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Second Generation

2. Thomas ADAMSON5 was born on 23 February 1717/8 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.2,5 He died before 22 February 1790 at the age of 71 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.5

Thomas lived on his father's property until 1775. He and his son John took a certificate from the Richland Meeting to the Westland Meeting and settled in Washington Co PA. The births of Thomas' children appear in the Richland records.

On the 1st day [12] of the 1st month [March], 1753, John Adamson conveyed his 150-acre plantation to his oldest son, Thomas who had already filed an application for a 100-acre tract of land in Springfield Township, Bucks County. The issuance of Thomas’ land warrant on 27 [7] December/January 1751/52 was recorded at the Land Office. On 20/1 November/December, 1776, the deputy surveyor returned results of the survey for Thomas’ property to the Land Office. It is not known where in Springfield Thomas acquired this additional 100 acres of land, but it is thought that it adjoined his father’s 150-acre plot. The patentee on the 100-acre plot was David Reeser, a relative of Abraham Reeser, who owned a tract of land nearby.
Thomas and his family lived at his father’s homestead until 12 April, 1775, when he sold the 150-acre estate to Austrian born emigrant, Hans Peter Gruber (Gruver), Sr. (Bucks County Deed Book Vol. 18, p. 126).

In 1784, Thomas and his son, John took a certificate of removal from the Richland Monthly Meeting to the Westland Monthly Meeting and settled on a 250-acre property adjoining Fort Swan in Washington County (now Greene County), Pennsylvania. The land warrant for Thomas’ Washington County property was issued on 15 December, 1784 and was returned by the surveyor on 6 November, 1789. The patentees for the property were Thomas’ sons, John and Joseph Adamson.

Washington Co WB 1, p.112 Thomas Addamson, Sr of Washington County, yeoman.
Dated Feb 2 1790; proved Feb 22, 1790. [His death date is often given as 2 Feb 1790 but that is the date he wrote his will.]
Wife Mary.
Sons: Joseph, oldest, John Thomas & James. Plantation where Thomas now lives on Muddy Creek Settlement adj William Shepherd, Abraham Scott & John Swan, George Hoge.
Aaron Burson, youngest son of dau Rachel to have land purchased of Jesse Dickenson, part of tract deeded to Jesse Dickerson & George Hoge.
Granddau Samira Crichfield.
Dau: Martha Hatfield, Sarah Blacklidge, Hannah Stroud, Ann, Deborah, Mary & Hester
Nathan Burson named.
Exec: sons John & James
Wit: Abraham Scott, Bemjamin Liming, William Shepherd.

Washington Co WB 1, p.112
Thomas Adamson, Sr. of Washington Co, PA. Wife Mary the use of the house that I live in with a cow to be pastured by my son James, and her thirds of the moveables. My three sons: John, Thomas & James to deliver wheat and corn in equal payments each year. To my oldest son Joseph the sum of 62£ which by our accounts stands against him. The plantaion I now live on in Meddy Creek Settlement adj lands of Willm. Shepherd, Abraham Scot and John Swan to my sons John & James to be divided equally. To my son John I allow sufficient to pay him for 3 years services done me after age and his part of my estate as Legatee. Unto my son Thos. Adamson 150 acres which I bought o f George Hoge which he now lives on and allow sufficient to pay him for 2 years services done me after age. My son James have libery to pay 15£ out of the effects I leave which he is to make good to my estate at the end of three years. To Aron Burson, my daughter Rachells youngest son, the tract of land I purchased of Jessee Dickenson part of tract deeded to Jessee Dickerson & George Hoge. If sd Aaron dies, to be sold & money divided between my four sons or their heirs. Aron Burson shall pay unto my granddaughter Samira/Lamira Crichfield the sum of 15£ in three yearly payments in produce or money as it may suit him. To my daughter Martha Hatfield 20£ to be paid in three yearly payments out of my estate by John, Thomas & James in money or produce. To my daughter Sarah Blacklidge 20£ to be paid by John, Thomas & James in three yearly payments. To my Daughter Hannah Stroud one good cow. My son James is to keep the moveables & stock after appraisement for 3 years or until the decease of his mother & then sons John & James to divide them equally between themselves and my other sons Joseph & Thomas. The sum of 5sh each to be paid my Daughters Ann, Deborah, Mary & Hester and Nathan Burson they having received their portions. I hereby appoint my two sons John & James Adamson to be my executors. Set my hand and seal 2 Feb 1790. Signed: Thomas Adamson.
Wit: Abraham Scott, Benjamin Siming/Liming, William Shepherd
Washington Co. 22 Feb 1790. William Shepherd & Abraham Scott made oath that they were present. Thomas. Stokely, Register
John & James sworn as Executors. Proved & registered 22 Feb 1790

