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Third Generation

24. Simon ADAMSON Jr.14 was born in 1763 in North Carolina.5 He died in 1814 at the age of 51 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.5

1 Jan 1793 Knox County Ct granted John and Simeon Adamson a permit to build a public grist mill on their Lyons Creek land. It's impossible to tell whether this was Simon Sr or Jr. ( Simon Jr's will mentions property Lyons Creek.)
22 Aug 1793. John Adamson, purchased land and Simon witnessed. DB B, p.238

27 Apr 1795 Simon Adamson was a juror, Knox Co Court of Pleas & Quarter Session

This deed shows John, Simon Sr, and Simon Jr. all living near each other:
Jefferson Co TN DB G, p.152
July, 1804. Robert McFarland & Adam Meek to Simon Adamson Jnr. all of Jefferson, TN. $37.50. 77 acres. Adj Edmond Phillips, Simon Adamson Sr and John Elliss. Hickory on the mountain at Ellis's line, with Simon Adamson Senior's line and John Adamson's line, Phillips' corner. Signed: R. McFarland, Adam Meek. Wit: Joseph Williams, Richard Thornberg. Proved April Session 1805. Reg 29 Jul 1805 (Junior now has a total of 152 acres in Jefferson Co)

Simon Adamson Jr. was received by the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting by request in 1805, 6th m, 29th d.

Lost Creek Meeting in Jefferson Co TN is the oldest Quaker Meeting in Tennesse; it was not established until May 10, 1797 at which time the Lost Creek Friends Monthly Meeting held its first formally recognized monthly meeting. For Lost Creek Friends, however, the stubborn pioneer spirit which led to their departure from North Carolina, caused them to assert that they were established May 25th, 1796, one month before Tennessee became a state.

ADAMSON, Simeon 115 acres [Jr]
ADAMSON, Joseph, 100 acres
My note: I believe Simon in Jefferson Co was Simon Sr, and that the Simon in Knox Co in 1806 was most likely Simon Jr.

1807. Knox Co Tax List: Simon Adamson, 115 acres. Joseph Adamson, 100 acres.

Jefferson Co TN DB I, p147
26 Sep 1807 Edmond Phillips of Highland Co, Ohio to Simon Adamson of Jefferson TN $500. Tract in Jefferson, S side Holston known as Sherl's place, near dividing ridge bet Holston & French Broad. Walnut, post oak, Stake, stake, Hickory, Hickory, White Oak. 75 acres including part of the plantation where Simon Adamson Senior now lives. Signed: Edmund Philips. Wit: Nehemiah Ellis, Jonathan Adamson. reg. 2 Sep 1808

Jefferson Co TN DB J, p.174 (very faded, part in tight binding- impossible to read well)
4 Jul 1809. William Williams of ?Blounte Co TN to Jonathan Adamson of Jefferson TN, reg. Oct 1810. 30 acres. Part of tract conveyed by Joseph Hamilton of four thousand acres ??? Begin corner ?Isaac Williams. signed: William (x) Williams. wit: Thomas Adamson, Abraham (X) Hasket, Simon Adamson Junior. Proved in court Sep Session 1810

18 Jan 1810 Simon Adamson bought 15 acres in Jefferson Co, adjoining Simon Adamson, witnessed by Thomas Adamson & David Adamson, DB J, p.161 (purchases in Jefferson Co - 77 acres, 75 acres, 15 acres - totals 167 - Simon's widow will sell 167 acres in Jefferson Co in 1831)

Simon Adamson was a witness to the will of his brother Thomas in Feb of 1812 - by May of the same year he was writing his own will. Probate dates are not included in the Jefferson Co TN will book. Thomas mentions he is very sick and weak, Simon does not. Perhaps after the untimely death of his brother, he thought he should take care of writing his own will. I have seen in other databases that Simon's will has a probate date in 1814 but have no reference.

