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What Other Leading Farmers Say About Homestead Fertilizer 1929


Above lower right hand corner, $33 Extra Cash per Acre

 Mr. Perry Benson Sparks, Boughtonville, Huron Co., Ohio, is holding the scale which shows his wheat, grown with "AA QUALITY" Fertilizer, Yielded 45 1/2 bu. per acre---25 bu. above average, and sold at $1.32 per bu., paying him $33 extra cash per acre. He writes: "My wheat always yields higher than the average in this vicinity. I gladly recommend your goods to anyone." Sept. 12, 1929

Above right hand side, Only No. 1 Wheat at local Elevator

Mr. Wilber Hall, Bettsville, Seneca County, Ohio shown holding a sheaf of  wheat , writes: "A 15-acre field grown with "AA QUALITY" fertilizer, went 40 bu. per acre. All my wheat delivered to the local elevator this year. It was the best in both yield and quality in our threshing ring. I cannot recommend "AA QUALITY" too highly." Sept. 7, 1929

Middle Top, 35 c-a Bushel Premium

Mr. John A. Rinke, Warren, Macomb County, Mich., got 45 bu. of wheat per acre last season, more then double the average. His crop, grow with HOMESTEAD "AA QUALITY" fertilizer, brought $1.65 a bu., or 35 c-a-bu. quality premium. Mr. Rinke writes: "I have used your HOMESTEAD goods for more then 25 years. It produces good grain. My American Banner Wheat took second prize at Michigan State Fair this year" Dec. 5, 1929. 

Middle Bottom, 50 Bu. of Wheat per Acre

"I have used HOMESTEAD "AA Quality" Fertilizer for 18 years," writes Mr. Albert Henderer, Chelsea, Washtenaw County, Mich. "This year my wheat yielded 50 bu. per acre, which is my reason for saying that HOMESTEAD is the best crop-insurance. My yield was about double the average here." Note the weight of the wheat, written on the bushel measure----"62 lbs. to bu.----50 bu. to acre." Sept 16, 1929

Top Left Hand Side,Extra Profit $20,85 per Acre

Mr. Walter Betzing, Mt. Healthy, Hamilton County, Ohio, writes "My wheat averaged 401/2 bu. per acre. I left two rounds unfertilized. The picture shows the difference in growth. I got only 20 bu. from the unfertilized. Therefore, by using 'AA Quality' Fertilizer I made $20.85 per acre extra profit. I am using your AGRICO for Grain on my wheat this Fall." Nov. 14, 1929

Bottom Left Hand Side,  Doubles Yield---Wins 8 Prizes

Mr. John C. Wilk, of St. Louis, Gratiot County Mich, writes: "Our hard and soft red winter wheats were undefeated at eight fairs, while our soft white winter wheat took no less than second.  Proper fertilization is one of the important factors in producing quality grain. "AA Quality" Fertilizer was used on our wheat." Oct. 16, 1929.


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