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Part nine 

 10-1565. ELLIOT SMYZER, JR., son of Elliot and Mary Swayne (Hubbard) SMYZER, b. (Private); m. (Private), Norma BORGES, b. (Private). 
 11-2335. Cherie SMYZER, b. (Private); m. Jerry NELSON
*11-2336. Leigh Anne SMYZER, b. (Private) 
 11-2337. Elliott Charles SMYZER, b. (Private) 

10-1567. HELEN LOUISE JARVIS, dau. of William Jacob and Mary Ella (Raynor) JARVIS, b. 13 Sep 1895, d. 5 Aug 1984; m. 16 Jan 1919, Lyance Glasgow LITTLEJOHN, Sr., of North Carolina, b. 1889, d. 1966; both bur. Westhampton Cemetery. 
 11-2338. William L. LITTLEJOHN, d. 21 Aug 1921, aged 2 days, bur. Westhampton Cemetery, with parents 
 11-2339. Lyance Glasgow LITTLEJOHN, Jr., b. 30 May 1924, d. 27 Sep 994 
*11-2340. Lorraine LITTLEJOHN, b. (Private) 
 11-2341. Elvira LITTLEJOHN

10-1570. LEONARD PRESCOTT JARVIS, son of William Jacob and Mary Ella (Raynor) JARVIS, b. 15 Dec 1903, Southampton, d. 2 Jan 1976; m. 25 Dec 1928 at Cortland, NY, by Rev. G. Y. Benton, Pastor of the First Methodist Church of Cortland, Catherine Bennett REED, b. 27 Feb 1905, Syracuse, NY, d. 4 Mar 1987, Portland, OR, d/o Burton M. REED; both bur. Westhampton Cemetery.  Catherine was a graduate of Cortland Normal School, Cortland, NY, and was a teacher. 
*11-2342. Reed Warren JARVIS, b. (Private), NYC 
 11-2343. Nan Mary JARVIS, b. 1 Sept 1940, Southampton, d. 25 Aug 1992, Portland, OR; m. 15 Sept 1979, Luther JERSTAD.  No issue. 

10-1574. RICHARD DWIGHT CULVER, son of Richard Fowler and Helen Cook (Rogers) CULVER, of Kenilworth, IL 
  11-2344. Richard Dwight CULVER, Jr. 
  11-2345. Deborah Ann CULVER 
  11-2346. Benson Rixon CULVER 
  11-2347. Lynn Rogers CULVER 

10-1586. ALBERT BENJAMIN RAYNOR, son of Benjamin S. and Augusta Eugenia (Hawkins) RAYNOR, b. (Private). 
  11-2348. Jane Virginia RAYNOR 
  11-2349. Albert RAYNOR 
  11-2350. Clyde RAYNOR, m. Martha MADES 

10-1587. RALPH NELSON RAYNOR, son of Benjamin S. and Augusta Eugenia (Hawkins) RAYNOR, b. 18 Feb 1898; m. 26 Jul 1921, Mildred _____
*11-2351. Robert Ralph RAYNOR, b. (Private) 
*11-2352. Beverley June RAYNOR, b. (Private) 

10-1589. EDWARD SYDNEY RAYNOR, son of Sydney and Eva Gertrude (Conklin) RAYNOR, b. 12 Mar 1893, Islip, d. 21 Sep 1949, Islip, bur. L.I. National Cemetery, Pinelawn, L.I.; m. Fannie MARGOW, b. 13 Feb 1893, Newark, NJ, d. 13 Jan 1990, Hempstead, L.I., bur. L.I. National Cemetery, Pinelawn, L.I., d/o Ludwig and Florence Stranchinger (or Katharina Kresien) MARGOW.  Edward Sydney was an architectural draftsman and Postmaster in Islip, L.I.  Residence: Islip, L.I. 
*11-2353. Joseph Edward ("Ed") RAYNOR, b. 14 Jul 1922, Babylon, L.I., d. 22  Apr 1996, Cragsmoor, NY 