1812 Knox Co TN Tax List. Simon Adamson, 115 acres. Joseph Adamson, 100 acres.

LDS Microfilm #968311
Jefferson Co TN Will Book 2, p.53.
I Simon Adamson of Jefferson County and State of Tennessee being in perfect health of mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I leave my son Jessee Adamson & Bacheus Routh Executors of my whole Estate and want them to sell such property as they see cause to pay my debts, and then I give and bequeath to my two eldest daughters Elizabeth and Martha one dollar each over and above what they have already received then I give & bequeath to my wife Eliner my whole estate during her life or widowhood for to raise and school my younger children, and if she marrieth one bed and furniture or at her death an equal division to be made amongst the rest of my children or if some of them when grown should receive part, a memorandum to be taken of what they receive, as each one may get their just right, ratifying and confirming this and no other, to be my last will and Testament as witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty second day of May Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and twelve.
signed: Simon Adamson
Signed Sealed & acknowledge in the presence of us:
Jeremiah Routh
Johnathan Adamson
If ever their should be salt got in my place on Lions Creek I want the Executors to give Elizabeth & Martha an equal share of that with the rest of the children.

Will proved 14 Mar 1814, Jefferson Co WB 2, p.53-54

This will has been interpreted by some as the will of Simon's father Simon. Records of two Simons in Jefferson Co ceased by 1810, plus the Rouths mentioned in the above will would certainly indicate this is indeed the will of Simon Jr. Some have given the father a second wife named Eleanor and also daughters Elizabeth and Martha because of the wording of the above will. Elizabeth & Martha were old enough to be married at the time of the writing of the will and had probably received gifts from their father at the time of their marriages, therefore they were singled out by name in the will.

Simon ADAMSON Jr. and Eleanor ROUTH were married in 1787 in Randolph County, North Carolina.5 Eleanor ROUTH15, daughter of Jacob ROUTH and Martha REDFERN, was born in 1769 in North Carolina.5 She died after 1860 at the age of 91 in Collin County, Texas.5

Jefferson Co TN, DB Q, p.362
Thomas Hill, Jacob Routh and Eleanor Adamson, Quit Clain to Salt Lick, Reg. Jan 1 1824
We Thomas Hill & Jacob Routh of Sevier County release and forever quit claim unto Simon Adamson, deceased, Ellianor Adamson, their heirs, etc to a Salt lick in Knox Co on Lyon's Creek. So as to release to Thomas Hill & Jacob Routh to a bond that was in the hands of John Aminet of Knox Co now of Alabama for safe keeping which shall be forever void and null. 12 Aug 1820 in presence of Jeremiah Routh. Signed: Thomas Hill, Jacob Routh, Elenor (x) Adamson. Proved in open court Sessions 1820

1822 JEFFERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE 1822 TAX LIST Many of these Surnames were
grouped together in 1800. Most of the surnames on Capt. Evan's list appear on
pages 324-325 of the Jefferson County, TN 1830 Census indicating that these
people were still in the same area at that time.
Isaac WILLIAMS 80 acres
Eleanor ADAMSON 163 acres
Simon ADAMSON 230 acres 1WP
John RUTH 354 acres 1WP
Jesse ADAMSON 142 acres 1WP John

1823 Jefferson Co TAX List
Elenor Adamson, 160 acres
Jesse Adamson, 142 acres
Simon Adamson, 230 acres
Mordecai Adamson, 125 acres
Abraham Adamson, 123 acres [Mordecai & Abraham were sons of John Adamson]

1824 Jefferson Co TAX list
Eleanor Adamson, 160 acres
John Adamson, 125 acres (same as Jesse...1823)
Enos Adamson, 276 acres
Simon Adamson, 230 acres [could be either Enos's son or Jesse's son]
Enos Adamson, 123 acres

1825 Jefferson Co TAX List.
Elinor Adamson, 160 acres
Simon, 132 acres,
Abraham 120 acres
Thomas, 0 acres
Jesse, 0 acres
John, 120 acres
Enos, 276 acres

1826 Jefferson Co TAX list:
Eleanor Adamson, 167 acres
Abram Adamson, 120 acres,
Solomon, 0
Jacob, 0
Thomas, 0
Jesse, 0

1826 & 1827 Knox Co TAX list
Elinor Adamson, 115 acres

1828 Jefferson Co TAX list
Ellenor Adamson, 168 acres
Jesse, 0
Thomas, 0

1829 Jefferson Co TAX list
Ellenor Adamson, 160 acres
Thomas, 0
Jesse, 0

1830 Census. Jefferson Co TN
Elinor ADAMSON 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40. 2f under 5, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40
Two Thomases, Larkin and Jacob Adamson also listed in this census.
One Thomas had 3 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1m 30-40; 1f 20-30.
The other Thomas had 2 males under 5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30; 1f 20-30
Larkin and 1 male and 1 female age 20-30

