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  *Att a Legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of Suffield, March ye 12th, 1723/4.  Agreed, and voted as followeth, viz:  First, by a clear vote, John Mixer was chosen Moderator, to order said Meeting.
  2nd, the Town by a clear vote made choice of John Kent to be their Agent to manage in the behalf of sad Town, to manage according to the best of his discretion in, and for the procuring of ye sd Town, the Priviledges of Connecticut Government.  Entered by order of John Mixer, Moderator.
Select Men

  March ye 12th 1723/4.  In Town meeting we the subscribers do protest against any attempts of falling off to Connecticut from ye Government by whome we had our first settlement, and do declare our aversion to such  an action which seems to us to have much of rebellion, or faction in it, therefore do desent from all acts at this meeting tending that way: Richard Austin, Nathaniel Austin, Timothy Palmer, John Marshall, Anthony Austin, Nathaniel Hamlin, Joseph Winchel, Benoni Banes, John Austin.


    Whereas the Highway at the middle of the Town that Lead to and from High Street, as formerly laid out was not Returned with any certain breadth, and most of ye bounds then erected lost and gone we the Subscribers Did Judge meet to now lay ye same Describing it by the bredth and Bounds as near the place where it formerly was Laid as we could come at;--We began where sd way turns out of High Street between Mr. John Devotions, and Richard Austin's Lots, where measuring we found above the Nine Rod, and Do Determine that sd way of Nine rod wide Do ly in equal proportion Distant from the Fences of said lots as they now stand;  Then we proceeded eastwardly about a Hundred or six score Rod about midway between the first stone and the second where the first Bride is and fixed a stake and stone on the South side of the way, by sd Austin's fence and another at ye Distance of nine Rod from it North, being the breadth of sd way:  Then we passed towards the Rear of the sd Devotion's Lot, where his Fence is taken in across the South East corner of his Lot for the benefit of ye Highway there, and fixed a Stake where sd way enters first on sd Lot in the corner or turn of Mr. Devotions's Fence, from which Stake it lyeth nine Rod wide south; there we fixed a stake and stone, at ye East end of sd Devotions Lot where sd fence so taken in joyns to his Rear fence, also opposite to sd stake at the Distance of nine Rod South we fixed a Stake and Stone.  Then we proceed a little further North Easterly to the south side of a pond and fixed a stake and stone by a smal knave wood Tree: and

* This was the last Town Meeting recorded in the Original Book of Records, for the Acts of the Committee, and Town Acts, called the "Old Book."  (See Preface.)
See note on page 206, and p. 222.
In 1673 this Highway was ordered by the committee to be laid out 16 or20 R. Wide (p. 63).  In 1678 it was laid out 12 R. Wide (p. 71).  In 1685 its bounds "were set" by the Conty Court (p. 106).  In 1701 it was relaid by the Select Men "about 9 or 10 Rods Wide" (p. 140).

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