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Sixth Generation

456. Mary Emily ADAMSON58,85 was born on 14 January 1847 in Indiana.5,54,55,85 She died on 5 March 1929 at the age of 82 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.85

Marriage record shows Mary as daughter of Andrew Adamson of Janesville. Henry Morehouse, Pastor
Marriage record sent by Bremer Genealogical Society as 5 Dec 1867. Other references give the date as 5 Dec 1866. Son Ulysses was born Oct of 1867, probably wasn't born two months before the marriage so I believe 1866 to be correct.

Mary Emily is buried Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, IN.

Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo, Howard Co, IN, 5 Mar 1929
Widow of B. F. Leaner had Spent Most of Long Life in Howard County.
Mrs. Emma Learner, age eighty two, widow of P. F. Learner, passed away shortly before three o'clock Tuesday morning at her home just east of the city on the Sycamore road, following an illness that became marked only Sunday. There had been a gradual failing of strength over a long period, but until a few hours before the end came there was hope that she might recover.
Funeral arrangements have not been made, awaiting word from members of the family living at a distance.
Mrs. Learner was born January 14, 1847, in Delaware county, the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Rachel Garner Adamson. When she was eight years old the family moved to Howard county and lived here until during the Civil War when they moved to Iowa. She was the last of a family of eight children. One brother was killed at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain.
At the close of the war, B. F. Learner, who was born and reared in Howard county and had known Miss Adamson here, journeyed to Iowa and there they were married on December 5, 1866. The first few years of their married life were spent at Shellrock, Iowa, after which they returned to Howard county, their home ever since. In Iowa they buried a little daughter, Lillian, who died at the age of two years.
Mrs. Learner was the mother of nine children, seven of whom survive. They are U. A., Ellis M., Donald H, and Mrs. Harrison Copp of Kokomo; L. C. of Baton Rouge, LA; Ernest R. and Dr. Harry W. of Buffalo, N.Y. A son, Perl H. died in 1913. The husband and father passed away January 31, 1925.
There are eleven living grandchildren: Mrs. Herbert McDowell of Los Angeles, Mrs. John F. Hopkins and Wendell and Mary L. Learner of Buffalo, NY; Frank L. Learner of Baton Rouge, LA; Raymond L. Learner of Louisville, KY; Mrs. Fred Gates, Ellis Moulder and Carl Osburn Leaner and Julia Ann and Frederick Copp of Kokomo.
Mrs. Learner had long been a member of the Hillsdale U. B. church in the vicinity of her home. Her long and busy life had been well spent. The neighborhood in which she passed away had been her home for many years, she had seen the dirt road give way to a paved highway and the isolation of the country become a thing of the past. She had enjoyed the material benefits of modern living and had contributed her part to its betterment in the upbuilding of the finer things of life.

Mary Emily ADAMSON and Benjamin Franklin LEARNER were married on 5 December 1866 in Janesville, Bremer County, Iowa.85 Benjamin Franklin LEARNER57,59,60,86, son of Barnhart LEARNER and Catherine HUITTER, was born on 29 May 1842 in Indiana.85 He died on 31 January 1925 at the age of 82 in Howard County, Indiana.58

Benjamin served in Company G, 57th Infantry Regt of Indiana as a Private, enlisting 18 Nov 1861 and mustered out as a Corporal on 21 Jun 1865. The regimental history of the unit is lengthy - they took part in many of the battles including Shiloh, Missionary Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain, and Franklin, TN. From his obituary, I discovered that he was on the Sultana when the boilers exploded near Memphis. He was actually reported as having died in the explosion.

Iowa, Marriages, 1809-1992, a database on MyHeritage, has a marriage date of 27 Nov 1866 - perhaps that was the date of the bond. Location is Waverly, Bremer Co.

B. F. Leaner and wife Mary E. were in Howard Twp of Howard Co IN in 1870. He was age 27, a Farmer, born in Indiana. Mary E. was age 22, Keeping house. Ulysses & Levi were the only children. Rachel Adamson, Mary's mother, along with three of her siblings, also lived in the household.

