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     Welcome to the RAYNOR Family Discussion List. This is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in Genealogy or History related to the RAYNOR family, including RAYNER, REINER, or any other related spelling.

      Regarding the variations of the spelling of this surname, the following is an explanation by Gerald Van Sise RAYNOR, Raynor Family Genealogist (Edward RAYNOR Branch), as to the various spellings of the surname:


      "Do not put much stock into signature spelling variations.  I have many old documents from 1761 1825, etc.  In the same family, you might find RANER, RYENER, REYNOR, and RAINER. 

      If the signer could not write his name, then the scribe used his own judgment.  I've even seen RHEGNIER. 

      Robert, our first known family member signed his will REYNERE.  That is the only time I have ever seen an "e" on the end.

      In general, though, RAINER and REYNER show up in early documents.  By the time the Revolutionary War was over the spelling that was most often used was RAYNOR or sometimes RAYNER."

             ~ Gerald Van Sise Raynor ~

      Today, there are even more variations in the spelling than Gerald Van Sise Raynor addresses above.  Since there is strong disagreement as to the "correct" way to spell our surname, RootsWeb has created a variety of lists to reflect the various spellings and intends to keep the lists separate. 

      My advice would be to join all of the variant lists, since they cannot be combined. 

      My name is Karima, and I'm the administrator of this list (as well as the RAYNER list).  I'm responsible for keeping the list running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules and guidelines. 

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      This list is for the discussion of Genealogy and History of the RAYNOR Family and related families.  Discussion of migration patterns, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, RAYNOR settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, etc. as relates to RAYNORs is encouraged as well as discussion of collateral families.  Public announcements of information of interest to Genealogists in general though it may not be RAYNOR specific is permitted but please use discretion. 

      OFF TOPIC subjects are not welcome.  By this, I mean messages which do not pertain to either genealogy or the history of the State of New York and the surrounding area. 

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      Please visit the RAYNOR FAMILY WEB SITE (click on the  left icon at the bottom of this page.  If you have material pertaining to your branch of the family,  and would like to contribute it to the web site, please let me know.  You will retain all copyright privileges over any material you submit.

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