
William W., age 59. Susan, age 50.
W. B., 21. Zibee H. 18. ?? L, female age 15. Marshall J. age 11.

1880 Census. Bedford Twp, Lawrence Co IN Hh 31
Wm. W. Adamson, age 79, retired farmer, b. TN
Susan, 70, wife, b. KY

Here are the marriages of all of William's children listed in the above censuses:
Julia Emma Adamson married 28 Nov 1854, Lawrence, IN to John West
Thomas M. Adamson, married 17 Mar 1855, Lawrence, IN to Amanda Lackey
William B. Adamson, married 27 Dec 1860, Lawrence, IN to Catharine West
Ziba H. Adamson, married 13 Feb 1862, Lawrence, IN to Catherine Lamb
Angeletta Adamson, married 12 Apr 1866, Lawrence, IN to Michael A. Sears.
Marshall F. Adamson married Susan V. Boy, 12 Apr 1874, Lawrence, IN.

At least two older daughters - the ones ages 10-15 in 1840 are not with the family in 1850.

William and Susannah are buried Beech Grove Cemetery, Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN

William W. ADAMSON and Susannah Mahala CHESTNUT were married on 28 May 1825 in Lawrence County, Indiana.25 Susannah Mahala CHESTNUT was born on 21 April 1810 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She died on 12 April 1887 at the age of 76 in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana.

William W. ADAMSON and Susannah Mahala CHESTNUT had the following children:



Mahala H. ADAMSON.



Rachel W. ADAMSON was born on 1 June 1828 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She died on 14 October 1902 at the age of 74 in Monroe County, Indiana.

Rachel's obit states her bith was jun 18th, 1828. Her stone is pictured on FindAGrave but can't be read.
She was married three times. (1) Simon Cox, (2) David Sears, and (3) J. William Stephenson.



Julia E. ADAMSON was born in 1832 in Lawrence County, Indiana.



Thomas Marion ADAMSON was born on 12 April 1835 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He died on 6 October 1901 at the age of 66 in Williams, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Spouse was Amanda J., surname unknown.



William Benjamin ADAMSON was born on 17 October 1838 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He died on 1 April 1905 at the age of 66 in Lawrence County, Indiana.

Married Catherine West.



Ziba Howard ADAMSON was born on 29 April 1841. He died on 19 May 1937 at the age of 96.

Ziba was first married to Catherine Lamb, 13 Feb 1862. He married Sarah Emmaline Inman about 1895.

1870 Census. Indian Creek Twp, P.O. Fayetteville, Lawrence Co IN
Ziba Adamson, 29, Farmer, family all born in IN
Catherine, 28
Ahemina, 5 (female) (listed as Acena on FindAGrave)
Letna, 2, (male) (listed as Isaiah on FindAGrave)

1880 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence IN, Hh 250
Zibe Adamson, 39
Catharine, 39, wife
Ahenium, 15, dau
Litma, 11, son
Frank, 9, son
Anne, 5, dau
Acoam, 3, son
William Hopper, 33, Laborer
Hiram Lamb, 56, brother-in-law

1880 Census. Owensburgh, Greene Co IN, Hh 51
Joel Blackburn, 32, physician
Elvira J., 25, wife
Lucy, 6, dau. Lloyd 4, son. Annie, 3, dau. Florence, dau, 4 months, b. December

