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Second Generation

8. SIMON ADAMSON1,6,7 was born in 1733 in Springfield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.2,4 He died after 1817 at the age of 84 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,5

Email from another Adamson descendant, Paul Fuenning <> lists some curious information about the family of Simon. No sources furnished. He listed sons Jesse & Enos as born in Fairplay, SC in 1758 and 1760; then listed a Joseph born in 1775, also in Fairplay SC. The children in between born in Randolph Co NC, Orange Co NC, then TN, but again he has children born in TN before some of those born in NC. This makes no sense with any other Adamson information I have found as I know of no residences for Simon and family other than PA then perhaps VA, then NC, and on to TN as the usual migration pattern follows.
The Adamson family were at Haddonfield, NJ and moved about 1726 to,
Springfield, Bucks County, PA and were for a time members of the Gwynedd MM.
Many of the names of the Allied families in the ROUTH and ADAMSON genealogy were
residents of Chester County, PA. There was a large migration of these people in
1733 when they moved to Frederick County, VA. The land records suggest that
there was another group of Quakers from Chester and Bucks Counties, PA moved to
Frederick County, VA in the early1750's, and many of the individuals in both
groups moved thence into North Carolina. The Opequon or Hopewell MM records for
that crucial time period when our ancestors were in Frederick County, VA were
destroyed by fire.

Found on, U. S. Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1994
Richland Monthly Meeting, Men's Minutes 1742-1764. Bucks Co, PA,
Monthly Meeting held at Richland ye 1 mo. 19th day, 1758
"The case of Simon Adamson & John Loyd being laid before this meeting as having a considerable time past gone Out in Marriage Contrary to the rules of our Discipline & have not yet made any Satisfaction for their Offences - the Overseers are directed to acquaint them if unless they come & make Suitable Satisfaction for their outgoings ___ must proceed against them as ye Discipline directs."
Monthly Meeting at Richland ye 2. mo. 16. 1758
"Simon Adamson produced a paper in Condemnation of his outgoing in Marriage which was received."
Monthly Meeting 2rd month, 15th day, 1759
"The meeting being Informd that Simon Adamson has absconded or removed in a Clandestine Manner out of the Province leaving Debst unpaid and taking no Care to satisfie hie Creditors & his Conduct for a Considerable time past not being agreeable to Truth & Our Discipline, it is ye force of this Meeting that he Ought to be Testified agast. without further delay & Therefore appoints John Thomas & Saml. Faulke to draw a Testification for that purpose before Next Meeting"
p.117; 3rd mo. 15th day 1759
"The Friends appointed by last Meeting to draw a Testification against Simon Adamson have accordingly drawn One which was read & with Some Amendment approved & John Foulke desired to publish it before next Meeting"
p.118; 4th mo 19th day 1759
"The Meeting Testification against Simon Adamson has been published as Ord'd by last Meeting."

Probably the Simon Adamson found in Orange Co NC along with Jesse Adamson: Colonial America 1607-1789 NC Census Index.

Simon married "out of unity" and left Bucks County, first to North Carolina and then to Tennessee. His first wife is listed as unknown by Judy Dye, Mary T. is listed in other references. So many Larkins are in the neighborhood and this name is subsequently used as an Adamson given name - perhaps the first wife was a Larkin. He had a second marriage to Eleanor ?Lewis about 1766. She is supposed to have been a widow, perhaps Eleanor Moon, or was she a Larkin? There is also the possibility that she has been confused with Eleanor Routh, wife of Simon Jr - two daughters Elizabeth & Martha often listed for Simon Sr. were more likely children of Simon Jr as named in his Will, instead of daughters of Simon Sr. Sometimes a son David is listed for Simon, but I have found no indication he existed. One database had a wife as Margaret Patterson - again with no proof whatsoever.

Jefferson Co TN was established in 1792 - from 1784-1789 it had been a part of Caswell Co in the State of Franklin. Prior to that it was part of Washington Co TN. Knox Co was established the same year as Jefferson, from Greene & Hawkins Counties and was not part of the State of Franklin.

Jefferson Co TN DB D, p.178
13 Dec 1797 John Adamson to Simon Adamson, both of Jefferson Co TN. 25#'s. tract on S side of Holston, known as Sherell's place. Between Holston & French Broad Rivers. Walnut, post oak, stake, hickory, white oak. 75 acres. Part of plantation where Simon now resides. [Sale of this property will be by Simon Adamson, Sr., who signs his deeds with an "S"]

Jefferson Co TN, DB I, p.133 [notice this deed made 6 Dec 1800, but not proved in court until 1808]
6 Dec 1800 Jeremiah Horn of Willson Co TN. Appoints Jonathan Harrold of Jefferson Co TN his attorney to execute deeds of conveyance to Simon Adamson Senr and Thomas Adamson. 100 acres in Sinking Cane Valley, draught of Beaver Creek. And to Elisha Harold, 200 acres adj the said 100 acres. To Morgan Thornburgh, 100 acres. Being tract of 400 acres surveyed for me on 17 Aug 1793 by Joseph McCulloch, Warrent from John Carters Office No 1834, dated 6 Oct 1779. Which obligations by assignment are now in the names of the aforesaid persons, to wit Simon Adamson Senr and Thomas Adamson to 100 acres. Elisha Harold to 200 acres. Morgan Thornburgh to 100 acres. My deeds not coming to hand yet but there being a prospect at present that I shall soon obtain one. Whenever my attorney shall be in possession of my deeds that he should execute deeds of Conveyance to the before named persons. . Signed: Jeremyah Horn. Wit: Joseph thornbrug Sr, Joseph Thornbrugh, Junr. Proved in Court July Session 1808.

