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What I know about the McFarland family is that John Sr. was possibly born in Scotland in 1780. I do not know his wife's name or of any brother's or sister's name.  John Jr. was born in Penn. He married his first wife Rachel S. Oxford, and had four children, it is possible that she died and he possibly married her sister Rachel, but I am not sure if this information is true as I have been unable to locate any information on a possible second marriage other then the one to Henrietta Catlin Dalby in 1857, Henrietta Catlin Dalby was married previously before her marriage to John, and had at least four children. There names are: Elizabeth Dalby born, ? Dalby, Mary Dalby, Frances Dalby. You can find them listed with the McFarland family in the 1860 census page 151-152, Vance Township, Vermilion County, Illinois. John  owned much land in Vermilion County Illinois and farmed his land with his son's when they were old enough.  It is said that his farm was well kept and that he took great pride in his property.

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Descendants of John McFarland

 Generation No. 1

1. John¹ McFarland was born Abt. 1780 in [Scotland].

Child of John McFarland is:

+ 2   i. John² McFarland, born abt. 1822 in Penn.

Generation No. 2

2. John ² McFarland (John ¹) was born Abt. 1822 in Penn. He married (1) Rachel S Oxford.  He married (2) Henrietta Catlin Dalby  March 08, 1857, in Vermilion, County, Illinois. She was born Abt. 1821 in Indiana.

   Henrietta had at least four children from a Mr. Dalby in the 1860 census that appears with the McFarland Family on page 151 and 152, Vance Township, Vermilion County Illinois.

It is possible that John Jr had a second wife before he married Henrietta, but because I have no proof of that I have omitted that from this until I can find proof that he was married to perhaps the sister of Rachel S. Oxford.

Children of John McFarland and Rachel Oxford are: 

+ 3   i. Elijah³ McFarland, born January 1847 in Perrysville, Indiana

+4   ii. Sylvester McFarland, born December 1851 in Indiana

 5    iii. Rachel McFarland, born Abt. 1853 in Indiana

 6     iv. Martha McFarland, born Abt. 1855 in Indiana


 Children of John McFarland and Henrietta Catlin are:


 7 i.   Ella³ McFarland, born Abt. 1858 in Illinois

 8 ii.  Emma McFarland, born Abt. 1864 in Illinois

 9 iii. Dora McFarland, born Abt. 1868 in Illinois


On April 19, 1880 a double wedding was performed on John McFarland's farm in Vermilion County Illinois, for the wedding of his son Sylvester McFarland 29, a farmer, married Allie Mead 20, years old, the daughter of William Mead and Margaret Tanner Mead of Oakwood, Vermilion County, Illinois. John McFarland's daughter Rachel McFarland 27, marries a Mr. Knox 22 years old, the son of James Knox and Martha Norris Knox of Oakwood, Vermilion County, Illinois. Mr. Knox is a Mechanic. The double wedding is performed by J. W. Hoffman a minister. A first marriage for both Sylvester and Rachel.



Generation No. 3


3. Elijah³ McFarland (John², John¹) was born January 1847 in Perrysville, Indiana. He married Lena L. Chester March 03, 1878 in Vermilion County, Illinois, daughter of John Chester and M Kenice. She was born August 1850 in Ohio.


The Census records of 1900, State of Ill, Vermilion County, Township Oakwood, Microfilm # T623-349. Elijah's occupation was farmer, went by the name Eli.


Children of Elijah McFarland and Lena Chester are:


10   i.   Martha 4 McFarland, born Abt. 1879 in Illinois

11.  ii.  ? McFarland, born Abt. 1882 in Illinois

12.  iii.  Ellie McFarland, born October 1884 in Illinois

13.  iv.  Aron McFarland, born July 1887 in Illinois

14.   v.  Orilla McFarland, born July 1889 in Munice, Illinois

15.  vi.  Odessa McFarland, born April 1892 in Illinois

16. vii.  Andrew McFarland, born January 1898 in Illinois


4. Sylvester³ McFarland (John², John¹) was born December 1851 in Indiana. He married Alice Mead April 04, 1880 in Vermilion County, Illinois, daughter of William Mead and Margaret Tanner. She was born June 1860 in Illinois.

Alice went by the nickname Allie. Sylvester was a farmer like his brother Elijah and their father.

Child of Sylvester McFarland and Alice Mead is:

17.   i.   Albert 4 McFarland, born July 1887


Both Orilla McFarland & George Woodard were born in Illinois and raised their families in Illinois. My grandmother Ruth Ethel Woodard Carter met and married my grandfather Norman Eyles Carter in Chicago Illinois, they also raised there three children there. Told to me by my aunt the granddaughter of Orilla, Orilla divorced George Woodard after he had gone west to California deserting her and the children for about 8 years, and hearing nothing from him. When he returned 8 years later he was jailed for a time for desertion. While he was away for the 8 years Orilla met another man whom she later married named Murphy Trevex [sic].

Generation No. 4

14. Orilla 4 McFarland (Elijah³, John², John¹) was born Abt. 1888 in Muncie Ill. She married (1) George Woodard, he was a coal minor. He was born Abt. 1882 in Danville, Ill. She married (2) Murphy Trevex [sic]

Children of Orilla McFarland and George Woodard are:

18.   i.     Evert 5 Woodard, born Bef. 1910.

19.   ii.    Jack Woodard, born Bef. 1911

20.   iii.   Ruth Ethel Woodard, born July 30, 1911 in Catlin Illinois, died January 23, 1990

21.    iv.   Burn Woodard, born Aft. 1911

22.     v.    June Woodard, Born Aft. 1911

23.    vi.   Thelma Woodard, born Abt. 1921


Children of Orilla McFarland and Murphy Trevex [sic]

24.   i.  Bernadine 5 Trevex [sic]

25. ii.   Chuck Trvex [sic]

26. iii.  Betty Jo Trevex [sic]


Generation No. 5

4. Ruth Ethel 5 Woodard (Orilla 4 McFarland, Elijah³, John², John¹) was born July 30, 1911 in Catlin Illinois, and died January 23, 1990. She married Norman Eyles Carter, son of Henry Carter and Effie Smith. He was born October 08,1899 in Illinois, and died August 19, 1969.

Children of Ruth Ethel Woodard and Norman Eyles Carter

are 3 living generations and therefore not shown.


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