It's quite likely that the Barnhild Learner living next door in 1870 was Benjamin's father. He was age 62, born in Baden, Germany, his parents of foreign birth. His wife was Phoeba, age 61, born Ohio. John W. age 21, born IN, is probably the John Wesley Lerner that married Hettie Adamson, Mary's younger sister.

In 1880, Benjamin & Mary still lived next door to Barnhart & Phoebe Learner. B. F. was age 38, b. IN. Mary was 32. Ulysses age 12, Leveritt age 10, Ernest age 6, Pearl age 4. James Cook age 21, was living with the family doing Farm Labor.

1900 Census. Howard Twp, Howard Co IN, Dist 66, Hh 48
Benjamin Learner, b. May 1842, age 58, married 34 years, b. IN, father b. Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania
Mary E., b. Jan 1848, age 52. Had 9 children, 8 are living. Mary b. IN, father b. Ohio, mother b.Pennsylvania [places of birth of her parents are incorrect]
Barnhart, father, b. May 1808, age 92, widowed, b. Germany as were his parents, Naturalized in 1833; has been a citizen 67 years.
Ulysses A., son, b. Oct 1867, age 32, married 9 years.
Pearl H., son, b. Apr 1876, age 24, born in Iowa, although other children listed as born in Indiana
Ellis M., son, b. Sept 1883, age 16
Harry W., son, b. Jan 1886, age 14
Donald H., son, b. Sept 1891, age 8
Ruth T., dau, b. Jan 1897, age 3
Adamson, Andrew Fredrick, bro-in-law, b. Jul 1856, age 43

1910 Census. Center Twp, Howard Co IN, Dist 118, Hh 209
Benjamin F. Learner, age 67, married 1 time for 44 years, b. IN, father b. Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania
Mary E., wife, age 52, 9 children, 8 living, b. IN, father b. NC, mother b. Ohio
Donald H., son, age 18. Ruth T., dau, age 13.
Adamson, Fredrick, brother-in-law, age 56, retired
Brooks, William, hired man, age 18, b. TN

1920 Census. Center Twp, Howard Co IN, Hh 13 [very difficult to read; indexed wrong]
B. T. Lerner, age 77, b. IN, father b. Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania.
Mary E., wife, age 72, b. IN, father b. Ohio, mother b. NC
Ellis M. son, age 37
Fern, dau-in-law, age 34, b. Kansas
Ellis M. son, age 6 [obviously son of Ellis & Fern]
Carl, son, age 4