10-1590. DOROTHY GERTRUDE RAYNOR, dau. of Sydney and Eva Gertrude (Conklin) RAYNOR, b. 24 Oct 1901, Islip, d. 26 Aug 1977, Bay Shore, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Bay Shore; m. 10 Dec 1922 at Islip, Frank E. RANGE, b. 10 Apr 1901, d. 22 Feb 1955, Islip, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Bay Shore, s/o Frank RANGE
*11-2354. Barbara Sidney RANGE, b. (Private), Bay Shore 
*11-2355. Lesley Ann RANGE, b. (Private), Bay Shore 

10-1606. MARY LEONA HAWKINS, dau. of Eugene Hallock and Emma (Snyder) HAWKINS, b. (Private), Steubenville, OH; m. (Private), Marcel THOMMEN, b. (Private), Niederdork, Switzerland, s/o Carl and Frieda THOMMEN.  Marcel was a clerk.  Residence: Bridgehampton, L.I. 
  11-2356. John Walter THOMMEN, b. (Private) 
  11-2357. Carl Eugene THOMMEN, b. 27 Dec 1933, d. 27 Mar 1934 

10-1623. LOUIS OLIVER PARLATO, son of Michael J. and Kathryn E. (Raynor) PARLATO, b. (Private); m. Estelle BOUVIER, of Buffalo, NY. 
  11-2358. John PARLATO 
  11-2359. Robert PARLATO

10-1624. KATHERINE MARIAN PARLATO, dau. of Michael J. and Kathryn E. (Raynor) PARLATO, b. (Private); m. (Private), Thomas Henry STEVENS, Jr., s/o Thomas Henry and Charlotte (Poole) STEVENS
*11-2360. Barbara Ann STEVENS, b. (Private), Southampton 

10-1625. MARY ANN RAYNOR, dau. of Hubert I. and Estelle M. (Arnold) RAYNOR, m. John BILYK, Jr., b. 16 Apr 1913, d. 3 Dec 1983. 
  11-2361. Deirdre Ann BILYK, b. (Private); m. _____ RAYMOND

10-1626. HUBERT I. RAYNOR, JR., son of Hubert I. and Estelle M. (Arnold) RAYNOR, b. (Private); m. Mary Jane HAVENS, b. 5 June 1933, d. 17 Jan 1982, bur. Remsenburg Cemetery. 
  11-2362. Scott RAYNOR 
  11-2363. Kathleen RAYNOR 

10-1628. LOIS HALSEY RAYNOR, dau. of Halsey Jacob and Eloise M. (Rogers) RAYNOR, b. (Private), Remsenburg; m. (Private), Lloyd Osborne DAVIS, b. (Private), Marshallberg, NC, s/o Eugene Ordorner and Lillian (Matney) DAVIS.  Residence: Remsenburg. 
*11-2364. Chary Ann Halsey DAVIS, b. (Private) 
 11-2365. Stephanie Osborne DAVIS, b. (Private); a geologist, who lives in  CA. 
 11-2366. Louisa Matney DAVIS, b. (Private); m. (Private) at the South Congregational Church, South Amherst, MA, by Rev. Dr. Sara Worcester, Dr. James Michael FREEMAN, s/o Dr. Edwin and Arden FREEMAN.  Louisa is an administrator at Springfield Technical Community College.  James is a physician in East Longmeadow, MA.  Residence: Amherst-Northampton, MA. 

10-1629. JEAN EDITH RAYNOR, dau. of Halsey Jacob and Eloise M. (Rogers) RAYNOR, b. (Private), Remsenburg; m.  (Private), Harold Beecher HALSEY, Jr., b. (Private) s/o Harold Beecher and Amy C. (Stevens) HALSEY, Sr. of Westhampton Beach.  Residence: Westhampton Beach. 
*11-2367. Sandra Eloise HALSEY, b. (Private) 
 11-2368. Harold Beecher HALSEY III, b. (Private); m. Georgeann MCGUINNESS, b. (Private), d/o William MCGUINNESS