Tax lists in Tennessee are confusing given the fact that multiple Simon Adamsons were present. Both Jefferson and Knox Counties were formed out of Greene & Hawkins Counties in 1792.
1800 1800 JEFFERSON COUNTY, TN TAX LIST alphabetized Taxable property in Capt
Hodge's Company
Simon ADAMSON 75 acres [no poll and could be Simon Sr, not taxed because of age]
John ADAMSON 132 acres 1 White Poll
Jonathan ADAMSON 63 acres 1 White Poll
ADAMSON, Simeon 115 acres [Jr]
ADAMSON, Joseph, 100 acres
My note: I believe Simon in Jefferson Co was Simon Sr, and that the Simon in Knox Co in 1806 was most likely Simon Jr.
Sistler's book of Early Tennessee Tax Lists - also lists a Simon Adamson in Jefferson Co in 1822.

This deed shows John, Simon Sr, and Simon Jr. all living near each other:
Jefferson Co TN DB G, p.152
July, 1804. Robert McFarland & Adam Meek to Simon Adamson Jnr. all of Jefferson, TN. $37.50. 77 acres. Adj Edmond Phillips, Simon Adamson Sr and John Elliss. Hickory on the mountain at Ellis's line, with Simon Adamson Senior's line and John Adamson's line, Phillips' corner. Signed: R. McFarland, Adam Meek. Wit: Joseph Williams, Richard Thornberg. Proved April Session 1805. Reg 29 Jul 1805

Jefferson Co TN, DB I, p.155
25 Jul 1806 Simon Adamson Senr. of Jefferson TN to Edmund Philips of same. $400. Tract of 75 acres S side of Holston near dividing ridge, being place on which the said Simon Adamson now lives. Signed: Simon (S) Adamson. wit: Elihu Macy, Barachiah Macy, Frederick Barnard. Proved in open court July session 1808. Reg. 8 Sep 1808 [Proof that the earlier deed from John Adamson was to Simon, Senior.]

Jefferson Co TN, DB I, p.147
26 Sep 1807 Edmond Phillips of Highland Co, Ohio to Simon Adamson of Jefferson TN $500. Tract in Jefferson, S side Holston known as Sherl's place, near dividing ridge bet Holston & French Broad. Walnut, post oak, Stake, stake, Hickory, Hickory, White Oak. 75 acres including part of the plantation where Simon Adamson Senior now lives. Signed: Edmund Philips. Wit: Nehemiah Ellis, Jonathan Adamson. reg. 2 Sep 1808

Jefferson Co TN, DB J, p.167
8 Jul 1809 Elisha Harold to Susanna Hudson & Levi Wilson. $200. 12 acres & 96 poles. Sinking Cane Valley. corner whereon Susanna Hudson now lives. Signed: Elisha Harold. Wit: Simon Adamson, Israel Wilson, Jonathan Harold. Proved in court Sep Session 1810

Jefferson Co TN DB J, p.161
18 Jan 1810. Jeremiah Horn of Jefferson to Simon Adamson of same. $60. 15 acres and 46 rods. Sinking Caine Valey. Walnut on Simon Adamson's old corner, black oaks. Jonathan Harold signs as agent for Jeremiah Horn. Wit: Thomas Adamson, David (X) Adamson, Elisha Harold. Proved by Thomas Adamson & David Adamson, Sep Session 1810 Reg. 3 Oct 1810
[Some have thought there may have been another Adamson brother named David, but David, oldest son of Jonathan was old enough to sign deeds in 1810.]

Jefferson Co TN DB L, p.121
22 Sep 1810 Adam Meek and Robert McFarland to John Bales, all of Jefferson TN. $24 paid by Joseph Thornburgh for said Bailes. 49 aces. signed: Adam Meeks, R. McFarland. Wit: H. Thornburgh, Simon Adamson. Ack March Session 1814. reg 6 Jun 1814

29 Dec 1810, Simon Adamson Sr was received in the Lost Creek MM at New Market, Jefferson Co TN on his own request. His son Simon Jr was already a member there. Lost Creek was established in 1797 from New Garden MM in North Carolina. Simon's sons were present in Jefferson Co as well. The name of New Market from Jefferson Co would be passed to to a community in MO when the family moved West.

Although some attribute a will written in Jefferson Co TN, 22 May 1812 and proved in Mar of 1814; that was not this Simon but the Simon who married Eleanor Routh, probably his son. Records referring to two Simons in Jefferson Co TN cease about 1810.

I have actually found a later record for Simon, Sr. at the "Digital Library on American Slavery". A petition, #11481738, was filed to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Tennessee, in Knoxville, in 1817. Forty-one petitioners argued that slave owners should be permitted to free their slaves on terms which will not involve them, nor their estates, for their maintenance. And they proposed a law to declare all descendants of slaves, born after the passing of the law, shall be free at a certain age which your honourable Body may fix upon. Signers to the petition included John Adamson, Jonathan Adamson, Simon Adamson Sr, and Isaac Williams.
A copy of the petition is held at the Tennessee State Library & Archives in Nashville.

SIMON ADAMSON and ?Mary T. [ADAMSON] were married before 1758.1,4 ?Mary T. [ADAMSON] was born (date unknown).

SIMON ADAMSON and ?Mary T. [ADAMSON] had the following children:









Simon ADAMSON Jr..









Thomas "Byrd" ADAMSON.