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Ancestors of Kathy Ann CARTER

Third Generation

4. Norman Eyles CARTER 1 was born 8 Oct 1899 in Illinois. He died 19 Aug 1969. Norman married Ruth Ethel WOODARD. [Parents]

5. Ruth Ethel WOODARD 1 was born 20 Jul 1911 in Catlin, Illinois. She died 23 Jan 1990.


6. Roy Edward WOOLVERTON 1 was born 8 Dec 1889 in Stockbridge, Ingham County, Michigan. He died 27 Jul 1958 in Churluota, Florida and was buried 1 Aug 1958 in Glen Rest Cemetery, Block D, Sect 216, Grave 3, 8290 E. Main St. .Reynoldsburg Franklin County, Ohio. Roy married Rose Hazel SPARKS on 18 Jan 1930 in Ohio.

Roy 8 Sep 1954  (Wolverton) stated that his parents use the spelling Woolverton. He was employed as a Printer. [Parents]

7. Rose Hazel SPARKS 1 was born 6 Aug 1899 in Ripley Township, Huron County, Ohio. She died Apr 11, 1974 in Barlow, Kentucky. [Parents]


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