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Ancestors of Kathy Ann CARTER

Fourth Generation

8. Henry Lou CARTER 1 died about 1946. He married Effie Myrtle SMITH on 20 Sep 1890 on 42 Greenwood Ave, Chicago, Ill.

9. Effie Myrtle SMITH 1 died about 1946.


12. Charles Edward WOOLVERTON 1 was born about 1857 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. He married Amanda Phoebe SCOTT on 20 Nov 1883 in Stockbridge, Ingham County, Michigan. He was related to his father by adoption and to his mother by birth.

Charles was counted in a census 1860 in Ward 3, Detroit, Michigan, page 147. He was counted in a census 1870 in Ward 3, D, M, household 561/591 page 132, roll 712-713. He was adopted before 1870. His father's first name is unknown..


13. Amanda Phoebe SCOTT 1 was born about 1864 in Michigan.


14. Peroy B. SPARKS 1 was born 3 Feb 1876 in New Haven, Huron County, Ohio. He died 2 Feb 1957 in Ohio. Peroy married Della Mae SOUTHARD on 5 Apr 1896 in Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio.

Peroy was employed in Farmer.


15. Della Mae SOUTHARD 1 was born 21 Jun 1878 in Kendleville, Indiana. She died May 1957 in Ohio.


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