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Am I Related?

Kallemeyn is not a very common surname in the U.S. But let's look at how many family units there are, and where they are located in the recent past.

The 1920 Federal Census index on lists 25 individuals with the surname KALLEMEYN. (This index would be a good measure of the number of family units, since it lists only heads-of-households and unmarried individuals residing in households NOT headed by a person of the same surname.) I have all but a couple of these folks in the genealogy that I have put together

The Social Security Death Index (which chronicles deaths claims filed with the SS Administration since about 1960) has a total of 56 entries for the name, with only 12 males born before 1900. I think I have identified all 12 of these individuals as belonging to the same Kallemeyn lineage.

And what about today? The 2000 Nationwide White Pages (the latest to which I have easy access) lists only 71 entries with the last name KALLEMEYN.

Where were (or are) these people located?

 State Location  1920 Census  1960 SSDI  2000 Phone Book
 AZ 0 1 3
CA 1 14 6
CO 1 1 1
FL 0 0 1
IA 4 2 3
IL 0 2 12
MI 0 0 6
MN 4 6 19
NC 0 0 1
NE 6 8 4
SD 6 11 6
TN 0 0 1
TX 0 0 8
Other 3 11 0
TOTAL 25 56 71

Census = proven index errors
SSDI = no last address given

What should you make of this? If your Kallemeyn family tradition has a connection to the states of Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, or South Dakota, then you are almost certain to be a member of the family described here. If you feel that your Kallemeyns come from Michigan or Illinois, before 1920, well, then maybe there are some Kallemeyn Hollanders that I don't know about!