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Fourth Generation

64. Enos ADAMSON14 was born on 6 February 1793 in Lost Creek, Jefferson County, Tennessee.5,18 He died in 1846 at the age of 53 in Missouri.

Lost Creek MM, Jefferson Co TN. John and Mary Adamson had a son Enos, born 6 Feb 1793.
Some of the records were obviously recorded after the fact. Lost Creek Monthly Meeting was recognized as a worshipping groups as early as 1793, but was set off from New Garden MM (North Carolina) on the 20th of the 5th month 1797. Memberships were first transferred to the Westfield MM; then to NewHope when Greene Co was established in 1795.

1811, 11, 30 Enos was disowned from the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting for Marrying contrary to discipline. [He would have been on 18 - is this the correct Enos?]
1816, 1, 27 Enos received by request into the Lost Creek MM
1819, 6, 28 Enos was granted certificate to the Newberry MM, Bount Co, TN; this was about the same time his brother Abraham and family were granted the same.

1824, 6,26 Lost Creek MM: Enos received on certificate from Newberry MM, dated 1821, 9,1. It was directed to Springfield MM in Wayne Co, Indiana but accepted here. [Is this the same Enos?]
1826, 11, 27 Enos was granted a certificate to Duck Creek MM, Henry Co,IN.

Which Enos - this man or his uncle; I think more likely the uncle. This is a tract that the heirs of Joseph Bullard sold to John Adamson in 1803. Yet the above indicates Enos had gone to Blount Co by 1819, then on to Indiana by 1824. Or did he return to Jefferson Co (Lost Creek) for awhile.
Jefferson Co TN, DB R, p.183
20 Oct 1825 Enos Adamson of Jefferson TN to John Doan of Washington, TN. $1300. Tract in Jefferson Co S Side of Holston River on Lost Creek, part of 3000 acres granted Joseph Bullard by state of NC, 20 Sept 1787. Begin Richard Lauran's Corner, formerly Samuel Rubles corner, Zachariah Mills' corner, near Samuel Mills' line, division line between said Adamson & Richard Laurance formerly Samuel Ruble. 252 acres. Signed: Enos Adamson. Wit: Richard Laurance, Jonathan Laurance, R. S. Gainess. Proved March Session 1828 Reg 24 Jul 1828
Enos Adamson of Jefferson Co for $95.74 paid by Samuel Mills, have sold to him 16 acres near Lost Creek adj land of Samuel Mills. Stake on line between Samuel Mills and me near black walnut, dogwood, my SW corner, stake, my back line, to Samuel Mills NE corner, his line. 8 Dec 1823. Signed: Enos Adamson. Wit: John Swain, William Hinshaw, John Mills. June Suession 1829 - proved in open court by John Swain & William Hinshaw. Reg. 19 Sep 1829

Moved to Springfield MM in 1821. [The above acceptance in Lost Creek and certificate granted to IN in 1826, conflicts with this statement.]

An Enos Adamson - the only one I find in the US - was counted in 1830 in Madison Co IN - he was also age 30-40 - consistent with birth date.

In some databases, the second wife of Enos is shown as Mary "Love". Mary Love was probably the Mary who was married to Enos's uncle Enos Adamson - I believe much of the data has been confused between the two. The following obituary proves that his second wife was Mary Rodgers Kilgore and also confirms that Enos was living in Madison Co, Indiana, at the time of the 1830 census. One record also states he died in Andrews Co, Missouri on 7 Jun 1846.

From the Jasper Co, Iowa website.
Obituary of Mary (Rodgers) Moffit from The Newton Record, Thursday, 26 Jan 1899. She had died just three days after her 87th birthday. Mary was born 18 Jan 1812, near Charlotte, NC. When she was age 7, her parents John & Mary Rodgers had moved to Indiana, settling near Pendleton in Madison Co. In 1830 she married Alfred Kilgore, who died in 1838. In 1841 she married Enos Adamson; soon after their marriage they moved to Missouri, near St. Joseph. Mr. Adamson was a devout Quaker and bitterly opposed to slavery. He died in 1846, but requested his body not be buried in a slave state, so the remains were brought back to Iowa and interred in the Quaker Cemetery near Brighton. They had three children - William, Jane & Fred, all of whom predeceased their mother. In 1847, Aunt Polly [Mary] moved to Jasper County and in 1855 she was married to Stephen Moffitt who lived only a few years after their marriage.
Iowa State Democrat, Thursday, 26 Jan 1899
Mrs. Mary Moffitt died at the home of her son, J. M. Kilgore, Sat. 21 Jan 1899. She was born 12 Jan 1812.

Enos ADAMSON and Joana STANLEY were married on 28 October 1811 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.5,16 Joana STANLEY was born (date unknown).

In a separate source the bride is given as Jonne Bales.

Enos ADAMSON and Joana STANLEY had the following children:



Thomas J. ADAMSON was born in 1812 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. He died on 18 July 1891 at the age of 79 in Holton, Jackson County, Kansas.

Thomas married Elizabeth Nicholson about 1832.

Enos ADAMSON and Mary RODGERS were married in 1841 in Madison County, Indiana. Mary RODGERS was born on 12 January 1812 in North Carolina. She died on 12 January 1899 at the age of 87 in Jasper County, Iowa.

1870 Census. Sherman, Jasper Co, Iowa
William Adamson, age 25, b. Indiana. Anna, age 25, b. IN [probably his wife]
Mary Moffit, age 58, b. IN [Mary Rodgers Kilgore Adamson Moffit]
Matt Kilgore, age 38, b. IN [Mary's son by her first marriage]
Paul Adamson, age 1, b. Iowa [no doubt William & Anna's child]

Mary was the daughter of John and Mary Rodgers. She was the oldest of a family of five; the others were Dr. Henry Rodgers, Hugh Rodgers, William Rodgers, and Mrs. Margaret Blake, all of whom came to Newton [Iowa] in the early days and were known among the pioneers of Jasper County. The siblings were all deceased when Mary died in 1899.
from Mary's obituary in The Newton Record, Thursday, 26 Jan 1899.