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Sauls Ancestry

Last updated: 06 March 2009

This webpage, like genealogy, is a labor of love and a work in progress. It does not yet contain all of the information I have. I apologize. I am constantly in the process of adding information. In the meantime, however, please have a look around.

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Latest Addition: Sauls direct ancestors

Added 06 March 2009
Coming soon: Branches off of my direct Sauls line

About Me

I became interested in genealogy as a child, looking at old family photographs and listening to my grandmother's stories. Even then, my favorite place to go was the cemetery! I have pursued genealogy off and on during my adult life, often limited by a lack of funds and an inability to travel. Fortunately, time has been on my side. I am able to maintain a regular, and very valuable, subscription to Ancestry. I have also gotten serious about systematic research, instead of the haphazard research that was spurred by my giddy love of family history. This website contains the fruit of my efforts.