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Third Generation

22. Jesse T. ADAMSON6,8,9 was born about 1759 in prob Bucks County, Pennsylvania.5 He died by December 1825 at the age of 66 in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Jesse was not in good standing with the Quakers of Cane Creek when he married Mary Wells. He did receive membership 2 Jul 1787 at Deep River Meeting. When they moved to the waters of the Nolichucky in Tennessee he was received along with his six sons at New Hope Meeting. They helped establish Lost Creek Meeting in 1797.

Married in the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting (Orange Co, now Alamance Co NC)
From Cane Creek MM:
1777, 3, 1: Mary, formerly Wells dismissed for marrying out of unity.
1785, 5, 7 Mary condemend her marrying out of unity.
1785, 9, 8 Mary granted certificate to Deep River Monthly Meeting.

2 Jul 1787 Jesse Adamson and sons John and Joseph, of Muddy Creek, were received into membership at Deep River [Guilford Co NC] of their own request. Charity and Margaret were received the same day by request of their mother Mary.

1790 Census. Stokes Co NC
Jesse Adamson: 1male over age 21, 4m under 16, 3 females.

Lost Creek MM: Jesse Adamson & sons, John, Joseph, William, Simon, Wells, and Jesse, from Deep River were received at NewHope, Greene Co TN prior to setting up of Lost Creek in Jefferson Co TN, on 12th month, 26th day, 1795.

22 Nov 1800 at Lost Creek: Jesse Adamson "disowned for unbecoming language"

I have also seen daughters named Elizabeth and Mary "Polly" in various databases. The birth years and birth order are from an online database. No proof offered but furnished a reasonable framework. However, I've found nothing further on an Elizabeth.

I'm not sure that any Polly [or Mary] fits in the family. She is said to have married Stephen Hopkins, 21 Oct 1806, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN. He died 4 Aug 1844, Fayette Co, Illinois. The problem is that there is also a marriage for a Simon Adamson to a Susannah Hopkins and this does not seem to be the Simon who was a son of Jesse since he married Sarah Cox and is with a Sarah in 1850 and 1860. The marriage to Sarah Cox is three months after the marriage to Susannah Hopkins, both said to be in Lebanon - however, the Tennessee State Marriages online at Ancestry, show that "S." Adamson married Susannah Hopkins in Wilson Co, while Simon Adamson married Sarah Cox in Jefferson Co. There are other possible explanations - sometimes "intentions" to marry are just that and the marriage doesn't take place. Evidence from descendants is that we may have two Simons living in Wilson Co, circa 1800-1810.

From FamilyTree on

(Sons of Simon Sr. and Margaret Patterson Adamson)--Thomas, Byrd, Jesse T., Enos, Simon J.
Note: There seems to have been NO son named Byrd - it may have been handed down in the family as a nickname for Thomas, but there is not record in Jefferson Co TN for any Adamson named Byrd... Also there is no proof of the name of Simon Sr and other sources suggest she was Mary, not Margarent/

A careful study of the early Quaker records of North Carolina and Tennessee, as found, in volume one of Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy indicates that there may have been several Adamson brothers living in Jefferson County, west Tennessee, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Some of them were good enough to get into the fold, and bad enough to get kicked out again. But Rachel Adamson's hard-boiled, hard-headed, stiff-necked husband Byrd was never repentent enough of his sins to ask for membership. Consequently his name never appears on the church records.
Note: Rachel Williams was the wife of Thomas Adamson. The marriage record exists in Jefferson Co TN and he named her as Rachel in his will.

John, and Jesse, and Simon, Sr. were all at one time or another Quakers in good standing to the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting. In as much as Jesse and Enos were neighbors in Stokes County, N. C. in 1790 and in as much as John had a son Enos born in Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1790, one may be pardoned for suggesting the possibility that there may have been at least five Adamson brothers living in the French ____ community of Jefferson County, West Tennessee 140 to 160.