1830 & 1831 Jefferson Co TAX list
Ellenor Adamson, 160 acres
Larkin, 0
Jesse, 0
Thomas, 0

Jefferson Co, TN, DB U, p.487
1 Dec 1838 Elinor Adamson, widow of Simon Adamson, dec'd, Jesse Adamson & Priscilla his wife, Jacob Adamson & Ruth his wife, Joshua Covey and Lidea his wife, formerly Lidea Adamson, Wm Wilson & Esther his wife formerly Esther Adamson, Thomas Adamson & Jane his wife, Eli Wilson & Susannah his wife formerly Susannah Adamson, Larkin Adamson & his wife Nancy F., Andrew Douglas & his wife Mary formerly Mary Adamson, Levi Adamson & Polly his wife, Joseph Hern & Elinor his wife formerly Elinor Adamson, All of the state of Missouri and heirs of Simon Adamson, dec'd. For $600. To Israel Wilson [Israel was married to Simon & Eleanor's daughter Martha] of Jefferson TN. Tract in Jefferson in the Rocky Valley, 167 acres and 46 poles. Hickory on the mountain with Ellis's line, walnut on John & Simon Adamson's line, stake on John Adamson's line, Spanish oak Phillips' line, stake Phillips' corner. Signed: Elinor (x) Adamson. Jesse Adamson, Priscilla (x) Adamson. Jacob Adamson. Ruth (x) Adamson. Joshua covey. Lydia (x) Covey. William Wilson. Esther (x) Wilson. Thomas Adamson. Jane (x) Adamson. Eli Wilson. Susannah (x) Wilson. Larkin Adamson. Nancy (X) Adamson. Andrew (X) Douglas. Polly Douglas. Levi L. Adamson. Polly Ann (x) Adamson. Joseph (X) Hern. Elinor (x) Hern.
Clinton Co MO. Ruth Adamson wife of Jacob Adamson, Esther Wilson, wife of William Wilson, Nancy Adamson wife of Larkin Adamson, Polly Adamson wife of Levi Adamson, & Elinor Hearn, wife of Joseph HeJParn, personally appeared and acknowledged they had willingly signed. 20 Dec 1838. John B. Collin. Also appearing before Collin & acknowledging same were Elinor Adamson, widow of Simon Adamson Dec'd, Jacob Adamson, Larkin Adamson, William Wilson, Levi Adamson, & Joseph Hearn.
Ray Co MO. 3 Apr 1839 Before John H. Morehead, Clerk of county court, came Andrew Douglas & Polly his wife and Thomas Adamson & Jane his wife.
Pettis Co MO. 24 Apr 1839. Before H. Faristor? came Joshua Covey & Lydia his wife.
The above is all recopied in DB U, p.493-5 with the addition from Daviess Co MO 23 Mar 1839. Eli Wilson & Susannah his wife and Jessse Adamson & Priscilla his wife acknowledged before Robert wilson, clerk of court

Jefferson Co TN, DB Z, p.586. Although recorded some years after the above, the following is obviously part of the same transaction and dated seven years earlier.
Another copy of Elinor, etal - BUT has the original date as 29 Aug 1831 and names are slightly different: Eleanor Adamson, Widow of Simon, dec'd. Jese Adamson, Jacob Adamson, Joshua Covey & Lydia formerly Lydia Adamson, Wm Wilson & Hester Wilson formerly Hester Adamson, Thomas Adamson, Eli Wilson & Susanah Wilson formerly Susanah Adamson, Larkin Adamson, Andrew Douglas & Mary Douglas formerly Mary Adamson, Levi Adamson, Joseph Herran and Nelly Herran formerly Nelly Adamson, heirs at law. To Israel Wilson. Wit: G. L. Brawn, William Jones. Presented before James Fuller, Clerk of Jefferson Co Court for probate (date of 29 Aug 1831 repeated) Callaway Hodges & Henry Callen came and swore to the handwriting of G. L. Brawn - he has removed out of the state. 2 Mar 1846. Also came Henry Callen & John S. Callen who swore to the handwriting of William Jones - also removed out of the state. 2 Apr 1846. Rec. 14 Apr 1846
I went back and checked the other deeds - they did have the later date and no witnesses. I believe this one to be the earliest.
in which a number of interrelated families left East Tennessee in the early
1830's to take advantage of the newly available Public Lands being offered by the
government in Missouri. Those families, some of whom had previously been in
Randolph County, NC with the Routh family were Adamson, Bales, Wilson,
Thornburgh, Douglas and Cates. Their first acquisition of land in Missouri was
in Ray County which at that date encompassed a large area in the North West
portion of the state. Jeremiah Routh had received a land bounty for service
during the War of 1812 and his brother Zaccheus obtained land next to that bounty
land in the Township of Richmond, Ray County, MO. Both men continued to purchase
land. Zaccheus in 1835 and 1836 and Jeremiah in 1837 and 1843. Jeremiah's son JOHN
ROUTH obtained land in 1838 near that of his father. Also in the same area were
Jacob Adamson and William Bales who was married to Elizabeth Adamson, both
Elizabeth and Jacob were children of Eleanor Routh
daughter of Jacob.
There were several other children of Eleanor who settled to the west of Ray
County when the Platte lands were opened.

