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Decendants of William Woodard


What I know about the Woodard family so far is that William Woodard was born in Ohio.  He was born September 09, 1850. He married Mary M. Snyder December 23, 1874 in Vermilion County Illinois, William was a coal minor. Mary, William's wife possibly had a sister named Christina Snyder who was her witness at her wedding to William Woodard..  William possibly had a brother named John Woodard who was his witness at the wedding to Mary M Snyder. It is also likely then if his brother was the John Jr .Woodard to marry Mary Ann Marray on December 30, 1874 in Vermilion County Illinois, then their father would be John Sr. But I have not been able to confirm this information yet I have been getting information on this family in bits and pieces. I have not confirmed yet who Mary's parents are or Williams.

The name Woodard has the possible meaning the wood-herd probably a hog-tender; v. Herd.

Variations in spelling Woodward, Wodard, Woodard, Woodward.

Another possible meaning of the name Woodard is:

One who tends animals feeding in a wood, probably a swineherd.

My direct line is underlined in red.

Generation No. 1

1. William╣, Born was born September 09, 1850 in Ohio. He married Mary M. Snyder December 23, 1874 in Vermilion County, Illinois. She was born April 1856 in Indiana.

The 1900 census finds them living in Vance Township, Vermilion County, Illinois where the couple is married for 25 years. At the time of the 1900 census one child has moved out of the home, that is the ? Woodard below.  The age ranges of the children in the household are from 22 down to 9 months old. The 1900 census states Mary had 12 children and that all were living at the time of the 1900 census taking.  In 1900 William is 49 years old and Mary is 44 years old.   

Children of William Woodard and Mary Snyder are:

2.     i. ?▓ Woodard born abt. 1876

3.     ii. Charles Woodard, born February 1878 in ILL

4.     iii. Nellie Woodard, born September 1880 in ILL

5.     iv. George Woodard, born August 1882 in Danville, ILL, Died January 13, 1943 in Cook County Ill.

6.     v. Annie Woodard, born October 1884 in ILL

7.     vi. Josephine Woodard, born September 1886 in ILL

8.     vii. Edgar Woodard, born January 1889 in ILL

9.     viii. Ethel M. Woodard, born June 1891 in ILL

10.   ix. Richard Woodard, born June 1893 in ILL

11.    x. James Woodard, born March 1895 in ILL

12.   xii. Elizabeth Woodard, Born September 1899 in ILL

Generation No. 2

5. George▓ Woodard (William╣) was born August 1882 in Danville, Illinois. He married Orilla McFarland also of Vermilion County, Illinois, the daughter of Elijah McFarland and Lena Chester. She was born July 1889 in Munice, Illinois.

Orilla and George did not have a happy marriage. George deserted the family and went West to California for about 7 or 8 years leaving his wife and children.  Orilla did not know where her husband was.  When he returned to the state of Illinois he was jailed for desertion.  Orilla eventually divorced him after his return to Illinois and remarried to T. Murphy ? unsure of the second husband's name.  Apparently my grandmother Ruth Ethel Woodard, Orilla's daughter from marriage to George Woodard was not happy with her mother.  Apparently Orilla after divorcing George put her 4 remaining children from the first marriage that had not left home yet on a bus from Vermilion County, Ill and sent them to Chicago where they had never been before by bus to be with George Woodard their father. He did not know the children were coming. After the bus dropped them off in Chicago Ruth had no money but possessed only her father's address in Chicago, so she called a cab.  The cab drove them to her father's home, which he then had to pay the cab fair.  The children at that time left at home from the first marriage who left that day for the bus trip to Chicago were: Ruth, her brother Burn, her sister June and sister Thelma.  Ruth was 16 years old at the time and had to care for the children once arriving to her father's home in Chicago.  My grandmother Ruth also says she went to live with one of her grandmother's as a child, I do not know which one, whether it was Mary Snyder Woodard or Lena Chester McFarland.  She says her grandmother was either blind or partially blind. I am still in the process of viewing microfilm to find which grandmother she was talking about. Her relationship with her mother Orilla was not a good one. At least part of George's life he was a coal minor. I do not know what his occupation was once he moved to Chicago after the divorce of his wife Orilla.

Children of George Woodard and Orilla McFarland are:

14.      i.   Evert Woodard, born bef. 1910

15.     ii.   Jack Woodard, born bef. 1911

16.    iii.   Ruth Ethel Woodard, born July 30, 1911 in Catlin, Illinois; died January 23, 1990.

17.    iv.   Burn Woodard, born aft. 1911

18.     v.   June Woodard, born aft. 1911

19.    vi.   Thelma Woodard born aft. 1921



Generation No. 3

16. Ruth Ethel│ Woodard (George▓, William╣) was born July 30, 1911 in Catlin, Illinois, and died January 23, 1990 in Southern California.  She married Norman Eyles Carter, son of Henry Carter and Effie Smith. He was born October 08, 1899 in Illinois, and died August 19, 1969. 

Children of Ruth Woodard and Norman Carter are:


Not shown this is a living Generation.  




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