10-1630. HARRISON EDMUND TYTE, son of Arthur Milton and Miriam Grant (CORWIN) TYTE, Sr., b. 9 Apr 1891, Riverhead, d. 10 May 1979, Riverhead; m. 23 (or 24) May 1913 at Baiting  Hollow, L.I., Edna Squires DOWNS, b. 26 Sept 1890, Atlanticville, L.I., d. 22 Feb 1957, Riverhead, d/o Frederick Sylvester and Mary Ellen (Carter) DOWNS; both bur. Riverhead Cemetery. 
*11-2369. Henry Harrison ("Harry") TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2370. Charles Edmond TYTE, b. 6 Sept 1915, Riverhead, d. 17 Oct 1969, CT, bur. Riverhead Cemetery 
*11-2371. Margaret Edna TYTE, b. 14 Dec 1916, Riverhead, d. 19 Nov 1985, East Berlin, PA, bur. Union Cemetery, East Berlin, PA 
*11-2372. Lois Ethel TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2373. Miriam Ellen TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 

10-1631. STEPHEN ALEXANDER TYTE, son of Arthur Milton and Miriam Grant (CORWIN) TYTE, Sr., b. 1 Jan 1893, Riverhead, d. 6 Jan 1981; m. 19 Oct 1929, Marjorie YOUNG, b. 31 May 1892, Baiting Hollow, d. 23 May 1979, Riverhead; both bur. Riverhead Cemetery. 
*11-2374. Helen Bedell TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
 11-2375. Mary Alexander TYTE, b. 14 Mar 1935, d. 6 May 1935, bur. Riverhead Cemetery 

10-1632. MARY ALTHEA TERRELL TYTE, dau. of Arthur Milton and Miriam Grant (Corwin) TYTE, Sr., b. 29 June 1901, Riverhead, d. 28 Dec 1981; m. 24 Dec 1927 by Rev. George W. ROESCH, Kenneth Gardner REGENT, b. 27 Mar 1904, Patchogue, d. 9 June 1980; both bur. Riverhead Cemetery. 
*11-2376. Joan Carolyn REGENT, b. 20 Oct 1928, Riverhead, d. 25 June 1990, Cutchogue, L.I., bur. Shelter Island 
*11-2377. Marcia Adelle REGENT, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2378. Donna Althea REGENT, b. (Private), Greenport 

10-1633. ARTHUR MILTON TYTE, JR., son of Arthur Milton and Miriam Grant (Corwin) TYTE, Sr., b. (Private), Riverhead; m. (1) (Private), Marian Elizabeth DOWNS, b. 5 Sept 1906, d. 5 July 1976, d/o Federick Sylvester and Mary Ellen (Carter) DOWNS; m. (2) (Private), Martha Wright HEHL, b. (Private). 
Issue Wife (1): 
 11-2379. William Graham TYTE, b. Feb 1924, d. May 1924, bur. Riverhead Cemetery 
*11-2380. Gene Elizabeth TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2381. Norman Arthur TYTE, Sr., b. 2 Dec 1927, Riverhead, d. 12 Apr 
*11-2382. Bruce Milton TYTE, b. (Private) 
*11-2383. Elinor Marian TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2384. Gail Ellen TYTE, b. (Private), Greenport 

10-1634. WICKHAM CORWIN TYTE, SR., son of Arthur Milton and Miriam Grant (Corwin) TYTE, Sr., b. (Private), Riverhead; m. (Private) at the Westhampton Presbyterian Church, Frances Rockwell DOWNS, b. 2 May 1917, Manorville, d. 28 Apr 1980, East Patchogue (heart attack), d/o Frank Edward and Marcia Rockwell (Griffin) DOWNS
*11-2385. Carol Frances TYTE, b. (Private), Greenport 
*11-2386. Betsey Ann TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2387. Shirley Marie TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 
*11-2388. Wickham Corwin TYTE, Jr., b. 9 Oct 1939, Riverhead, d. 10 Oct 1969, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, East Quogue 
*11-2389. Stephen Edward TYTE, b. (Private), Greenport 
*11-2390. Naomi Ruth TYTE, b. (Private), Riverhead 

