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Orders in the foregoing Leaves, and all fully consented, and agreed to them all, Ratifying, and Confirming the same as Orders for Carrying on, and Settling the Plantation. Accordingly, and at this Meeting a Great Many of Persons being present: and putting in for Grants of Land:. we Read the Orders, & Terms of their Grants to them Once and again; after which Many still desiring Land, and to be admitted into the New Plantation: The Commtee proceeded to Grant on the Terms proposed as followeth.
To Samuel Harmon, 50 Acres
Joseph Harmon 50         "
Nathl Harmon 40            "
Zerubbabel Fyler 60       "
Robert Old 50                  "


May 16th 1671. The Commtee for Stony River Plantation Met being there on the Place,
Present J PYNCHON,             MR HOLYOKE
LT COOPER                             BENJ COOLEY and
                 GEORGE COLTON.

  We settled several Divisions, or Places where mens lands shouldl ly and be taken up, as one on the North Side of Stony Brook, by Northampton Road, where the Harmon's are to take up part of their Land and some others, Also we laid out the Town Plat a little Eastward from this Land, Something towards the Great River, on the North Side of Stony Brook: where we stated the Highway, or Street: Running from Stony Brook, Northward toward Springfield, and called this street High Street, where we intend, and Order the Meeting House," shall be set.* This to be a double Street, and to build upon both sides of it: those on the West side of it ; their Lots to run  back Westward to Muddy Brook, & those on the East side of this, High Street, their Lots to run back from it Eastward Twelve Score Rods; there meeting with; or adjoining to at least the upper part of these Lots, though not Downward. Another Range of Lots which Come from Feather Street Near the Great River, though some distance from the Great River, there being Some Land left there for a Common, Next the Great River. This Range of Lots in Feather Street, which is only a single Range, having the Land before them Common to the Great River from the Front of their Lots, Where they are to build. The Lots run back Westward toward High Street, Twelve Score Rods, and some what more: there being a little allowance in the length of Feather Street Lots, as being Judged somewhat meaner than them in High Street. All which Lots are to rear one upon another: Except at the lower End, or Southwardly next to Stony Brook .---Grants of Land made are as followeth :---
To Jonth Winchell 60 acres
David Winchell 60            "        
George Jefferys 50            "  on the Terms as formerly proposed.
Saml Cross

*See Section 15, pp. 67, 60

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