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~*~Sparks Family Genealogy~*~


Sparks Family, Della Mae Southard Sparks, Carl Sparks, Rose Hazel Sparks and George Byron Sparks. Photo taken about 1905.

The Sparks Family Photo Taken Before 1911


Descendants of George W. Sparks






George W. Sparks came from New York, Chataqua County, Sherman Twp. George W. Sparks is buried near Hudson Indiana. No information about his wife although he may have married a Martha?, but they had six children who settled in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. George Byron Sparks was born in Sherman Township, Chataqua County, New York on July 26, 1826, he died February 25, 1890. On February 20, 1856 he married Jerusha Ann Draher. They were married in Norwalk, Ohio by Esq. Sutton. They settle on a farm in New Haven Twp. In 1910 it was known as Walnut Road, and was owned by Claude Bauers. George Byron and Jerusha had six children. Jerusha's sister Emiline Draher married George Byron Sparks brother Judson.



Generation No. 1


1.George W.¹ Sparks was born Abt. 1801 New York, He married Martha ?. She was born in New York.


Children of George Sparks and Martha ? are:


2.George Byron² Sparks born Abt. July 26, 1826 in New York; died January 25, 1890 in New Haven, Huron County, Ohio.

3.Seldon Sparks, born Abt. 1829 in New York

4.Sarah A.Sparks, born Abt. 1832 in New York

5.Elizabeth Sparks, born Abt. 1834 in Ohio

6.Wesley Sparks, born Abt. 1837 in Ohio

7.Judson Sparks, born Abt. 1840 in Ohio Married Emiline Drayer. 


Generation No. 2


1.George Byron² Sparks (George W.¹) was born Abt. July 26, 1826 in New York, and died January 25, 1890 in New Haven, Huron County, Ohio. He married Jerusha Ann Draher February 20, 1856 in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, daughter of Daniel Draher and Elizabeth Radar. She was born 1836 in PA.


Occupation; Farmer


Children of George Byron and Jerusha Draher are: 


8.Flora Jane Sparks, born November 29, 1856, died June 24, 1888

9.Judson D. Sparks, born April 28, 1859 in Hudson County, Ohio died Abt. 1938

10.Franklin Spencer Sparks, born March 06,1862 in Hudson County, Ohio; died June 01, 1934

11.Hattie Ardella Sparks, born October 05, 1864 in Hudson County, Ohio; died April 02, 1917

12.George Frederick Sparks, born May 27, 1870 in Hudson County, Ohio, January 1960

13.Perry Benson Sparks, born February 03, 1875 in New Haven, Huron County, Ohio; died February 02, 1957 in Ohio.  



Generation No. 3


9.Judson D.³Sparks (George Byron², George W.¹) was born April 28, 1859 in Hudson County, Ohio, and died Abt. 1938. He married Claire ?.


14.Floyd S.4 Sparks

13. Perry Benson³(George Bryon², George W.¹) was born February 03, 1875 in New Haven, Huron County, Ohio, and died February 02, 1957 in Ohio. He married Della Mae Southard April 05, 1896 in Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio, daughter of George Southard and Amanda Beck. She was born June 21, 1878 in Kendleville, Indiana and died May 1957 in Ohio.


Occupation: Farmer 


Children of Perry Sparks and Della Mae Southard are:


15.Rose Hazel Sparks, born August 06, 1899 in Ripley Township, Huron County Ohio; died April,11 1974 in Ballard County, Barlow Kentucky.

16.Carl A. Sparks, born February 1897



Generation No. 4


15. Rose Hazel 4 Sparks (Perry Benson³,George Byron²,George W.¹) was born August 06, 1899 in Ripley Township, Huron County, Ohio, and died April 1974 in Popular Bluff, MO. She married Roy Edward Woolverton January 18, 1930 in Ohio, son of Charles Woolverton and Amanda Scott. He was born December 08, 1889 in Stockbridge, Ingham County Michigan, and died July 27, 1958 in Churluota, Florida.  


Children of Rose Sparks and Roy Woolverton are:


17.Charles Edward 5 Woolverton, born December 15, 1934 in Ashland Ohio; died March 20, 1991 in Tallahassee, Florida 

18.Shirley Jean Woolverton, born June 01, 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio; died June 2000.

19.Beverly Jane Woolverton, 


16.Carl A 4 (Perry Benson³,George Byron²,George W.¹) was born February 1897. He married Bernice Leak.


Children of Carl Sparks and Bernice Leak are: 


20.Virgina 5 Sparks

21.Lee Sparks 

Generation No.5,6,and 7 not Shown




Some Interesting Things About George Byron Sparks, his wife Jerusha and their son Judson D. Sparks - his two wife's,  their daughter's Flora and her daughter Rose and Hattie and her daughter Ruby are all buried in the old Guinea Corners Cemetery, Huron County Ohio.


Carl Sparks married a Bernice Leak which was a neighbor of  Della Mae Southard and Perry Sparks.


Della Mae had a brother named Jesse Southard who was the mail man who brought her mail.


George Sparks married Jerusha Ann Draher/Dreher and George Sparks brother Judson married Emiline Draher/Draher. It is possible that Judson and Emiline settled in Indiana near Pleasant Lake according to some Sparks Genealogy that I have that is not in my direct line.  I have mostly posted my direct line but do have a Sparks Genealogy that was written by a Maude Eva Sparks born October 23, 1890. She is the daughter of George Frederick Sparks listed in the above Genealogy in Generation No.2 and Helen Gamble.






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