Eleanor [ROUTH] Adamson and their children moved from Tennessee to Ray and Platte
Counties, MO. From Missouri they split up, some moving to Leavenworth County, KS
about 1856 and some to Collin County, TX.

Ellender Adamson, age 91 lived with Joseph & Ellen Hearn, her youngest daughter & son-in-law, in 1860. Precinct #9, Collin Co TX, p.106, Household 830. The household was quite large and contined 13 persons divided into three families:
Joseph Hearn, age 52, Farmer, b. North Carolina, and Ellen, age 47, b. TN And what appears to be their children: Levi age 23, Lida 16, Misoura 9, and Laura 6; Livi & Lida born in MO, the younger children b. Texas. Then the 2nd family: Larkin Hearn age 18, b. MO and what appears to be his wife Mary, age 19, b. Miss. Listed as the 3rd family in the household is Jacob Wilson, age 24, Farmer, b. TN - probably a nephew of Ellen. Adamson Hearn & grandson of Eleanor Adamson, as two of the daughters had married Wilsons. Nancy Wilson, age 21 b. TN. John Wilson, age 28, a painter, born in NC. Also Harrison Mills age 19, b. TN, probably a farm hand. Last of all was listed Eleanor, with this group.

Simon ADAMSON Jr. and Eleanor ROUTH had the following children:



Elizabeth ADAMSON.



Martha "Patsy" ADAMSON7,16 was born in 1792 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.17

Martha "Patsy" married Israel Wilson 15 Apr 1809 in Jefferson Co TN Said to have died Feb 1863 in Knox Co, TN.

In 1831, Eleanor, widow of Simon Jr. and her children sold 167 acres to Israel Wilson, in Jefferson Co TN

1850 Census. Knox Co TN, 31 Subdivision, East Dist, Hh 247
Izereal Willson, age 62, birthplace unknown.
Martha, age 57, b. TN
Jacob Willson, age 14
Elbert S., age 16

I did not find either an Israel or Martha in Knox Co in 1860, nor anywhere else in Tennessee.












Esther ADAMSON7,15,16 was born on 30 March 1800 in Tennessee.17 She died on 24 January 1875 at the age of 74 in Collin County, Texas.

Searching for any info on Hester/Esther Adamson b.Tenn.Mar.1800 married
Wm Wilson 1815-Lost Creek Quaker Church daughtr of Simon Adamson,Jr & Eleanor
Routh-More than one Wilson/Adamson marriage....
Janice Wilson Power <> on

Esther married William Wilson 9 Dec 1815 in Jefferson Co TN. He was the son of William & Susannah Wilson, born 20 Jan 1798 in Randolph Co NC and died 1 Nov 1841 in Platte, MO. Esther died 24 Jan 1875 in Wilson Co TN [this is wrong - she died in Collin Co, TX] This is the genealogical connection of Paul Fuenning.

Esther is in the 1850 Census in Green Twp, Platte Co MO. She was age 44 [b. 1806 - she may have fudged a bit on her age]. Living with her was Perry age 22, Ellen 18, Martha 14, Levi 16, Levina 11 and Saml. Smith age 7. All the children but Perry had been born in MO, indicating they had gone there betweeen 1828 and 1832. Next door was Simeon H. Wilson, age 32, b. in TN; probably her eldest son since she married in 1815. Simeon had with him, Matilda age 26 b. TN, and Amanda 6, John 3, and Esther 4 months, all b. MO.
There were likely other older children.