Kokomo Daily Tribune, Saturday, 31 Jan 1925, p.1, column 1
B. F. Leaner Passes Away at Age of 82
One of County's Worthiest Citizens and Most Interesting Characters
Was Born Here in 1842
Knew the Indians of That Period - Was Survivor of Sultana Disaster
Benjamin F. Leaner, age 82, years, a native of Howard County and resident here most of his life, a Civil war veteran and one of the few survivors of the wreck of the Sultana, the greatest steamboat disaster of the Civil War period, died at his home, a mile east of Kokomo, on the north Greentown Pike, at 11 o-clock today, of septic poisoning.
An injury received by Mr. Learner in the explosion which destroyed the Sultana and snuffed out the lives of several hundred men, was really the cause of his death. He was frightfully burned on one of his legs in that explosion. The hurt was one which never healed; though he lived nearly sixty years after receiving it. Always it was threatening him, and finally brought on the condition which resulted in his death.
Mr. Learner had been failing for several months, and had kept to his home since the beginning of winter. He was able, however, to be about until a week ago last Tuesday. On that day he was unable to arise. It was the beginning of the final issue. He failed slowly, but steadily, from that time on. His vitality was remarkable. His death had been expected for several days, but he withstood the destroyer's encroachment with the same tenacious courage that he had met every experience in his long life. He had no fear of going, but it was like him not to die until he had to.
The death of this man removes from the community not only one of its most worthy citizens, but one of it most interesting historical figures. Benjamin F. Learner's life spanned all the years in Howard County between the days of the Indians and the cabin in the clearing and the days of the airplane and the radio. He was born in Howard County, on May 29, 1842, in Harrison township, in what was familiarly known as the Seven Mile Strip of the Miami Indian reserve at a point five miles southwest of Kokomo. His birth was two years before Howard County was organized, and from the time memory awoke in him down to the day of his death he knew Howard County history from actual participation in it.
Mr. Learner was the son of Bernhart and Catrina Learner, who came to the Wildcat Valley, settling in what later became Harrison Township in 1841. That was three years before Kokomo was founded. The father was a native of Germany, of the state of Baden, and his boyhood was spent near the Rhine. He died at his home five miles eat of Kokomo 23 years ago. All older residents of the city and county remember him well, as a man of the sturdiest of virtues and finest type of citizenship. He was one of Howard County's first shoemakers.
When B. F. Learner was a small child he moved with his parents to the Vermont neighborhood where he grew to manhood. A tribe of Indians had their village near the Learner home, and as a boy Mr. Learner knew them all, bucks, squaws and papooses, well. They were friendly Indians and furnished him with many an interesting memory that remained with him to the end of life. He had a distinct recollection of the removal of the tribes by the Federal government to lands that had been provided for them beyond the Mississippi, and was able to recall many incidents of the visit which the chief and all his followers paid to the Learner home just before departing. Some of these incidents were related by Mr. Learner at the celebration that was held last May, in the Union Street Friends' Church, by the Howard County Historical Society, in celebration of the eighteenth anniversary of the founding of the county.
Mr. Leaner was united in marriage with Mrs. Mary Emily Adamson, a member of a pioneer family of Taylor Township, December 5, 1866. The Adamson family resided in a brick dwelling, on what is now known as the Githens farm, three miles southeast of Kokomo, on the banks of Kokomo Creek. The marriage took place, however, in Iowa.
The surviving members of the immediate family are: The widow, Mary Emily Adamson Learner; and the following chidren: Ulysses Learner, city; Leavitt C. Learner, Abbeville, Louisiana; Ernest R. Learner, Buffalo; Ellis M. Learner who resides at the home place; Harry M. Learner, Buffalo; Donald H. Learner, Houma, Louisiana; and Mrs. Ruth L. Copp, Kokomo. There are eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. J. W. Learner of this city is a brother.
Mr. Learner was a member of the 57th Indiana Infantry and was principal in numerous heroic services during the civil war. In (Continued on Page Two)
the battle of Franklin he was a member of the detail under command of Col. Willis Blanche which was holding the road and was cut off from the rest of the troops. Finally the ammunition ran out. Col. Blanch said that he would not order any one of his men to take the hazard of crossing the blaze of fire to replenish the stock but would call for volunteers. Mr. Learner was the first to volunteer for the service which promised instant death. When it came the moment for departure upon his hazardous undertaking Col. Blanch and Mr. Learner bid each other goodbye, for it was recognized that probably would never return.
Mr. Learner succeeded in getting to the spot where the ammunition was to be obtained without a shot being fired, as the Confederates did not suspect his purpose at the time and could scarcely believe that any man would hazard the trip. But in returning to where his comrades were breathlessly awainting his return, the nature of his undertaking was suddenly realized and a rain of bullets pored around him. One ball struck him on the side of his shoe, turned the round of his heel and left through the opposite side of the shoe, but the shock was so great that Mr. Leaner was thrown to the ground. Fortunately the enemy believed him dead when he was seen to fall and by dodging from behind trees he gained his objective and afforded the much needed ammunition.
That Col. Blanche had a supreme confidence in his accuracy of observation and his integrity of recital was evidenced in a remark Col Blanche once made concerning him which was, "If Comrade Learner should give his version of how any incident happened in the war I would accept his account against the combined account of all his comrades."
An affection of a tender kind existed between the two warriors. It was said that they never met but that they clasped hands, and after a moment of silence tears sprang from their eyes.
It was at the battle Missionary Ridge that Col. Blanche was seated upon a cream white horse, a conspicuous target for the enemy. His finger had been shot off and the blood was streaming down the sides of the horse when Mr. Learner begged of Col. Blanche that he dismount to save his life.
One of the eleven hundred prisoners being taken to Vicksburg for the exchange, and leaving the Cahawba Prison in Alabama, where he endured horrors for three months, Mr. Learner was one of the Union soldiers aboard the ill fated Mississippi River steamer Sultana, the boilers of which exploded. Scenes of indescribable misery and horrow ensued, and Mr. Learner was scalded so badly that the flesh came off his left leg. He was so weak from the injury that for three months he was unable to feed himself. During the ensuing years he often battled for his life when poisoning would arise from the old wound which never healed but gave him incessant pain.
The funeral will take place, probably at the United Brethren Church, this city, Tuesday at 2 p.m., the Rev. J. W. Lake officiating. The burial will be made in Crown Point Cemetery. Mr. Learner had been a member of the U. B. Church for many years, having his membership at Hillsdale, a few miles east of his home. The pastor of that church, the Rev. Mr. Rosenbarger, will assist in the funeral services.
The G. A. R. burial service will be given by members of T. J. Harrison Post, with which Mr. Learner had long been affiliated. The active pallbearers will be from the local post of Veterans of Foreign Wars. The honorary pallbearers have not yet been designated.