These five brothers, as indicated by census records, by Quaker records, and by family tradition were: 1) Byrd; 2)Enos; 3) Jesse; 4) John; and 5) Simon. Those who are interested are invited to make further research on this possibility. This hypothesis is, however, is not to be accepted as factual until further records are discovered to confirm it. [My Note: Jonathan omitted and "Byrd" was actually Thomas.]

Early in 1777, Mary Wells, of the Cane Creek Meeting in Chatham County, N. C. married Jesse T. Adamson, "out of unity", without consent of the Meeting. Promptly at the first monthly meeting thereafter, Marach 1, 1777, she was called to account, and was disowned. Eight years later this family removed to Muddy Creek. Mary wanted to be in good standing with the Quaker community at Deep River, so, on May 7, 1785, she publicly condemned her marriage out of unity and was reinstated. On September 9, 1785, she was given a certificate to the Deep River Monthly Meeting.

July 2, 1787, Jesse Adamson and his sons John and Joseph of Muddy Creek, were received into membership at Deep River at their own request. The same date Charity and Margaret were received on request of their mother Mary. Mary Wells Adamson, incidentally, was a member of Deep River Meeting for just ten years. She was received on her certificate from Cane Creek Sept 3, 1795. Ten years later she lost favor for some reason we do not know about and was disowned on Jan. 5, 1796. In 1790, the census record shows that this family was composed of one male adult (Jesse T. Adamson), four sons under 16, who were John, Joseph, William and Simon Wells, and three free white females, who were Mary, Charity, and Margaret.

To continue the Quaker fortunes of this family, we find Jesse receiving a letter to New Hope of Green County, Tenn., Sept. 7 1795. Unrepentent Mary was either dead or still outcast. For when the family arrived at New Hope, Dec. 26, 1795, neither her name or the girl's names were mentioned. Jesse and children, John, Joseph, William, Simon Wells, and Jesse, received on certificate from Deep River Monthly Meeting, dated Sept 7, 1795.

From: The Adamson Source Book, Part 1, Page 20. (database on-line). Provo, Utah: the Generations Network, Inc. 2004. Original data: Dixon, Ben F. The Adamson Source book: a genealogy of the descendants of Rachel Williams Adamson (1776-1850) of Surry County N.C., Jefferson County, Tenn., and Lawrence County, Indiana: with an addendum of miscellaneous historical material on the name Adamson. San Diego, Calif, unknown, 1960.

Tennessee Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008
Wilson County Wills, 1824-1832, p. 253
In the name of God Amen. I Jesse Adamson of Wilson County & State of Tennessee being in sound mind and perfect memory do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth. First I commit to Soul to God who gave it and my body to be buried as my executors shall think fit. First Item. I gve and bequeath unto my wife May Adamson one sorrel mare, one side saddle, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and five head of hogs, her choise. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Charity Huff one dollar. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved one John Adamson one dollar. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Marget Pugh one feather bed and furniture. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Joseph Adamson one dollar. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son William Adamson one dollar. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Wells Adamson one dollar. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Jessee Adamson one dollar. I give unto my beloved daughter Mary Hopkins one feather Bed and furniture. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Williams on dollar. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Elijah Adamson one dollar and Further more it is my will that all of my remaining estate be Sold by my executors and equally divided between my beloved children, to wit: Marget Pugh, Joseph Adamson, Simon Adamson, Wells Adamson and Mary Hopkins. I do appoint and ordain my Son Simon Adamson and George Pugh my executors of this my last Will and Testament and by these presents revoke all other Wills heretofore made by me. Witness my hadn and Seal this 18th day of October 1825. Acknowledged Signed Sealed and acknowledged to be his last Will and testament in the presents
of us. Signed: Jesse (X) Adamson
Test: Leonard Fite, Jurat. Enoch Stiles
Dec Term 1825. Wilson County Court. Will produced in open Court & duly proved by Leonard Fite & Enoch Stiles and ordered recorded.

