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Kallemeyn Summary

Jan Willem KALLEMIJN, a 60 year old farmer from the municipality of Andijk province of North-Holland, Netherlands, came to the U. S. in 1848 and joined the Dutch emigrants who had a year earlier formed a colony at Pella, Iowa. He brought with him his second wife Trientje, 38, and a child.

Jan settled in Mahaska County, just East of Pella in south central Iowa and raised two sons. His sons eventually found their way to northwestern Iowa. By the 1930's members of this family were living primarily in NW Iowa, NE Nebraska, and SW Minnesota.

Following the death of the immigrant Jan in 1863, Jacob, a son by a previous marriage, came to the U. S. with his family and settled for a time in NW Iowa. He and most members of his family soon moved to NE Nebraska. By 1930, their descendants lived mostly in NE Nebraska and SE South Dakota.

Today the descendants of this one immigrant farmer are spread across the entire U. S.


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