Kokomo Daily Tribune, Saturday, 7 Feb 1925, 14 Feb 1925, and 21 Feb 1925
Legal Notice
Notice of Administration
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has been appointed the Judge of the Circuit Court of Howard County, State of Indiana, Executor of the estate of Benjamin F. Learner, late of Howard County, deceased.
Said estate is supposed to be solvent
Ellis M. Learner, Administrator
February 6, 1925

Kokomo Daily Tribune, Thursday, 5 Feb 1925
Probate Learner Will
Life Interest for Widow; Children Finally to Inherit
The will of Benjamin F. Learner was admitted to probate in the circuit court this morning. By the terms of that instrument he leaves all his property to his widow, Mary E. Learner during her lifetime and at her death it descends share and share alike to his eight children, a proviso being that if any of that number die the descendants shall take a parent's share.
Ellis M. Learner designated by the will to serve as executor was appointed to that position by Judge John Marshall and is to take full charge of affairs.

Kokomo Daily Tribune, Thursday, 28 May 1925
Taps Sounded for 18
That Many Local GAR Men Have Died Within the Last Year
Following are the names of the 18 members of the GAR who have answered the "last great roll-call" since last Decoration day, in the order of their as announced by the local post's adjutant, Dr. J. H. Stone
.....Benjamin F. Learner, Co. G, 57th Indiana Infantry.

Kokomo Daily Tribune, Friday, 30 Oct 1925
Historical Review of Pioneer Period of Howard County, Its Townships and Kokomo
Harrison Township
....The first which settler in Harrison township was Martin Crist, who, in 1840, staked off a claim and erected a log house on the north bank of Little Wildcat. ....In 1841 came David Bates, Charles Harmon, Bernhart Learner
....The first birth in the township was that of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Bernhart Learner. This son, Benjamin Franklin Learner, was born on May 29, 1842. He died at his home, a mile east of Kokomo, last winter, a man rich in pioneer memories, of splendid record as a Civil War Soldier and possessing the affectionate regard of all who knew him.

Buried Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard Co, IN. Shares a marker with wife Mary.

Mary Emily ADAMSON and Benjamin Franklin LEARNER had the following children:



Ulysses Aaron LEARNER.



Leavitt Charles "Levi" LEARNER57 was born on 6 October 1869 in Howard County, Indiana.57,85 He died on 2 February 1955 at the age of 85 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.58

Levi was listed as 8 months old at the time of the 1870 Census.

