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Rose Hazel Sparks Woolverton and her two daughter's Shirley and Beverly Woolverton 1933




About My Research For Charles (Shearman/Sherman) Woolverton 


English spellings of Shearman, Sherman, Shurman, Sharman, and Sharmon. German spellings are Schurman, Schierman, and Schuernam, A French spelling has Le in front of the name.

There are many various spellings of the name.


Shearman is a Saxon name put into use around the early 1100s, when the Shearman families first immigrated from Germany to England on the east coast of Norwich and Colchester.


The Shearman's were clothiers who sheared smooth the cloth that the weavers brought to them. The Shearman's sheared the cloth, smoothing the nap, dying it, baling it, and the selling their fine cloth to tailors and other craftsmen. The Shearman's of England were people who owned a great amount of land and were considered wealthy landed gentry and yeomanry. They were aristocrats and people in the upper social order. This high standing permitted them to have their own coat of arms.

I would like to find more information about our Charles Edward (Shearman) Woolverton . If you have any information about this family please contact me.  I have been told that Charles was related to General Sherman, but I see many Sherman's say this, as I continue to search for my Shearman/Sherman ancestors.  Whatever the truth is I hope to uncover it soon.  I do not live in Michigan myself where my grandfather and great grandfather lived. I notice that no birth or death records were kept by the state of Michigan until the year 1868, that leaves searching to be done through the Churches, Newspapers, family tress and whatever means I can find out about this family.  Since Charles (Shearman/Sherman) Woolverton's father died about 1856 to 1859 time frame it would be before the civil war. It is possible he died of accident or illness from what my mother was told by her father.  I have been unable to find him in any of the civil war records that I have search so far.  I have been told my line of Shearman's/Sherman's came from England possibly Germany originally. Charles was adopted as a young boy by his mother's second husband Samuel Wolverton. I found this to be true by looking at the Detroit Michigan Census records for 1860 and 1870 and 1880.You can view my copy of the census records for 1860 click here and 1870 click here.




I am researching the Sherman/Shearman family here is what I know so far.

In 1857 Mary Worden, (Daughter of Sarah Worden and Unknown Worden) born Abt. 1840 in Massachusetts,  had a son,  Charles Edward Shearman born Abt. 1857, in Detroit Michigan with her first husband ? Sherman/Sherman.  The spelling Shearman I got from the 1860 census of this Wolverton family in Detroit, Michigan.  It has been told to me by my mother that (unknown first name Shearman) died. We do not know how. The time period he died would be Abt. 1856-1860,  perhaps in Michigan. Soon after the death of her first husband Mary Worden Shearman, married Samuel Wolverton, I am uncertain how he ties into the Wolverton family since the book is confusing about this line. The author David A. MacDonald claims Samuel is a younger brother to Thomas. But the birth dates do not match according to my own research for him to be a younger brother.  You can find out more about this line of Wolverton's from Glenn Gohr's Home page and book on the Wolverton Family by Nancy McAdams and David A. McDonald.   


This Woolverton family possibly spelled their family name Wolverton according to all the census records in Detroit Michigan on this family starting with the 1860 census on and in the Woolverton Family Book my great grandfather changed the spelling apparently to two o's at some point. This family lived many years in Detroit Michigan in the mid and late 1800's.  Sometime between the 1860 census and the 1870 census Charles Shearman was adopted by Samuel Wolverton.  Mary and Samuel had four children together, here are their names. Mary Wolverton born Abt. 1872, John Wolverton born Abt. 1876, Theodore Wolverton  born Abt. 1878,  Bessie Wolverton born Abt. 1880.  All children were born in Detroit, Michigan.  Theodore died in Detroit Michigan at the age of 14 on August 21, 1881. I am looking for the descendants of  Mary Wolverton, John Wolverton, and Bessie Wolverton.




The following lines are Woolverton's through an adoption, by blood they are Sherman's/Shearman's I am not sure of the correct spelling this family used but the 1860 census spells Charles's last name as Shearman.


Charles Woolverton married Amanda Phebe Scott, daughter of  Samuel W. Scott and Delia (last name Unknown) November 20th, 1883, in Stockbridge, Ingham County, Michigan. Amanda Phebe Scott and Charles Woolverton had three children that I know of. I am still waiting to view some census records for 1900 and 1910 to find out the names for sure of the Children of Charles Woolverton and Amanda Phebe Scott Woolverton.  But I believe they are as follows: Guy Woolverton, Lotti Woolverton, and my grandfather Roy Edward Woolverton Born December 08, 1889, he died July 27, 1958.  Roy Edward Woolverton lived most of his life in Michigan and Ohio. He worked for the Ford Motor Company where he tested cars as a young man and after his divorce from first wife Martha Elizabeth Gehrke, he moved to Ohio where he met my grandmother Rose Hazel Sparks at a Boarding house they were both living in. At the time she was attending a trade school for Bookkeeping and engaged to another man when my grandfather apparently stole her heart and she married him January 18, 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio. My grandfather Roy Edward Woolverton was working in the printing business during this time and until he retired. After retiring he and my grandmother bought a few homes and fixed them up and sold them.  He was not retired long when he and my grandmother decided to move to Florida and had just bought a home there.  They were there just a few days when my grandfather got sick and died in Florida on July 27, 1958, his burial was August 01, 1958 at the Glen Rest Cemetery in Franklin Ohio. Many years after my grandfather's death, probably in the late 60's my grandmother married again to a William Kilfoyle, my grandmother Rose Hazel Sparks Woolverton Kilfoyle died April 11, 1974, in Barlow Kentucky, just a few days after my birthday, she was not happy with William Kilfoyle. By the time she married him she was in her 60's.


Roy Edward Woolverton married (1) Martha Elizabeth Gehrke, they had 7 children one child died who's' name is Leonard Travis Woolverton died at 9 months old I am not sure which birth order he fits in but I think he is between Arthur and Wilma. Edward Woolverton the oldest child born 1911 in Detroit, MI he served in World War II and he served as a corporal in the 234the Engineers Combat Battalion and died on July 8, 1944 in Normandy France where he was buried. He earned a purple heart. Arthur Woolverton was born November 29, 1912, he died February 1984, Wilma was born in about 1918 she died ? I do not have any information on her death. Next is Lester Woolverton born 1920, Died December 1968, then Raymond James Woolverton born May19, 1924 died March 21, 1997. Next was born Marjorie Woolverton I do not have any information on her other she is still alive and lives in Michigan. Marjorie and my mother are the only surviving children of Roy Edward Woolverton's two marriages.


Roy Edward Woolverton married (2) Rose Hazel Sparks Woolverton, January 18, 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio. Daughter of Peroy Sparks and Della Southard. They had 3 children,  Shirley Jean Woolverton born June 01, 1931 in Cleveland Ohio, she died June 200 in Kentucky. Beverly Jane Woolverton born December 31, 1932 in Perry Township, Huron County Ohio and  Charles Edward Woolverton born December 15, 1934 in Ashland Ohio, he died March 20, 1991 in Tallahassee Florida.



The Next Generations are not shown because they are a living generations if you are part of this family please contact me so we can exchange information.  I only know my cousins name's, but do not know all the names of children they have had other then my mother's sisters children. I have been in contact with Raymond's youngest daughter & Lester's daughter.


I would very much like to get in touch with all descendants of Roy Edward Woolverton from both marriages. If you are one of my cousins or half cousins please contact me or if you would like to offer information about my family or are interested in this line also contact me . Kathy Carter White 







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