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7 June 2002

The 1930 Federal Census for Groton Township, New London County, Connecticut was taken 15-16 April 1930.  Mary A. Sullivan, age 89 is listed owning a home on the Military Highway just outside the U.S. Navy Submarine Base worth $2000.  She is listed as an immigrant alien having been born in the Irish Free State of unnamed parents also from the Irish Free State.  (From this entry we can derive that she was born before April 1841 and that she must have died after April 1930).  She reported having immigrated to the United States at age 14 in 1855.  For what it is worth, she stated that she did not own a radio. 

Living with her is her niece, Mollie O’Sullivan, age 50 born in the Irish Free State of a Mother and Father also born in the Irish Free State.  She reported that she had immigrated to the US in 1891 (she would have 11 then) and lists her occupation as Owner of a Retail Merchandise Store.  Beyond that, she stated that she was a widow (indicating that John Sullivan had died before April 1930) and that she was a naturalized citizen.

It is interesting that she had resumed using the surname O’Sullivan (her maiden name instead of her married name, Sullivan).

Living next door and renting a house for $10 is her daughter Kathleen Carberg, age 24 along with husband Forrester H. Carberg, age 25.  They did have a radio.  Also of interest, is the notation that Kathleen Sullivan Carberg’s father was born in Ireland indicating that John Sullivan was an immigrant.

(Presumably John Sullivan would have been eligible for US Citizenship based on his service in the US Navy.  By marrying him, Molly Sullivan would have become naturalized.)


10 January 2002

On a recent visit to the New London, CT area I visited the Groton Town Hall and New London Town Hall to examine marriage and death records.  At Groton, I located the marriage certificate for Forrester H. Carberg and Kathleen F. Sullivan and the Death Certificate for Mary "Mollie" O'Sullivan.  The former allowed me to correct a mistake on their actual date of marriage.  The latter provided new information identifying Molly O'Sullivan's parents as Maurice O'Sullivan and Mary Ellen Shea, both of Ireland.  I was unable to locate a marriage certificate for John Sullivan and Mary O'Sullivan in the Groton Town Hall.

In New London, I examined the Death Certificates for both Daisey Swanson and her mother, Margaret Carruthers.  Margaret Carruther's Death Certificate identified her parents as George Carruthers and Jean Creighton, both of Scotland.

On a case by case basis, I will be annotating the death dates of family members with the cause of death as listed on the death certificate.  I have personally benefited from being able to provide my own physician with detailed medical information concerning the ailments of my grandparents.  I am sensitive to the privacy concerns of the rest of the family and welcome your opinion on this practice.


19 September 2001

Edward W. Carberg, son of Clinton W. Carberg has joined this project and contributed information from his personal research specifically adding details on both the children of William G. Carberg and Lorenzo Carberg.


7 September 2001

Axel Bolle sent along the following email from Aachen, Germany

"......Today I got an answer from the „Deutsche Auswanderer Datenbank” German Emigration Database regarding Lorenz Karberg.

On 23 July 1864, a Lorenz Karberg arrived at Boston from Antwerp, Belgium on board the vessel BELLONE, Ship’s Master Zammer. Age 28, Occupation: Miller and Baker, last residence unknown, last country Hannover. Source: National Archives, USA, manifest number: 12044.

I don’t know whether this is the right Lorenz(o) C/Karberg, but the date of
arrival is just in time to join the 35th Mass. Infantry.
Antwerp is not unusual for emigration from Germany, as far I have heard
it was easier to leave Europe from Antwerp then from any other port without the legal permission of emigration and I can’t believe that CFR Fiedler had the time to request those papers.

As far as I know from his letter, he went to Sweden in March 1864 and left
Europe for the USA at the end of May so when should he have asked for those papers? I can’t believe that those papers where available within a few days......."


5 September 2001

Added a webpage that shows the entire Swanson-Vealie-Carberg-Sullivan Family Tree


4 September 2001

Regarding the Friedrich Karl Robert Fiedler - Lorenzo Carberg mystery.  We know that both men existed.  Are they the same man or different men?  If they were different men: was Lorenzo Carberg pretending to be F.K.R. Fiedler or vice versa.  Not sure we will ever really know.  DNA tests are expensive and require alot of cooperation. 

One of three circumstances must be true:

A.    Lorenzo Carberg really was Friedrich Karl Robert Fiedler
B.    Lorenzo Carberg thought he was F.K.R. Fiedler but really wasn't
C.    Lorenzo Carberg was not F.K.R. Fiedler and knew that he wasn't.

For whatever reason, Lorenzo Carberg claimed to be F.K.R Fiedler in his request for pension increase.  My guess is that he really was since why else would he have written to the Fiedler children in Germany in 1876.  His claim to have been adopted at age 2 by Lorenzo Carberg is curious however since his age 10 baptism apparently indicates that his Fiedler parents were alive.  Also, his 1858 wedding certificate indicates that while his father was deceased that his mother was alive.  Even if he had been adopted by Lorenzo Carberg as a baby, he saw fit to get married in 1858 using his Fiedler name.  Why would he have reverted back to or initiated use of the Lorenzo Carberg name after he came to the United States.  Maybe there is some mysterious reason for all these name swaps or perhaps it was simply a matter of preference.

For now, I have amended the webpage to make it clear that we really don't know if Lorenzo Carberg and Friedrich Karl Robert Fiedler were the same man.  For the record though, I think that they were.


29 August 2001

I received scanned images of a huge collection of Carberg Family photos.  They appear in several places throughout the website but the entire collection can be viewed in a single place here: Carberg Family Photographs


27 August 2001

William "Bill" Carberg, youngest son of Warren C. Carberg contacted me with the results of his father's own genealogical research.  What you will find here is the touching narratives of a loving son and skilled writer.  I have updated the Carberg pages extensively using this material.  We are fortunate to be able to share in the generosity of the Warren Carberg side of the family.

"Grave No.34, Range 41", A Narrative written by Warren C. Carberg

"Those Who Have Gone Before Us", A Narrative written by Warren C. Carberg


26 June 2001

Continuing to add photos to the Carberg Family Photographs page.  


13 June 2001

Reworked and updated most of the pages over the last week.  Most exciting is the addition of a photo of Molly Sullivan taken when she was most likely still in her twenties. 


19 Dec 2000

Created this Website as a place to publish the Family History of my wife's family.  Here you will find information about her grandparents: Kathleen Sullivan; Forrester Carberg, Sr.; Robert William Swanson and Daisy Vealie. They all lived in the Groton, CT area during the 20th Century but are now deceased.  The site takes it name from a comment by Mary "Mollie" O'Sullivan, mother of Kathleen Sullivan and an immigrant from Ireland.  When questioned about her name change from O'Sullivan to Sullivan she remarked that she "Dropped the O in the ocean" when she came to America.


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