Kokomo Tribune, Wednesday, 2 Feb 1955, p. 2 "Deaths"
Leavitt C. Learner
Leavitt C. Learner, 85, descendant of a pioneer Howard County family, died at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fred Gates, 313 W. Taylor St. Although in declining health for several years, he had been bedfast for only one week.
Most of his adult life was spent in Louisiana where he had worked for the State Highway Department and later as the official tester for the Dairy Improvement Association of Baton Rough Parish. He went to that state in 1914, and farmed for several years.
He was the son of Benjamin F. and Mary Emily (Adamson) Learner of Howard Township. He was born Oct 6, 1869 on the farm of his grandfather, Barnhardt Learner, who settled here before the county was formed as a governmental unit.
On Aug. 16, 1891, he was united in marriage to Miss Cora Goodwine who survives with the daughter previously mentioned and a son, Charles Franklin Learner of Baton Rouge. Another daughter, Emma Margaret, died in 1907 at the age of 2 1/2.
Mr. Learner was one of nine children, four of whom preceded him in death. His surviving brothers are Ellis M., Dr. Harry W. of East Aurora, NY, and Donald of Anderson. Mrs. Harrison Copp, Kokomo, Rural Route 6, is a sister.
He is survived also by four grandchildren, one of whom is Mrs. E. Fennimore of Kokomo, and four great grandchildren.
His church membership was with the University Methodist Church of Baton Rouge.
Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. Dwight L. Patterson Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the late residence, 313 W. Taylor St. and burial will be in the Salem Cemetery, four miles east of Kokomo, in the family lot. The body will be returned from the Jacobs funeral home to the residence where friends may call after 7 p.m. Thursday.



Lillian LEARNER58,86 was born on 18 July 1871 in Howard County, Indiana.85 She died on 13 January 1874 at the age of 2 in Shell Rock, Butler County, Iowa.

Lillian must have died as a young child. She was not in the 1880 census.

Another database gives her birth as 1868 and states she died prior to the 1870 census.

There is a grave marker, Riverside Cemetery, Shell Rock, Butler Co, Iowa -
Lillian Leaner, born 1871, died 13 Jan 1874
"Lillian, daut of B. F. and M. E. Learner"



Ernest Ronald LEARNER was born on 22 February 1874 in Howard County, Indiana.85 He died on 14 May 1948 at the age of 74 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.58

Kokomo Tribune, Saturday, 15 May 1948
Relatives in Kokomo received word Friday night of the death of Ernest R. Learner, 74, which occurred about 6 o'clock Friday night in Buffalo, NY, his home, after a few hours of serious illness. While Mr. Learner had not been in good health for some time the word of his passing was unexpected.
The deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Learner, long prominent residents of Howard township, east of Kokomo. He was born February 22, 1874, in Iowa and was brought as an infant to this county.
On reaching maturity he took up teaching and taught one year in the Kokomo schools. After graduating from Indiana Normal school, now Indiana Teachers College, he was professor of psychology at Valparaiso College.
At the turn of the century he went to Buffalo, NY, where he entered business, being a manufacturer of surgical instruments.
He married Miss Myrtice Price in Buffalo in 1902. She died 11 years ago. Surviving are a daughter, Margaret, Mrs. John F. Hopkins of Buffalo and a granddaughter.
Surviving also are a brother, Ellis M. Learner and a sister, Mrs. Harrison Copp, both of the Kokomo vicinity, and three other brothers, Leavitt C. of Baton Rouge, La., Donald of Anderson and Dr. Harry W. Learner of Buffalo who was with his brother in his last hours.
Funeral services are to be held Sunday afternoon at Buffalo and will be attended by the brother and sister from Kokomo and the brother from Anderson.

He is buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo.



