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A Second Immigrant Family

Following Jan's death in 1863 the adult son he had left behind in Andijk also migrated to Iowa. Jacob, half-brother of Martin and Klaas, born June 1826 in the Netherlands, was in his middle years by this time, and he brought with him a second immigrant Kallemeyn family.

Exactly when Jacob came to the U. S. is not clear, but I believe it was in 1864. At that time he was already the father of five children born between 1852 and 1859 in Holland. They apparently followed him to Iowa in 1865, when the oldest, Bastian, would have been 13. It seems reasonable to conclude that the children's mother did not come along with them. Whether this separation was caused by death or divorce, I don't know.

In any event, about 1865 Jacob married a women by the name of Hermina. She was 13 years his junior. They proceeded to raise a second crop of Kallemeyns, having a total of six children, five of whom survived beyond infancy. The first five were born in Iowa, probably Sioux county. Before the last, Henry, was born in 1878, the family had moved to Lancaster County, Nebraska, where Jacob was engaged in farming in South Pass township.

For the most part the members of Jacob's family, both the immigrants and their native born half-siblings, spent all of their lives in Lancaster county Nebraska. They engaged in various occupations, mostly farming. However one, Jacob J., had moved back to Sioux Co. Iowa by 1920. Others moved north, to South Dakota.


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