FindAGrave Memorial #104246105, notes these children:
Simon H. Wilson, b. 24 Jan 1817, Jefferson Co TN, d. 12 Nov 1889, Collin Co, TX, buried Chambersville Cemetery, Collin Co; married Matilda Collier, 10 Apr 1839 - she was born in VA in 1823, died Roswell, Chaves, NM, 1901.
Lydia N. Wilson, b. 20 Feb 1819, TN, died 1880, Wise Co, TX, buried Bethel Cemetery, Decatur, Wise Co. Married Joseph P. Stewart
Nancy Ellen Wilson, b. 20 Nov 1803, died 2 Jun 1876, buried Mugg Cemetery, Weston, Collin Co, TX. Married Jonathan Howard, Dec 1854
Levi Adamson Wilson, b. 1 Feb 1833, Ray Co, MO, d. 12 May 1903, buried Tehuacana Cemetery, Frio Co, TX. Levi has a military stone for his service as a private in the Texas State Troops, CSA. He married Mary Jane Rowland.

Members of this family moved to Collins Co TX along with some of Esther's brothers and sisters.
1860, Collin Co TX, Precinct 9, p.102b Hh 789
Simon H. Wilson age 43, Merchant, b. MO. Matilda age 37, b. Unk. John W. age 14, b. MO. Hester J. age 10, b. MO. Mary age 5, born Texas.
Hh 790, p.103 [don't know who for sure but obviously kin]
L. P. Adamson, age 22, Clerk, b. MO. Amelia J. age 19, b. KY. Laura B. age 3 months, born Texas
Precinct 3, p.53, Hh 647
Levi Wilson age 26, b. MO. Mary J. age 22, b. MO. Children born in Texas: Martha E. age 3 and Robt M. age 1 month.
On the next page at Hh 656 is Wm T. Wilson, age 30-something - the 2nd number is a blot. Farmer, born TN. Polly, age 41, b. TN. Elizabeth J. age 18, b. MO, John 14, b. MO, Julia Ann 11, b. MO. And born in Texas: Hester, age 7, Sellina E. age 5, and Ellen R. age 3 months.
Just before, Hh 654, is J. C. Wilson age 37, b. MO. Mary A. age 26 b. MO. Wilson 13, b. OK. Sarah J. 9, Matilda C 7, Renia E 5, and Nancy A. age 1, all born in Texas.

Esther did indeed go to Texas. She is buried in the Chambersville Cemetery, Collin Co, TX as "Esther wife of Wm Wilson" - the stone has sunk into the ground to the extent no dates are evident.



Thomas H. ADAMSON7,15,16 was born about 1803 in Tennessee.17

Thomas married Jane Patton on 21 Dec 1825, Jefferson Co TN. [This marriage listed as Knox Co in the Liahoma anthology.] He married (2) Phebe E.

1830 Jefferson Co JN
Thomas ADAMSON 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30. 1f 20-30.
There is another Thomas Adamson in Jefferson in 1830, but he was an older man.

1850 Census, Platte Twp in Andrews Co MO. Thomas Adamson, age 40 [he was more likely about 47], b. Tenn with Phebe, age 21, b. Ind. Others in the household were Cunningham Adamson, age 24, b. TN, Elizabeth C. age 18, born MO [so the family had been there at least since 1832], Silvester age 15, Wellmot age 10 [female], Polly A. age 8. [Probably all the children are from the first wife.] Next door was Larkin Adamson age 23, b. TN and Malinda, age 26 b. TN with Mary J. age 7 months also marked as born in TN. Larkin probably another son of Thomas and his first wife.

1860 Census, Collin Co TX; p.56b, Household 684. Thomas Adamson age 57, Stock Raiser, b. TN. Phebe E. age 30, b. in Ohio. Louisa J. age 7 b. MO, Theodore age 10 months and born in Texas.
p.99: Larkin Adamson, age 31, Farmer, b. TN. Malinda age 35. Mary J. age 10, Sintha A. age 8 and Martha A age 6. Continued on the next page is Willet E age 4, and Juliet age 2 months. Henry C. Ervin age 18 and b. MO is working as a farm hand. Mary J. again marked as born in TN, the remainder of the children born in TX.



