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The Raynor Family Association (RFA) was founded in 1992 by Arthur D. Raynor of Bartow, Florida (formerly of  Westhampton, Long Island, New York) as an outgrowth of a meeting he called to bring Raynors together on October 3, 1992 at the Beach United Methodist Church in Westhampton Beach, Long Island.  This initial meeting was attended by nearly 200 Raynor descendants and their families.

Since that beginning in 1992, the Raynor Family Association has sponsored annual "Raynor Round-Ups" which are held on the first Saturday in October and provide opportunities for the exchange of Raynor genealogical information.

Most of the members of the RFA are direct descendants of either Thurston Raynor or Thurston’s  nephew, Edward Raynor, who accompanied Thurston Raynor and his family on the ship, "Elizabeth," from Ipswich, England to Boston, Massachusetts in 1634.

Our Raynor Family Association constitution states that ACTIVE membership in this Association is open to all persons who are descendants and/or spouses of descendants of Thurston and Edward Raynor.  ASSOCIATE membership is open to all others.

The purposes of the Raynor Family Association – as expressed in the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws – are as follows:

  • To promote study and development of genealogical information on the descendants and/or the spouses of Thurston and his nephew, Edward Raynor.
  • To conduct and/or sponsor research on the direct descendants of Thurston and Edward Raynor and associated families. 
  • To make available the results of said research for the benefit of members and the general public. 
  • To identify, restore, and preserve artifacts, manuscripts, or real property of historical interest related to the Raynor Family. 
  • To arrange meetings, reunions, and such other social activities which may bring all elements of the Family closer together, including publication of "Raynor Shine," a bulletin which shall be the official publication. 
  • This Association shall not engage in politics or business for profit. 

In addition to the annual "Raynor Round-Ups" – which provide opportunities for exchange of Raynor genealogical information, lectures, visits to historic Raynor sites, as well as socialization among Raynor cousins – a newsletter, or bulletin, "Raynor Shine," is published three times each year and distributed to members of the Association.

Visitors to this Web Site are invited to submit Raynor Family information and/or queries, and to join the Raynor Family Association. 

The annual membership dues for both ACTIVE and ASSOCIATE members are minimal.  Contact the Raynor Family Association for information. 

To join the Raynor Family Association, CLICK on the Raynor Coat of Arms below for a membership form to complete and mail with the appropriate dues to the Membership Chairman at the following address:

Official address:

10 Girard Place
Merrick, NY 11566

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