Jesse T. ADAMSON and Mary WELLS were married in 1777 in Orange County, North Carolina.5,10 Mary WELLS6,11,12, daughter of Joseph WELLS and Charity CARRINGTON, was born in 1757. She died after 1825 at the age of 68.

Probably a daughter of Joseph & Charity (Carrington) Wells and was a Quaker in good standing at Cane Creek, Orange Co NC. She married out of unity to Jesse and was disowned 1 Mar 1777. After they moved to Guilford Co, Mary went back to Cane Creek, condemned her marriage and was reinstated and received a certificate to Deep River Meeting which was accepted 7 Nov 1785. Jesse and four of the children, John, Joseph Charity & Margaret were received into membership 2 Jul 1787. Jesse Adamson and sons from Deep River were accepted into the New Hope MM prior to the setting of of Lost Creek MM in TN - 26 Dec 1795.

Jesse T. ADAMSON and Mary WELLS had the following children:



Charity ADAMSON.



John ADAMSON6,9,13 was born in 1780.12 He died in 1806 at the age of 26 in Smith County, Tennessee.

2 Jul 1787 Jesse Adamson and sons John and Joseph, of Muddy Creek, were received into membership at Deep River [Guilford Co NC] of their own request.
John was received at the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting on certificate with his father in 1795. He was disowned 24 Jan 1800 for "dancing and attending a meeting out of unity".

Possibly the John who married Rebecca Leakey; he died circa 1806. He is also possibly another John Adamson who married an Ann and died in 1832 in Henry Co, Indiana.

First - the following seems to be a reasonable premise.
JOHN ADAMSON son of Jesse T. and Mary [Wells] Adamson,(this does
not agree with records from K.A.R.D. files which have John son of Jesse marrying
someone else and living a long life, and do not know which is correct) born about
1780 , died East Tennessee by 1807, married Knox County, TN Jan. 5, 1801 REBECCA
LEAKY daughter of William and Elizabeth [Scott] Leaky, no date given for her
birth but her sister was born 1781/2 in Surry County, NC. The bond signed by John
and John Leaky, Rebecca's brother. They had two children John ADAMSON
born about 1803 and Charlotte ADAMSON born about 1804. William Leakey Sr was
appointed guardian of these two children by a Court in Knox County
, TN in July
session 1807. This has caused some researchers to believe that both parents were
dead by this date. It was common practice for the Court to appoint a relative as
guardian of minor children to protect the inherited interests and rights (usually
financial or land related) of those minor children, particularly when a widow was
contemplating remarriage. Internet files reveal that some researchers in the
Beals/Bales family believe that Jacob BEALS married Rebecca Adamson a daughter of
Simon Adamson Sr. in Knox or Jefferson County, TN. I tend to believe Jacob BEALS
married the young widow, Rebecca [Leaky] Adamson. Rebecca's sister, Sarah
LEAKY, married Knox County, TN Nov. 18, 1799 ALEXANDER BLAKELY. They were nieces
of Levi LEAKY and Sussanah [ROUTH] LEAKY. Tennessee Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008
Smith County Original Wills, 1803-1896, p.39
Will of John Adamson
In the name of God Amen. I being in a low State of Health & knowing the uncertainty of Life, But having my right reason and Judgement of mind do ordain this my last will & Testament. 1st I ordain my well beloved wife Rebeckah my whole & sole Executor of my Estate.
I give & bequeath to my beloved wife all my household furniture with all my cattle & I leave my horses to be sold & put to the use of supporting my Dear Wife & Children as long as she continues my Widow. Upon her marrying all my property to be equally Divided among my well beloved Children. This I ordain as my Last Will & Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & seal the Eighth day of October, the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & five. Signed: John (x) Adamson
Wit: Edam Dale, Jurat
William Adamson
Sept Term 1806. The Will of John Adamson was in part proven in open Court by the Oath of Adam Dale and ordered to be recorded

JACOB BALES son of Thomas and Susan [Atrim]
Bales was born Oct. 28, 1768 New Garden MM records, Guilford County, NC, married
Jefferson County, TN about 1792 REBECCA ADAMSON

There is also another version of Rebecca's second marriage - supposedly to James George 21 Mar 1807, in Knos Co where she had married John Adamson. One database also suggests that John died in Smith Co, TN. There are simply way too many John Adamsons.