Pearl Harold LEARNER87 was born on 1 April 1876 in Howard County, Indiana.85 He died on 23 July 1913 at the age of 37 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.58

Censuses sometimes give Pearl's place of birth as Iowa.
At age 4, his place of birth given as Indiana. In 1900, his place of birth was given as Iowa. In 1910, the link to his census page is bad but it does give him born 1876 in Iowa. If the family did ever go to Iowa it was for a brief time. It is said that his parents married in Iowa, but his father was present in Howard Co IN for every census from 1850 until 1910.

I was able to access the 1910 census at Heritage Quest. He was in the 1st Ward of Kokomo, Howard Co IN.
Pearl H. Learner, age 34, married for 8 years, b. Iowa, parents b. IN. He manufactured tools.
His wife was also named Pearl. She was age 31 and had had only one child. She was born IN as were her parents.
There was a son Raymond J. F. age 7.

In 1920, Pearl Learner, age 40, was living in the household of Ray Ruchy in Kokomo Ward 3, He had a son Raymond age 16. Both were born in Indiana. Candacy Yetzer was also living there - she's listed as a niece but it's unclear whether she's Pearl Learner's niece or his landlord's - I suspect the landlord's given her age. She is age 24, born in Indiana; her father born in Germany, her mother born in Indiana.



Ellis Moulder LEARNER was born on 19 September 1883 in Howard County, Indiana.85 He died on 8 August 1962 at the age of 78 in Howard County, Indiana.58
Ellis M. Leaner graduated from Kokomo High School in 1902.
Howard Co Veterans of WW I includes Ellis Moulder Learner

Ellis married Fern Frances Osborn, about 1910.

12 Sep 1918 World War I Draft Registration
Ellis Moulder Learner, lived at RR 7, Kokomo, Howard Co, IN. He was 34, born 19 Sep 1883. His present occupation was Secretary Overseas, his employer YMCA (Army), out of New York. His wife, Ferne Learner was his nearest relative. Medium height, slender build, grey eyes, brown hair.

1920 Census. Center Twp, Howard Co IN, Hh 13 [very difficult to read; indexed wrong]
B. T. Lerner, age 77, b. IN, father b. Germany, mother b. Pennsylvania.
Mary E., wife, age 72, b. IN, father b. Ohio, mother b. NC
Ellis M. son, age 37
Fern, dau-in-law, age 34, b. Kansas
Ellis M. son, age 6 [obviously son of Ellis & Fern]
Carl, son, age 4

1930 Census. Center Twp, Kokomo, Howard Co, IN, Hh 385
Ellis M. Learner, age 46, married at 25, b. IN, Trustee for the Township
Fern O, wife, 45, married at 24, b. Kansas, parents b. IN, Duputy Trustee, Township
Ellis M. Jr., son, 16, b. IN
Karl O., son, 14, b. IN

1940 Census. Center Twp, Howard Co, IN, Hh 151
Ellis Learner, age 56, b. IN, lived same house in 1935, Farmer
Fern, Wife, 54, b. Kansas
Karl O., son, age 24, b. IN, Efficiency Engineer, Steel Mill
Edna B. Osburn, sister-in-law, 59, Single, b. Kansas, lived same place in 1935

27 Apr 1942 World War II Draft Registration
Ellis Moulder Learner, P.O. Box 246, Kokomo, Center Twp, Howard, IN. Age 58, born Howard Co on 19 Sep 1883. Harry E. Wright of 1235 W. Sycamore, Kokomo will always know his address.
5'7 3/4" tall, 150 lb., blue eyes, gray hair, scar on chin. He is self-employed.

Buried Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo.
Ellis Moulder Learner Jr. is also buried there. He was born 22 Oct 1913, died 13 Jul 1930.
Fern Frances Osburn Leaner, wife of Ellis Sr, is also buried Crown Point. She was born 14 Jan 1885, died 10 Jan 1972.

