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Third Generation

25. John N. ADAMSON5,6,14 was born on 9 December 1767.5,18 He died on 12 January 1828 at the age of 60.5

From EARLY TENNESSEE TAX LISTS by Byron & Barbara sistler, Evanston IL, 1977: Listed on the Jefferson Co TN Tax Lists in 1800: Simon, John, Jonathan. It's doubtful this is this John N. Adamson unless he purchased land in Tennessee a few years before leaving North Carolina.

Cane Creek Monthly Meetings (Orange, now Alamance Co NC)
1786, 10, 7 Mary formerly Hammer dismissed for marrying out of unity [in some databases this is shown as her date of marriage - it was not]
1803, 12, 3 Mary condemned her misconduct and was granted certificate
1806, 10, 4 Mary formerly Hammer granted certificate to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting (certificate granted 1803, 12, 2, miscarried) Lost Creek was in Jefferson Co TN.

John Adamson was received by the Lost Creek Quaker Meeting in Jefferson Co TN on 24 Jun 1809 along with eight minor children, as listed here: Abraham, Enos, Susannah, Mordecai, Solomon, Isaac, Nellie & Seth.

At the "Digital Library on American Slavery", I found petition, #11481738, filed to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Tennessee, in Knoxville, in 1817. Forty-one petitioners argued that slave owners should be permitted to free their slaves on terms which will not involve them, nor their estates, for their maintenance. And they proposed a law to declare all descendants of slaves, born after the passing of the law, shall be free at a certain age which your honourable Body may fix upon. Signers to the petition included John Adamson, Jonathan Adamson, Simon Adamson Sr, and Isaac Williams.
A copy of the petition is held at the Tennessee State Library & Archives in Nashville.

1819, 7, 31 John was dismissed from the Lost Creek MM
1821, 5, 26 John's family requested certificate for Newberry MM, Blount Co TN
1821, 6, 30 Mary & dts. were granted certificate for Newberry MM

East Tennessee's 1820 census is lost including Jefferson & Blount Counties.

1823, 3, 29 Mary & fam (dt: Eleanor) were received on certificate from Newberry MM, dated 1822, 12,7. This was the same date that Abraham and family's certificates were dated.

The birthdates of the children of John & Mary are said to have come from a Bible Record. They are also listed in the Lost Creek records.

The Newberry records say that John Adamson died at the home of his son Seth on 12 Jan 1828.

John N. ADAMSON and Mary HAMMER were married on 7 October 1786 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina.5,10 Mary HAMMER, daughter of Abraham HAMMER and Rachel MEETING, was born on 31 July 1768 in Orange County, North Carolina.1,5,18

Probably born Guilford County, NC - the part that became Randolph in 1779.

John N. ADAMSON and Mary HAMMER had the following children:



Abraham ADAMSON.






Susannah ADAMSON5 was born on 14 April 1795.5,18

Email states that Judy K Dye's publication gives a marriage to Eli Wilson 18 Aug 1820 but that was Susannah, daughter of Simon Jr. instead. An error in her book.

One of the Susannah Adamsons married Edward Lamb, son of Henry Lamb and Ann Dennis, probably in Randolph Co, NC. That would also seem to be some other Susannah and not this one. Lydia, Samuel & Amassa, supposedly all children of Enos Adamson & Mary Love, married children of Henry Lamb & Ann Dennis. It would seem plausible that the Susannah that married Edward Lamb would be their daughter. However that Susanna is also shown married in Grainger Co TN, 1799, to Alexander Hamilton, .
Randolph Co NC: Edward Lamb married Susanna "Edomes" [as transcribed], 26 Dec 1811.



Mordecai ADAMSON.



Solomon ADAMSON.






Eleanor "Nellie" ADAMSON.