I believe this John was a heretofore unidentified son of Enos Adamson:
There is also a John Adamson who appears in one of those old FamilyTreeMaker files without a lot of support documentation. He is said to have married an Ann Jackson. John said born 26 Aug 1782, Cane Creek, Orange Co NC and died 22 Feb 1832, Henry Co, IN. The names of the children in this family are indicated as following and would certainly seem to indicate kinship with the family of Jesse T. Adamson.
Enos, b. 10 Oct 1804
Simon, b. 13 Nov 1806 - found later in Wayne Co IN, died 13 Sep 1889, Wayne Co.
Charity, b. 13 Jul 1808, married Isaiah Love, 5 Apr 1832, Henry Co
Charlotte, b. 1810
Mary, b. 25 Jul 1812, married (1) James Imel, 18 Jul 1832, Wayne Co and (2) Mahlon Hines, 15 Jul 1841, Grant Co IN
Nathaniel Jackson, b. 15 Nov 1814, d. 13 Aug 1890, Norton Co, KS, married Mary Elizabeth Hiatt, 10 Aug 1837, Henry, IN
Tabitha, b. 13 Feb 1817, married Conrad Imel, 4 Jun 1835, Wayne Co
John L., b. 11 Jul 1819, married Sarah Hiatt, 16 Mar 1854, Henry Co
Ann, b. Sep 1821, d. 27 Apr 1879, Grant Co IN, married Levi Hiatt, 28 Jun 1838, Henry Co
Telitha, b. 1821
Samuel, b. 1825
Jonathon, b. 1828

Marriages from Indiana State Libary which ends with 1850:
Alexander Adamson m. Sarah or Mary Underwood, Henry Co, 3 Mar 1833
Ann Adamson, m. Levi Hiatt, Henry Co, 28 Jun 1838
Charity Adamson m. Isaiah Love, Henry Co, 5 Apr 1832
Charlotte Adamson m. William Hiatt, Henry Co, 14 Mar 1833
Jonathan Adamson m. Laurena Hunt, Henry Co, 11 Oct 1849
Mary Adamson m. James Imel, Henry Co, 18 Jul 1832
Nathaniel J. Adamson m. Mary Hieatt, Henry Co, 10 Aug 1837
William Adamson, m. Margaret Lewis, Henry Co, 22 Jul 1847
Simon Adamson married Lydia Frazer, Wayne Co 7 Aug 1828 and Anne Elliott, Wayne Co, 16 Jan 1834. He appears in the 1850 Census, Perry Twp, Wayne Co IN, age 43, Anna, age 38, and four children. In 1860, Simon was Washington Twp, Randolph Co IN. In 1870 and 1880, his wife appeared as Sarah J. but he was still in Randolph Co.
Tabitha Adamson married Conrad Imel, Wayne Co. 3 May 1835 and a Tabitha Adamson married Prior Wright, Wayne Co, 2 Jul 1837
A Jonathan Adamson married Emily Macy, Wayne Co, 22 Nov 1838
A Mary Adamson married Mahlon Hines, Grant Co, 15 Jul 1841 - but as her second marriage her name should have been Mary Imel

Ancestry has Indiana marriages to 1892, but John's marriage to Sarah Hiatt did not appear. These was a marriage between a David Hiatt and Lydia Adamson, 14 Jul 1831, Delaware Co.



Margaret ADAMSON.









William ADAMSON6 was born in 1787.12

Probably the William who witnessed his brother John's will in Smith Co, TN, 8 Oct 1805.
May have married Demonis Bledsoe, 7 Jun 1808, Lebanon, Wilson Co TN. Possibly died circa 1811. Said to have had one son also named William.

