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So there you have it: Andijk, Holland, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Lisa and Jeff's maternal grandparents. Done. Mission accomplished.

In the course of tracking some early 20th Century Dakota settlers back to the old country, I have learned a little bit about the Dutch diaspora and the colonies in Iowa and elsewhere, a subject about which I was altogether ignorant. I expected this to happen. It is one of the great benefits of this hobby.

But quite unexpectedly, I also happened upon what I think is a rarity: a relatively small surname group, ALL related to a single progenitor in 18th century Netherlands. How often does that happen?

There are still a few mysteries:

Who was that Dutch progenitor of the American Kallemeyns? Are there still living relatives in Holland?

Where are Jan and Trientje buried?

Hmmmmm. Maybe if I just worked on this for another week or two...

Ka.Web.09 Rev 25 Jan 2004