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CHARLES O. GILLIAM was born in the community of Fannin in Elliott County, Kentucky on  August 10, 1893. He was the youngest son of William 'Bill' Gilliam and Sarah Ann [Adkins] Gilliam. Bill and Sarah were lifelong residents of Morgan County, later of Elliott County when that county was formed out of parts of Morgan, Carter and Lawrence counties in April, 1869. It is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and has rolling hills cut by some very deep and narrow canyons. The topography made travel difficult, leaving the residents of Elliott county somewhat isolated. They were a hardy people forming tight-knit communities.

     Bill's father, Charles Gilliam, was a native of southwest Virginia Charlie Gilliamand appears in the Lawrence Co., Kentucky census in 1840. Records show Sarah Ann's grandfather, Howard, also a native of Virginia, being in Morgan County as early as 1830. Early documents have this Gilliam family's last name as being spelled Gillum, Gillim, Gilliam and Gillam. Families with both the Gilliam and Gillum spelling can be found in Elliott County today.

     Bill and Sarah Ann were married Jan. 26, 1869. The license was granted in Morgan County, and Owen Adkins gave consent for his daughter's marriage. Bill and Sarah's farm was located near Isonville; some of the land was part of a grant originally given to William Adkins as early as 1836. More than likely their main crops were corn and tobacco. 

     Bill and Sarah Ann Gilliam's children are Miranda Gilliam who married Brittain A Gibson, Richard Gilliam who married Virgie O'Neal, Frances "Fannie" Gilliam who married Tobias Adkins, Polly Gilliam  who married Sanford Gibson, Della Gilliam Gibson who married Luther Ferguson, Stella Gilliam who married Walt Wagoner, Charlie Gilliam who married Grace Gullett, Orka Gilliam who married Dave Gilliam (son of Richard and Nancy), and Lula Gilliam who married Melvin Wright.

Grace Gullett     During WWI Charlie Gilliam served in the regular army from July 17, 1918 to Jan 22, 1919. Afterward he worked on the family farm, residing with his mother.

     On April 9, 1925, in Elliott County, Charlie married GRACE CATHERINE GULLETT, oldest daughter of Farish Gullett and Delilah [Allen] Gullett.

     Grace's parents are descended from three large and well-known Eastern Kentucky families. Her father, Farish, was the son of Moses and Mary Polly [Arnett] Gullett. Moses Gullett's ancestors were originally from North Carolina and Maryland and settled Floyd and Morgan Counties in the early 1800s. Moses Gullett's maternal grandfather, Bean Smallwood, was a Revolutionary War soldier. Polly Arnett Gullett 's father, David Arnett was grandson of David Arnett, one of the early settlers of  Floyd County, Kentucky. Moses and Polly were married on Sept. 26, 1866 in Magoffin County. They moved their family from Magoffin County to Elliott County in 1888.

    Delilah Allen has roots with the wide-spread Ison family of Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Her grandfather was Argalus Ison, son of Archibald who came to Carter County, Kentucky  from Washington County, Virginia in the early 1800s. Delilah was raised by her grandfather Argalus and her aunts and uncles after her mother Sarah Ann "Sadie" Allen died when Delilah was only a year old. At present, little is known about Delilah's father, William Allen.

    Charlie Gilliam's mother, Sarah, died around 1925, and Grace's grandmother, Polly Gullett, died in 1926.  In search of better farm land, Charlie and Grace bought property Clermont County, Ohio, and moved their young family to Ireton Trees Road in Washington Township in 1930. Farish Gullett, also a farmer, moved his family to Clermont County the following year. Charlie and Grace went on to have a large family and their children and grandchildren are scattered from Ohio to the Pacific coast.

    Farish and Delila Gullett's children are Grace Gullett who married Charlie Gilliam, Eileen Gullett who married Warren Canter, Joseph Gullett who married Thelma Swing, Orear Gullett who married Martha Green, Nannie Gullett who married Floyd West, Guy Gullett who married Norma Katzer, Thurman Gullett who married Lilian McIntosh, Madalene Gullett, and Riley Gullett who married Lydia Housh.Farish and Delilah Gullett

    Several of the Gullett daughters were school teachers.