Ken Bowen webpage lists two marriages for William. Since there is a record for William's marriage to Demaris in 1808, it would appear that if the first two children were the first wife's they were born a few years earlier.
spouse: Wilson, Mary (*1782 - )
----------child: Adamson, William (1808 - )
----------child: Adamson, Elizabeth (1809 - )
spouse: Bledsoe, Demaris (*1783 - )
----------child: Adamson, John (1809 - )
----------child: Adamson, Delilah (1810 - )

It is likely John & Delilah have been placed here because there are marriages in Wilson Co, the same place where William married Demaris and his brother Elijah married Susannah Hathway:
John Adamson married Polly David, 3 Dec 1825
Delilah Adamson married Thomas Belcher, 27 Arp 1827



Jesse ADAMSON6 was born in 1788.12
Jesse may have married a Nancy.






Mary ADAMSON was born about 1795.
Surname in her father's will of 1825 was Hopkins.



Elizabeth ADAMSON was born about 1797.

Married surname was Williams, as noted in her father's will in 1825.



Elijah ADAMSON was born in 1799.12 He died in December 1826 at the age of 27 in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Elijah is not in all databases as a child of Jesse of Mary Wells, however his will in Wilson Co, TN definitely lists his mother as Mary Adamson.

Elijah married Susannah Hathaway, 24 Apr 1822, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN. They are said to have had three sons, although the following will specifically says "my two sons". If the online database is correct, there were first-born twins, and probably William did not survive since he is not mentioned in the will.
William, b. 10 Mar 1824, Wilson Co TN
Jesse John, b. 10 Mar 1824, d. 17 May 1851, Fayette, IL. [He was not in the Fayette Co IL 1850 census.] Married Elizabeth Blankenship, 6 May 1847, Fayette Co, IL
Joseph, b. 9 Aug 1826, d. 19 Jun 1900. Married (1) Martha Grider, 7 Oct 1849. Married (2) Martha Mills and (3) Mary Jane Outhouse.
Wills and inventories 1824-1832 FHL US/CAN Film 430842
Wilson County, Tennessee Wills Page 376.
In the name of God Amen.
I Elijah Adamson Wilson County and State of Tennessee Being in sound mind and perfect memory do make this my last will & testament in manner and form as follows: My soul to God who gave it and my [boddy] to be buried in a decent manner my wish and will is that if my just debt can be paid and of my personal property and then should be so much left. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susannah Adamson a red faced cow, one feather bed & furniture it is my will that she should live on the land and log house as long as she lives or remains my widow but when married or dead the property to be sold & the money equally divided between my two sons Jesse & Joseph Adamson also the land if saved to be equally divided between them two. It is also my will and wish that the cleared land be equally divided between my mother Mary Adamson & Susannah Adamson my wife during the lifetime of my mother and do by these presents appoint Admin: Simon Adamson and Jesse Pugh executors to this my last will and testament & do revoke all other wills heretofore by me [maid] in Witnesses where of I have hereto set my hand and seal to this my last will and Testament this 11th day of October 1826.

Signed, sealed, and acknowledged Elijah x Adamson [his mark]
Simeon Hathaway [seal]
George R. Pugh [seal]

Recorded 24 Dec 1826

located in Wilson County Tennessee Will Books
ELIJAH ADAMSON Inventory. 24 December 1826. Administrators: Simon Adamson and Jesse Pugh. (Pp. 352-353) Likely Simon who married Sarah Cox and lived in Wilson Co. A Jesse Pugh married Polly Adamson, 28 Arp 1835 - she may have been Simon's daughter.
ELIJAH ADAMSON Sale. Recorded 28 May 1827. (Pp. 451-452)
SUSANNAH ADAMSON Widow's Allotment. 6 January 1827. (P. 441)
ELIJAH ADAMSON Settlement. (Pp. 271-272)