Susanah ADAMSON.



Larkin ADAMSON7,15 was born on 14 August 1806 in Tennessee.17 He died on 13 January 1872 at the age of 65 in Chambersville, Collin County, Texas.

Larkin married Nancy F. Routh on 3 Dec 1823, Jefferson Co TN.
She was born 26 Nov 1806, died 1 Nov 1873. Her inscription, Chambersville Cemetery, reads "Wife of Rev. L. Adamson"

1830 Census. Jefferson Co, TN
Larkin ADAMSON 1m age 20-30. 1f age 20-30

They are in the 1850, Platte Co MO Census in Green Township along with his brothers Levi and Jacob and sister Esther. Larkin is age 44, b. in TN; Nancy was age 43. No children living with them; perhaps they had none. They apparently moved to Collin Co TX soon after 1850 where they settled 10 miles northwest of McKinney. He opened a store and post office and named it Weston after the town they lived in in Missouri.

I have seen that a Larkin Adamson living in Platte, Andrew Co, MO in 1850 and who was married to Malinda Wilhite was a son of Larkin and Nancy Routh. I believe that Larkin was instead a son of Thomas Adamson, the older Larkin's brother. He lived next door to Thomas in 1850 and his wife was Malinda.

Larkin and Nancy are buried Chambersville Cemetery, Collin Co, TX



Mary "Polly" ADAMSON.



Levi ADAMSON7,15 was born in 1810 in Tennessee.17 He died in February 1870 at the age of 60 in Collin County, Texas.

Levi wasn't likely born in Cannon Co TN as received in email - it wasn't formed until 1836 from Rutherford, Smith & Warren Counties, none of which were formed from Jefferson. He was much more likely born in Jefferson Co TN where his family was living at that time.

Levi married Mary Ann Benton on 28 Apr 1836 in Richmond, Ray County, MO.

In the 1850 Census in Green Twp, Platte Co MO:
Levi, age 40, a Tailor b. in TN. Polly A. age 33 also born in TN and the following children all born in MO. Lawson age 13, Simon 11, Larkin 9, and Nancy 6.
On one side of Levi was his brother Larkin and on the other side was a Kelsey Adamson age 27, a Merchant, b. TN. Kelsey seems just a bit too old to be the son of either Levi or Larkin but he could very well be a son of Jacob by his first wife and Jacob was enumerated only a few households before Larkin. Living with Kelsey was Rebecca age 25 and also born in TN with children, Samuel 8, Martha E, 5, Jacob who seems to be 21, or age two with a random ink mark, and Levi 8 months. All these born born in MO.



Eleanor "Ellen" ADAMSON7,15 was born in 1813 in Tennessee.17

Eleanor "Ellen" married Joseph Hearn on 23 Jul 1829 in Jefferson Co TN.

1850 Census. Bonham, Fannin Co, TX, Hh 547
Jos Hearn, age 43, Teamster, b. NC
Ellen, age 37, b. TN
Born in MO: William, age 20, Frances 18 [female], Nancy 16, Levi age 14, Larkin 9, Lydia 7.
Missouri, age 1, b. TX
G. Thornton, age 20, carpenter, b. TN
Jas. C. Keltaner, age 20, teamster, b. AR

1860. Precinct #9, Collin Co TX, p.106, Household 830. The household was quite large and contained 13 persons divided into three families:
Joseph Hearn, age 52, Farmer, b. North Carolina, and Ellen, age 47, b. TN And what appears to be their children: Levi age 23, Lida 16, Misoura 9, and Laura 6; Levi & Lida born in MO, the younger children b. Texas. Then the 2nd family: Larkin Hearn age 18, b. MO and what appears to be his wife Mary, age 19, b. Miss. Listed as the 3rd family in the household is Jacob Wilson, age 24, Farmer, b. TN - probably a nephew of Ellen Adamson Hearn & grandson of Eleanor Adamson, as two of the daughters had married Wilsons. Nancy Wilson, age 21 b. TN. John Wilson, age 28, a painter, born in NC. Also Harrison Mills age 19, b. TN, probably a farm hand. Last of all was listed Eleanor, age 91, with this group.