Buried Adamson Grove Farm, Cumberland Township.

Thomas ADAMSON and Mary BURSON were married about 1738 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.5 Mary BURSON, daughter of Joseph BURSON and Rachel POTTS, was born on 9 May 1721 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.5

Birth is recorded in Gweynedd Monthly Meeting records.

Thomas ADAMSON and Mary BURSON had the following children:



Rachel ADAMSON was born on 4 September 1739 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.5

Married a Burson.



Ann ADAMSON was born on 12 September 1742.5 She died on 8 August 1784 at the age of 41.5

Married Abraham Ball son of John and Rebecca Hewlings in Richland, Bucks County PA 11th mo, 10, 1763.



Joseph ADAMSON5 was born on 17 January 1745.

Married Mary ___; dismissed from Richland 12th mo, 1765 for marrying out of unity. Mary evidently became a member in good standing because on 20 Jun 1782 she and the children [Thomas, James & Sarah] were given certificate to Hopewell, VA.

On the 4th day, 8th month, 1783, Mary Adamson & children, Thomas James, and Sarah were admitted from the Richland Meeting to Hopewell.
Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934, Frederick County, VA, Joint Committee of Hopewell Friends, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1974, p.505



Mary ADAMSON was born on 7 December 1747.5
Mary married Joseph Ball [b. 1748, Bucks Co, PA, d. 1811, Guerney Co, Ohio]. He was a son of John Ball and Rebecca Hewlings, a brother to Abraham Ball that married Mary's sister Ann.



Hannah ADAMSON was born on 15 May 1749.5
Married Samuel Stroud.



Esther ADAMSON was born on 2 April 1751.5

Married Andrew Van Buskirk. He was b. 24 Sep 1757, d. 1 Aug 1823, Bucks Co PA.



John ADAMSON5 was born on 1 November 1753.5 He died in 1809 at the age of 56 in Mason County, Kentucky.5

Married Ruth ____. Moved to Westland in 1788.



Deborah ADAMSON was born on 8 December 1755.5 She died on 13 April 1836 at the age of 80.5

Married ca 1775 Casper Johnson, son of Casper & Catharine Johnson. He was b. 1753, Montomgery Co, PA, d. 20 Dec 1832.



James ADAMSON5 was born on 4 January 1757.5 He died in 1847 at the age of 90.

Married Hannah Heald, 25 Jun 1789, Washington Co PA. She was b. 1770, d. 1864, Middletown, Columbia Co, Ohio.
They had Thomas, Ruth, Rebecca, and Esther.

Found in Westland in 1789.



Thomas ADAMSON Jr..



Martha ADAMSON5 was born on 2 November 1760.5 She died on 13 August 1836 at the age of 75 in Brown County, Ohio.5
Married in 1782 to Thomas Hatfield; he died 10 May 1843, Brown Co, OH



Sarah ADAMSON was born on 14 January 1763 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.5

Married Enoch Blackledge. He was b. 11 Mar 1759, d. 23 Jul 1842, Lippencott, Greene Co, PA.

Sarah was dismissed from the Hopewell Friends, 3rd day 6th month 1784 for marrying contrary to discipline - Blackledge was not a Quaker.
Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934, Frederick County, VA, Joint Committee of Hopewell Friends, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1974, p.505