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Mahaska County Iowa

The early Dutch colony in Iowa was centered around the Marion Co. village of Pella. Jan settled a few miles east of Pella in Mahaska County Iowa. He fathered at least two children while living there: Maarten in June of 1849 and Klaas in January 1852.

Maarten (later Martin) subsequently moved from Mahaska County to Grundy County, in north central Iowa, where in 1870, at the age of 21, he was boarding with the KOOIMAN family and working as a farm laborer. Later he married Maartje "Martha" KOOIMAN, probably in Grundy county, where they continued to live. During that period, 1872-76, their first three children, Tryntje, Garrett, and Dina (or Lena) were born. After 1876 Martin and Martha moved their family to Sioux County in northwest Iowa. There they had at least four more children.

Klaas continued to live in Mahaska county until about 1883. While there, he married Nisje "Nancy" GOEMAAT on 6 September 1875 in Marion county. They had five children while in Mahaska.

In Jan's will, Trijntje was given exclusive control over his estate for the balance of her "natural life" or "until she contracts a second marriage and thus ceases to be my widow." Well, sure enough Trijntje reached the end of her natural life. She died sometime during the last half of 1880. And sure enough, Martin promptly sold his share of the land to Klaas, in January of 1881. Then, with what probably would have been described as "all deliberate speed" in those days, Klaas sold the property in 1883 and departed for Sioux County.

Klaas and his family took up residence in Floyd Township near brother Martin. While in northwest Iowa he and Nancy had four more children. The last was born in 1890.

Some time after 1885 both Martin and Klaas moved with their families a few miles north to Elgin Twp in Lyon county. There they remained until after 1920, when late in their lives they both moved north across the Minnesota state line, presumably to live with or near their children.


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