10-1636. LEONE WOODHULL CORWIN, son of Hubert Florence and Minnie Cornelia (Woodhull) CORWIN, b. (Private), Riverhead; m. (Private), Clarissa A. ("Sis") FLEMING, b. Brooklyn, d. 1994, Riverhead, ae 91 yrs., d/o William and Amelia FLEMING.  Residence: Riverhead. 
*11-2391. Mary Louise CORWIN, b. (Private) 
 11-2392. Leone Harrison CORWIN, b. 9 July 1934, d. 28 Oct 1956, bur. Riverhead Cemetery 
 11-2393. Clarissa CORWIN, b. (Private); m. (Private), James ROESLER. Residence: Hauppauge, L.I. 

10-1637. FLORENCE ("FLOSSIE") MILLER CORWIN, dau. of Hubert Florence and Minnie Cornelia (Woodhull) CORWIN, b. (Private); m. (1) (Private), James NICHOLSON, b. 2 Nov 1904, d. 27 Sept 1975; m. (2) John Albert LITCHARD
Issue Husband (1): 
  11-2394. child NICHOLSON 
  11-2395. child NICHOLSON 
  11-2396. child NICHOLSON 

10-1639. MURIEL CORWIN, dau. of Hubert Florence and Minnie Cornelia (Woodhull) CORWIN, b. (Private); m. (1) Orville B. ("Bub") BROWN; m. (2) _____ _____.  Residence: Florida and Ephrata, PA. 
Issue Husband (1): 
  11-2397. son BROWN 
  11-2398. son BROWN 

10-1640. ANTOINETTE CLARK, dau. of W. Halsey and Elizabeth (Smith) CLARK, m. Jeremiah Sweetser FERGUSON, Jr.
  11-2399. Antoinette Clark FERGUSON, b. (Private); m. (Private) at the Methodist Parsonage in Warrenton, VA, by Rev. C. H. Cannon,  # 10-1467. IRA CHARLES STEVENS, b. (Private), s/o Edward Hampton and Agnes S. (Ketcham) STEVENS of Westhampton Beach.  Residence:  Westhampton. 

10-1651. DOROTHY MARION JOURNEAY dau. of George  S. and Leila (Baker) JOURNEAY, m. 14 Feb 1924, # 1499. MERTON J. VAN COTT, b. 1902, d. 1969, son of Elbert C. and Minnie J. (Gordon) VAN COTT.  Both Merton and Dorothy bur. Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, East Moriches. Residence: Cleveland, OH. 
Issue: See # 10-1499. MERTON J. VAN COTT 

10-1657. JEANNETTE M. PHILLIPS, dau. of Fred M. and Effie (Gildersleeve) PHILLIPS, b. (Private); m. Lloyd WHITE.  Residence: East Quogue. 
  11-2400. Diane WHITE, m. _____ WATSON 
  11-2401. Lois WHITE 
  11-2402. Jane WHITE 
  11-2403. dau WHITE 

10-1659. MARGARET I. SATTERLY, dau. of Lewis W. and Clara L. (Gildersleeve) SATTERLY, b. (Private); m. (Private), Vernon D. HAWKINS of Eastport, b. (Private), s/o William W. and Elsie C. (Blind) HAWKINS
*11-2404. Leigh Davidson HAWKINS, b. (Private), Southampton 
*11-2405. Brian Satterly HAWKINS, b. (Private), Southampton 
*11-2406. Jon Ward HAWKINS, b. (Private), Southampton 
*11-2407. Wendy Margaret HAWKINS, b. (Private), Riverhead 

10-1665. LOUISE WANDA RAYNOR, dau. of Lester White and Marie Frances (Lee) RAYNOR, b. (Private); m. (Private), Richard Allan PEARCE, b. (Private).  Louise graduated from Russell Sage College and was a teacher. 
*11-2408. Lynne Raynor PEARCE, b. (Private) 
*11-2409. David Richard PEARCE, b. (Private)