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Norman Eyles Carter Sr & Ruth Woodard Carter Photo Taken 1950? Chicago Illinois


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Origin Of The Carter Name


Carter is an English Occupational name for the transporter of goods by cart or wagon from Anglo-Norman French caretier, a derivative of Old French caret which originally implied 'carrier.' Occasionally it is a form of McArthur. Variants include Charter and cognates include Carreter, Carretier, Cartier, Charretier, Chartier, Chareter, Charater, Carratier, Carratie and Carretero.





~*~Carter Family Genealogy~*~



I have gone back to William¹ Carter born in 1830 New York. He moved to Chicago Illinois sometime before the 1880 census.  It is said by many of my family members that the wife of William Carter, Susan Eyles who was born in England, about 1872, is the daughter of Earl Of Darling of Bath England. I do not know what this means yet. My Aunt and father gave me the information on the Carter's and I located William Carter and Susan Eyles in the 1880 census of Chicago, Illinois with their children, I am still searching for them in the 1900 census since the 1890 census was destroyed by fire.  Not only was the 1890 census destroyed by fire throughout the entire Untied States but the great fire of Chicago, October 8, 1871 destroyed more records that hold the key to my family's past.  Gathering information on this family from afar has not been easy.  Hopefully I will come across some preserved information at some point.


Henry² Lou Carter the son of William Carter and Susan Eyles, was born in Chicago, Illinois,1863, he died, December 08,1945. He married Effie Myrtle Smith, in Chicago on September 20,1890.  Effie Myrtle Smith was born ? in Viroqua, Vernon County Wisconsin, previously Badax. She died in 1947. She is the daughter of Oliver Cromwell Smith and Margaret Morrison.      


My grandfather Norman³ Eyles Carter Sr.,was born in Chicago Illinois, October 8, 1899. My grandfather served in World War I as a member of the signal corps in San Antonio, Texas, from July 13, 1918 to March, 1919. His leg was broken by a mule and he was sent to a hospital in Missouri. He was subsequently discharged a while later as a private first class Camp Gunston, Kansas. His discharge from World War I noted that my grandfather was 5'9" tall at his discharge. He also served with the signal corps later in World War II at Camp Adat in Oregon. My grandfather entered the Army during World War II at Ft. Grant Illinois, October 22, 1941. He was also discharged for medical reasons during World War II on February 5, 1943. My grandfather was both a painter and a machinist most of his life. The machinist was his work for about 20 years in the San Fernando Valley of Southern, California. He and his wife Ruth Ethel Woodard married in Chicago, Illinois she born July 30, 1911 in Catlin, Illinois. They moved from Chicago to Southern, California in 1954. My grandfather died August 19,1969, at the Veteran's Hospital in Sepulveda near Los Angeles.




Generation No. 1


1.William¹ H. Carter was born 1830 in New York.  He married Susan Eyles. She was born 1836 in England.

Children of William Carter and Susan Eyles are:

2. Henry² Lou Carter, born 1863, died abt. December 08, 1945.

3. Susan C. Carter, born 1872  

4. Marvin C. Carter, born 1877


Generation No. 2


Henry² Lou Carter (William H. Carter) was born 1863, and died abt. December 08, 1945. He married Effie Myrtle Smith September 20, 1890 in Chicago, Ill, daughter of Oliver Cromwell Smith and Margaret Morrison. She died abt. 1946. 


Children of Henry Lou Carter and Effie Smith are:


5. Norman³ Eyles Carter, born October 08, 1899 in Illinois, died August 19, 1969.

6. Marvin Carter, died as young child.

7. Margaret Evangline Carter, died May 25, 1937

8. Donald Carter

9. Thelma Carter

10. Erminie Carter

11. Elizabeth Carter


Generation No. 3


Norman³ Eyles Carter (Henry Lou Carter) was born October 08, 1899 in Illinois, and died August 19, 1969 in Los Angeles, California. He married Ruth Ethel Woodard.  She was born July 20, 1911 in Catlin, Illinois, and died January 23, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. 


Children of Norman Eyles Carter and Ruth Woodard are:


 Generation 4, 5, and 6 are not shown because they are a living generation.







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