Fern's family
1900 Census. Center Twp, Howard, IN, Hh 73
William Osborn, b. Dec 1849, age 50, married 25 years, b. IN, farmer
Mary F., wife, b. Nov 1852, 47, 3 children -2 are living, b. IN
Edna G., dau, b. Dec 1879, 20, b. Kansas
Fern, dau, b. Jan 1885, 15, b. Kansas
Scot H. Kelley, Servant, b. Dec 1880, age 19, b. IN

1910 Census. Center Twp, Howard, IN, Hh 257
W. H. Osborn, 59, married once for 35 years, Farmer and Buyer of Posts
Frances B., wife, 35, 3 children - 2 are living
Edna, dau, 30
Ferm, dau, 25



Harry Wendell LEARNER was born on 17 January 1886 in Howard County, Indiana.85 He died on 5 March 1973 at the age of 87 in East Aurora, Erie County, New York.58
Harry W. Learner graduated from Kokomo High School in 1905.

1910 Census. Kirksville Ward 3, Adair Co MO, Hh 92
L. F. Poehlmand and wife have roomers that are all students attending the Osteopathy School, among then is found:
H. W. Learner, 24, married 1 years, b. IN
Grace Learner 27, no children, b. MA

12 Sep 1918, World War I Draft Registration.
Harry Wendell Learner was living at 878 Elmwood Av, Buffalo, Erie Co, NY, age 32, b. Jany 17, 1886. He was a physician, self-employed. Mrs. Grace Cutter Learner of the same address was his nearest relative. Medium height and build, light blue eyes, light brown hair.

He is buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo.



Donald Hartley LEARNER was born on 28 September 1891 in Howard County, Indiana.85 He died on 27 July 1970 at the age of 78 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.58
Donald H. Leaner was listed as a member of Junior Class of Kokomo High School in 1909.

The Anderson Herald, p.2
Wednesday, 29 Jul 1970
Anderson and County Area Deaths
Donald Learner
Donald Hartley Learner, 78, of 1223 N. Phillip St., Kokomo, a former Anderson resident, died Monday at St. Joseph's Hospital there.
He had lived in Anderson between 1944 and 1958, during which time he was the owner and operator of the Farm Service and Supply Agency. Born Sept 28, 1891, he was a native of Howard County. His parents were Benjamin and Emily Adamson Learner. He had been a member of the Anderson First Baptist Church and the Kiwanis Club.
Surviving are his widow Ruth Haines Learner, whom he married in Jun, 1916; a brother, Dr. Harry W. Learner of East Aurora, NY; a sister Mrs. Harrison (Ruth) Copp of Kokomo; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
A daughter, five brothers and one sister preceded him in death.
Funeral rites will be conducted at 2 pm Thursday at the Ellers Funeral Home in Kokomo with Dr John Newsom in charge. Interment will be in Crown Point Cemetery near Kokomo.
Calling hours are 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 pm today at the mortuary.

The Anderson Herald, p.2
Thursday, 30 Jul 1970
Donald Learner
Final rites: 2 pm today at the Ellers Funeral Home in Kokomo for Donald Learner, 78, of 1223 N. Phillip St. Interment: Crown Point Cemetery near Kokomo.

Buried Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo.



Ruth Thelma LEARNER was born on 27 January 1897 in Howard County, Indiana.85 She died on 19 May 1990 at the age of 93 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.58

Married Harrison Copp, according the obit of her brother Donald.

1920 Census. Center Twp, Kokomo Ward 5, Howard Co, IN, Hh 291
Harrison Copp, 23, b. MO, Rural Mail Carrier for US Gov't
Ruth T., wife, 22, b. IN
Julia N., dau, newborn

1930 Census. Center Twp outside Kokomo,Howard Co IN, Hh 14
Harrison Copp, 33, married at age 21, Rural Carrier, Post Office
Ruth, wife, 33, married at 21
Julia Ann, dau, 10
Fredrick, son, 7

1940 Census. Harrison Twp, Howard Co IN, Hh 27
Lives on Hiway U.S. 31. Same House in 1935
Harrison Copp, 43, Rural Carrier, Post Office
Ruth, wife, 43
Julia Ann, dau,20
Fredrick son, 17