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Allens of Latimerstown,Wexford, Ireland and Beyond  [See photographs below]


Rea Family of Fermanagh, Ireland and Beyond



Wexford, Ireland where the Allens were first documented in the early 1700s

Latimerstown, Wexford, Ireland: townland of the decendants of John Allen [b.1692] and Mary Gibson, 1700 to 1900. Several of their grandchildren immigrated to America.

Bank of Ireland, Tipperary where John Allen's great-great grandson, Benjamin William Allen and his wife Harriette Waters raised their family

Benjamin W. Allen's

and Harriette Waters'

Anglo-Irish family of southern Ireland

Benjamin W. Allen [1853-1918] of Wexford and Tipperary, Ireland. He was a descendant of the Allens of Latimerstown who had been in Ireland for three hundred years; on his mother's side he was a Hatton. A banker, Ben was very interested in the family history. His research provided the link between the American and Wexford Allens. He died within a year of his sons' deaths in the Great War.

Harriette Waters of Dublin  [1851-1928] was also a descendant of the De Renzies. She immigrated to Toronto with her daughter Mary following Ben's lengthy illness and death. Three of her other children--Richard, John and Loftus were already in Canada, while Frances was living with her family in the United States. Arthur and Eva remained in Ireland. Still grieving, she brought all of Ben's papers to Toronto.

Allen-Waters family

Most of Ben and Harry's eight children were born in the Bank of Ireland House in Tipperary. Ireland where Ben also worked. Harriette produced eight children in eight years. Unable to provide for all their educations, they encouraged their children to immigrate.

Isabella Frances [1883-1966], Eva Maude [1888-1964] and Mary Harietta Allen [1882-1959]. Only Isabella married.There is no individual photo of Mary who went to Toronto with her mother and endured the fate of many of the educated, impoverished women of her generation by working as a governess.

Ben Allen and his sons circa 1908. Probably a cherished photo, considering  two of the three sons who enlisted in the Great War werre dead a few years later.

Isabella "Francie" Allen [1883-1966] and Thomas John Hall III of Maryland with three of their four children: Allen, Frances and Catherine before 1921. Perhaps through a family connection, Francie met and married her husband in Ireland and immigrated to the same state where several of her great-great uncles had gone in the 1790s. Thomas Hall devoted several chapters in his book to his wife's family.

Richard "Maurice" Allen [1884-1951]. Richard also immigrated to Ontario, Canada, but he had no descendants. A marine engineer, he worked for a steam boat owner on Lake of Bays, Ontario.

John De Renzi Allen [1885-1918] of Calgary, Alberta. A member of the Royal North-West Mounted Police, he enlisted in the Canadian Machine Gun Corpts and died of wounds in the Battle of Arras.

Ivy Ruth Allen [1887-1888], probably with John De Renzi.There is no known photo of Eva Maude [1888-1964] who remained in Ireland, living on a trust and a disability pension because of a shortened arm. 

Loftus Annesley Allen [1889-1973] of Toronto with Janet "Jessie" McNeil. They had three children: Havilland, Elizabeth "Betty" and John. Loftus spent two years at the University of Toronto studying for the ministry, but due to lack of funding, he became a chartered accountant. When he graduated in 1915, he was already overseas as an officer with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. He had his own firm in Toronto.

Arthur Havilland Allen [1890-1917]. A Second Lieutenant in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Arthur died "very gallantly leading his men into battle" near Langemarck, Belgium at the Battle of Broodseinde. His body was never found.

Benjamin W. Allen found many clues linking the Allens to their English roots.


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