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These are photos which belonged to my husband's father, William Martinson. His father, Aleksander, a ship's carpenter, was born in 1895 somewhere in Estonia* and became a British citizen in 1917. All we know about Alexander's family is that his father's name was John and he was also a carpenter.
(*now identified as Tahkuranna, near Parnu - thank you Ludmila!)

I would be delighted to hear from anybody who recognises any of these people. Just click on the picture to view a larger image.

Alexander Martinson (right)and
presumably two brothers -
but this photo was taken at a studio in Liverpool...
Is this the young man on the left...?

...and is this an older version of  the man in the middle above?


For a remembrance, your brother Johan's family.  To his side his wife and child

I would love to know the date of this photo!
"Big Bill" - An Estonian friend
who also lived in Liverpool


For a remembrance, [to my aunt's son?].  15th May 1927 M. Maranik?