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Family Register Prepared by Mrs Efffie Myrtle Smith Carter from recollections and family traditions January 1915.


Typed By Kathy Carter White, July 26, 2001,

My maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Morrison, and my maternal grandmother, Charlotte Morrison were born in the state of Ohio, and moved with their family to the state of Wisconsin in the year 1856, and located on a farm near Viroqua, in Bad Axe County (now Vernon).

Their family consisted of six sons, Ehisha, Burns, Hans, Alexander, Nathaniel Junior, and John, they also had two daughters, Mary Ann and Margaret, the mother of the writer of this Register.

The grandmother died of paralysis in 1865, my Uncle Hans died of consumption in 1861, my Aunt Mary Ann died of consumption in 1862. My Uncle Nathaniel Junior died from an accident in 1879, and my mother Margaret died of consumption in 1866, and my grandfather died of the infirmities of age in 1878.

My mother was married to O.C. Smith at the city of Viroqua, on December 25, 1858. The children of my immediate family consisted of three daughters: Plinthia Mabel, Elthia Idye, now( Mrs N. Shoemaker ) of Ottumwa Iowa, and Effie Myrtle Smith now (Mrs. H L. Carter) of Chicago, Ill. Plinthia Mabel died of diphtheria, at the city of Viroqua, in 1862.

My paternal grandfather Peter Smith was born in the state of New Jersey and was German decent and my paternal grandmother was born in the state of Ohio, and was Scotch decent. My grandfather’s mother died when he was but four years of age, leaving him and his young sister Sarah, about two years old. After the death of my great grandmother my grandfather was adopted by a friend, a Quaker and taken to Pennsylvania and remained there until he was a young man. My great grandfather moved to the state of Ohio where he married again, and my grandfather then returned home where he remained until he was married to my grandmother, whose maiden name was Phebe Ashton. The children of my great grandfather after his remarriage were Elisha, Jesse, Samuel, John, and Hiram. My grandfather moved from the state of Ohio to Wisconsin in 1853, and his family at that time consisted of four sons: Justus who was the oldest son, Oliver Cromwell next, Finley and Elisha and there were four daughters: Lydia, who was the oldest child of the family, and Rebecca, Jane, and Mary, who was the youngest child. Two of the sons, Justus and Finley died while Union soldiers in the civil war of the Rebellion. Finley in 1862 and Justus in 1863. After the death of my uncles Justus and Finley, my father, Oliver C, and Elisha joined the union army and remained in the service until the close of the war in 1865. They both returned home, and Elisha died several years after of disease contracted while in the service. But my father is yet living and apparently in good health at the advanced age of 82 years and 3 months at this date, January 27, 1915.

My father O. C. Smith, was born in the state of Ohio, In Guernsey County, on the 15th day of October 1832. He moved with his parents to the state of Wisconsin in 1853. His youthful days in Ohio were spent in attending the graded schools of that day, until he arrived at the age of sixteen years, when he commenced the course of the English Sciences in the Albany academy, which was an auxiliary branch of the Ohio State University and after finishing the course he selected he moved to Wisconsin. He took up the profession of teaching and printing. He spent two years in the mechanical and editorial departments and in 1856 after the Republican party was organized the Republican county committee induced him to undertake the publication of a party newspaper in the city of Viroqua, in Badax (Now Vernon County). This enterprise proved successful, and the entire ticket of the party was elected over the democratic party which had been admitted into the Union in 1848. After the commencement of the civil war in 1861 the printing office was sold, and he was commissioned to enlist volunteers for a regiment then forming in Milwaukee, when the regimental quota was filled, he was commissioned captain of one of the companies which position he held until the war closed in 1865. After returning from the war he engaged in teaching until in the summer of 1867, when he was admitted to the Bar to practice law in all the courts of the state. He pursued the practice of the Law assisting frequently in the editorial work of the local newspaper and as correspondent for other city papers. In the meantime, as editor and publisher of a political campaign paper in a general state election.

In the many years of confinement in the office engaged in literary law and editorial work the burden of years began to press heavily, and in 1909 he left Wisconsin to make a home in Chicago where he has remained since.

Later after moving to Chicago my father spent most of his time with me. He died May 25, 1920. And my oldest daughter Margaret Martin died May 25, 1937. Effie Carter

Note: Vernon County, created in 1851 (originally as Bad Axe County) from Richland and Crawford Counties, is named for Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. Located in southwest Wisconsin, the county seat is Viroqua.

In Effie’s original Register she calls Bad Axe County Badax.

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