Found in the Jasper Weekly Courier, Jasper, DuBois Co, IN, 24 Jul 1885. This story likely appeared in this newspaper because Dr. Josel S. Blackburn had previously lived in DuBois Co. The title was "Domestic Tragedy in Real Life" and is almost beyond belief. The following is an abstracted version of the story.
Dr. Blackburn, age 37, had been practicing for three years in Silverville, Lawrence co but had absconded accompanied by Miss Aline Adamson who would be 21 on November 15th. [By all indications this is the eldest daughter of Ziba, although the name is slightly different.] Blackburn had married Elvira Josephine Harison eleven years previously in St. Joe, MO. Eight years ago they had moved to Ireland in DuBois Co, where he had been unfaithful to his wife.
In 1883, two years earlier, Ziba Adamson had taken his daughter, then 18, to see Dr. Blackburn. Adamson was at that time a Justice of the Peace, a member & elder of the Christian church, etc. He was also currently a fugitive.
Dr. Blackburn treated Miss Adamson at her home twice a week from August until December of 1883, at which time he took her into his home where treatment continued for over a year.
Adamson left his wife on May 30th, she expecting his return. On June 2nd, Ziba Adamson deeded his property to John Pinkston to convey to Mrs. Adamson. He then disappeared leaving debt and the administration of a estate. His wife and six children wait on his 250 acre farm for his return. Mrs. Blackburn left in the company of Mr. Adamson, but returned 10 days later - Ziba Adamson having given her $500 in acknowledgement of his wrongs against her.
At Silverville, on Jun 29, she made a statement that she believed Dr. Blackburn had been a kind husband and good father and she believed the slanderous reports regarding Miss Adamson to be false. They had nothing to do with her own affair and she makes the statement of her own free will. Signed, Josie Blackburn. The author of the article points out that she wrote these lies to save her husband's life and that he had taken the $500 for himself.
Mrs. Adamson made the statement that her husband had sent some word to John Pinkston, but not to her and she no idea where her daughter was. Her son had taken Aline to the train and she left with the doctor. The doctor was the cause and she had thought to send the daughter away to live with kinfolks.
John Pinkston, an attorney, was interviewed, and he had had letters from Adamson from Floyd county and St. Louis and Loogootee, and had stated "Pinkston, by this time you must know this was a job set up on me?" Pinkston had been present when Adamson had settled with Dr. & Mrs. Blackburn with the $500. Adamson then left on the train stating he'd not go back to his family, that he couldn't stand the disgrace.
Since the Dr. was now gone, Mrs. Blackburn decided to tell the whole story. She admitted she and her husband had not been happy together since the incident in Dubois with their servant girl. While Miss Adamson was in their house, she had the best room, the parlor, and the doctor treated her daily - they would be along together from a half hour to three hours. His practice fell away while they were boarding this girl. He claimed he was being paid but Mrs. Blackburn never saw one cent. They appeared to be in love. When I confronted him, he insisted I receive attentions from Ziba Adamson who Dr. claimed loved me. If I consented to Adamson, then she and Dr. Blackburn would be as equals.
Dr. Blackburn took her to Adamson and told her he would take her to her mother's home. Adamson told her on the way that she was never to go back to her own home. They confronted Blackburn but he promised to exposes them to the community and she gave up and went to her mother's to avoid exposing her innocent children to the scandel.
The reporter had located Dr. Blackburn in Mitchell (Lawrence Co) and found him quite drunk. He denied any conspiracy to embarrass his wife and Ziba Adamson, but admitted he had taken the money. He refused to tell the wherabouts of Miss Adamson. He had collected $240 from Mrs. Adamson for professional services to Aline and had used the money from Ziba ADamson to pay off the mortgage on his home and deeded it over to his wife. He is believed to have over $2000 in his possession. He has no plans to return home.

Apparently at some point Ziba Adamson did return to Lawrence Co. He took another wife in 1895, but whether the first wife died or obtained a divorce I have not discovered.

In 1895, Ziba married Sarah Emmaline Inman whose first husband was James Harvey Miller

1900 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence, IN, Hh 163
Ziba H. Adamson, b. Apr 1841, age 58, married 5 years, b. IN, father b. TN, mother b. KY
Emma, wife, b. Aug 1853, 46, 3 children, all living
Brayd M., dau, b. Apr 1897, age 3
Willard Miller, stepson, b. Mar 1881, age 19

1910 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence, IN, Hh 41
Ziba H. Adamson, 67, married 2 times, 14 years this time
Emeline, wife, 56
Braida, 13, dau

1920 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence, IN, Hh 86
Zeba Adamson, 77
Emma, wife, 64
Braida W., dau, 22

1930 Census. Indian Creek Twp, Lawrence, IN, Hh 119
Ziba Adamson, 88, married the first time at age 20
Emma, wife, 73, married the first time at 18
Braidie, dau, 33

Ziba is buried Fayetteville Community Cemetery, Lawrence Co, IN. Daughter Brada has a joint marker with him - she died in 1938.



Anza-Letta ADAMSON was born on 14 July 1844 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She died on 28 March 1891 at the age of 46 in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Married Rosco B. Sears.



Marshall F. "Frank" ADAMSON was born in January 1849 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He died in September 1905 at the age of 56 in Fayetteville, Lawrence County, Indiana. He was buried in Old Union Cemetery, Fayetteville, Lawrence County, Indiana.